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Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

The town was bustling with excitement, skipping from place to place with gossip and giddy. Women were linked arm-to-arm, men were grumbling and discussing politics, and the children were playing a game of tag and hopscotch around the town square. It was one of the many days outsiders were welcomed into the gates, and the people of Demeral couldn't keep their enthusiasm contained. Carriages piled at the opening, right before the outsiders could exit and cross the bridge to reach the large village. Families were being reunited, friends were telling stories of their far off adventures, and nothing appeared to be imperfect, at the moment the sun began to stretch over the middle of the azure painted sky. Houses were stacked in a straight line for miles, some curving to form a oval-like shape. Mountains rested in the distance, only a handful of carriages daring to travel up and over and down them. The roads were covered in pavement for transportation, but there were walkways only made of dirt and fresh soil. Some travelers were setting up tents or posts, most likely to sell their unknown variety of goods and to capture the eye of the public. The people seemed to get along well, for there didn't seem to be a fight nor a risen voice of anger. Perhaps it was due to that reason, or perhaps it was the fact there were garrisons covered in armor watching in the shadows.

Of course, the aspects of the perfect moment could only last so long.

Paola Ezra Marlowe, a red-headed women who spends most of her days traveling and debating, was entering the town with her nose buried in a book, not realizing they had yet to pass the gates. "Pardon me," The driver turned to face Paola, other wise known as Ezra, before continuing to speak. "We've arrived. Unfortunately, larger forms of transportation is not permitted to cross the bridge, so I bid you a farewell. Unless. of course, you would wish for me to escort you to your cabin?"

The red-headed woman smiled kindly, not lifting her gaze from her novel. "That won't be necessary, I'm afraid, but thank you for your offer." With this, Ezra wrapped her gloved hand around the handle of her suitcase, waiting for the driver to open the door until vamoosing from the carriage. As the light hit her expression, her features were as visible as the clouds that lingered in the sky. Her curly, shoulder-length, sun-kissed red hair was fastened into a loose bun, strands of the curls hanging over her eyes. While the left eye was a shimmering, ocean blue, her right was as a blinding white, seeing as she was blind in that particular eye. She had a square jaw that made her rosy lips seem immense. Her skin was a pale tan, and freckles were plastered.. everywhere. She was wearing a cobalt blue and sable black checkered scarf, and a long, skinny dress that would show her curves. Though she wasn't one to believe in the worry of outer aspects, she still maintained them. Even if Ezra was very clearly not like the rest, she would like to fit in. Well, at least, she'd like to try to.

The moment her feet had met the ground, her name was called and a jolt of confusion was sent through her mind. It was all a blur, for her vision wasn't terrific and she hadn't been paying much attention. The driver had been the one to yell the red-head's name, but he was too late due to the fact she was already on the ground. Apparently, another carriage had driven to close to theirs, and it's doors brushed against Ezra, which was impact to knock her onto her bottom. Her novel was spread out against the dirt, and her suitcase hadn't been buckled correctly, so, when dropped, it was flipped on its side where it was forced to open. Along with her paper fan, plenty of papers had spilled from the suitcase, sprawling in various spots near the two.

Sighing and attempting to shake off the shock, Ezra rose to her feet, dusted the soil off her gown, and began picking up the papers she could find and retrieve. If this was some sort of a welcome, then it was one she hadn't been expecting.
Hans would see the whole ordeal from his stand near the gate and sigh feeling pity for the girl. His wagon was behind him and he had left his rifle in the carriage only keeping his pistol in his holster just in case a thief would dare try anything... Hans then would walk over to her and offer his hand to try and help her up though his hand twitched as it had been a while since he was assigned to do recruiting and selling excess items the army didn’t need. Needless to say his people person skills were terrible “a-are you alright?” He would ask fumbling his words that came out as more of a mumble than a question.
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

Surprised to hear a voice that didn't belong to the driver of her carriage, Ezra turned with a risen brow. "Oh!" She held her papers to her chest, tucking a free strand of hair behind her ear. "I believe I am fine. Apologies if I caused any disruption." Seeing as the man's hand was extended, the red-headed woman blinked and shook it, returning her gaze back to the stranger's face with a smile. "Well, seeing as it will happen sooner or later, I'll introduce myself. Paola Ezra Marlowe, though you may call me Ezra. Have you got a name, and are you willing to share it?" She tilted her head with another grin, releasing the man's hand.
“ I’m Hauptmann Hans Gretelein of the Demon grenadier battalion...” he turned and pointed to his stand that was lined with weapons helmets clothing and some other miscellaneous military surplus “I’m selling our leftover supplies to support the war effort are you in the market for any of our surplus?” Hans seemed to scan the woman trying to see if revealing that he was a Nazi was a good idea or not he had switched the swastika flag on his carriage for a red one with a black iron cross in the middle
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

"Oh- What.. a mouthful of a name," The red-headed woman chuckled lightly, sending a gander at the stand he gestured to. "I don't believe I am here to gaze at the markets, unfortunately. Though, your.. supplies seem wonderful and.. unique." She nodded, turning her stare back to Hauptmann Hans Gretelein. Though, Ezra squinted a little, her blind eye supposedly giving her troubles. Besides that, the sun was of no help to her. But, she still managed to keep a stiff posture and a smile. "Though, may I ask about the war effort you speak of?"
Hans nodded and his mind raced a thousand miles a minute to try and explain his cause without flat out mentioning its name “sure Hauptmann is my rank it’s equivalent to most western armies is a captain... our war is against the communist menace for the fatherland! My battalion is made of strictly the top 10% of soldiers within their respective duties such as riflemen and machine gunners.” Hans smirked he felt proud in his description of his cause though he dreaded the fact that the mentioning of the fatherland might allow the woman to connect the dots... none the less he still stood there with a smirk arms folded trying to give off a feeling of confidence
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

Clearing her throat, the red-headed woman lifted an eyebrow. "As in.." She inhaled, tilting her head in curiosity. "Nevermind, I suppose. That is information I should not be asking for, isn't it?" Though, it was information she would like to know. Nonetheless, she snickered at his confidence, sending a glimpse at her arms. Beginning to rearrange her papers back into order, she continued speaking. "It is very dangerous work you do, is it not? I've heard about the war, but that is one of my least worries." She paused, biting her lip. "Of course, I am not saying it is not important- no, no- I am simply stating I have better things to take care of- Oh.. That sounded worse, didn't it?" She shut her eyes tightly, wincing with a weak grin. "Apologies.. about that."
“It’s fine” Hans moves his hand so it rested on his holster as he asked “what were you gonna ask me?” He raised an eyebrow as he asked the question about 10 soldiers exited the back of the carriage 4 went to tend to the people at the stand and the remaining 6 went to guard the merchandise rifles ready
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

With a light shrug, Ezra anxiously laughed and shook her head. “No, no- the question isn't important. I seemed to have figured it out for myself,” She confirmed, glimpsing as the soldiers as they filed out and into their positions. “I’ve heard rumors of the war. Ah- What were they..? Something about Nazis and the innocent Jews, I believe. I’m late when it comes to current news- it’s honestly a shame. Do you happen to know anything about that?” Rolling her shoulders back, she raised her gaze with a lifted brow, hiding her smirk. If her theory was correct, then she would have to give herself a pat on the back, but, if she wasn’t, perhaps she wasn’t as keen as she would like to believe.
Hans sighed “the SS are the ones who you are thinking of... they do that stuff not us. We are a specialist unit although we all have our personal beliefs I believe in the cause not the killings...” Hans sighed his reputation as a Nazi would be most likely spread and that would kill his business...
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

Tapping her foot, Ezra smiled to herself and nodded with a click of her tongue. "You seem disappointed?" Picking up her case and gently stuffing the papers into it, she blinked. "But, if I have permission to ask, what is the cause of the.. racket? A war- or, in better terms, perhaps, killings- are not needed, are they? Have the people done something wrong to offend you?" She blinked, the words coming out harsher than she meant them.
“Those who believe that those killings are right also believe that the Jews are the source of all evil...” hans mumbles something to himself before continuing “although I personally don’t believe in the killings part I do believe in the cause that is spreading the fatherland and eliminating communism from the world...” Hans seemed now as if he was checking out the woman and at the same time looking for any weapons not wanting someone who had hatred for his people to try and get some for of revenge...
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

"..Very well, then." Ezra nodded, watching as the man's gaze drifted. "I suppose I can do nothing to change a countries ways, let alone yours. If you think ending innocent peoples' lives is the correct thing to do, than so be it. Though, I will not hide I have different views on the matter. But, I suppose the only positive thing I can possibly gather from your words is the elimination of communism." She gave a light shrug, holding the case below her waist.
“Indeed... so tell me where are you headed?” Hans asked raising an eyebrow
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

She perked, smiling. "Well, I was planning on browsing at the market supposedly after I march into the Town Hall. I'm hoping they won't mind listening to a few ideas and demands of mine, and I plan on insisting the head of this place considers my proposals." In all honesty, Ezra was quite stubborn, yet confident, when it came to making her own decisions, let alone anything that would require her to speak. "Are you headed anywhere other than the market with your stand..?"
“Yes actually... I was going to head to the town hall as well some officials have a few debts they need to pay... I was also going to peruse the other shops and see if I find anything interesting...” Hans looked over his shoulder at the guards at the stand and then turned back to the woman “I do hate that I have to have at least 4 guards with me at all times though... it makes my work difficult and makes people fear me..” Hans frowned “but it’s policy and orders... usually for someone of my rank it would be 1 to 2 guards but since I’m commanding an elite battalion high command has ordered that I have 4 guards with me at all times...”
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

Ezra nodded, grinning ever so slightly. "Well, perhaps we could walk together- if you do not mind, of course." Offering a small smile, she then sent a glimpse to the guards. "Perhaps if your men would laugh a little more, possibly smile, and didn't stand so stiff, you wouldn't be as feared. But, on the bright side of things, you are a high rank, hm? I bet many others would want to have your position, even with its ups and downs. Besides, your men look.. friendly..?"
Hans chuckled “I suppose if they like ya they can be friendly.. but I’d be more than happy to walk with you” Hans turned to his guards and signaled to them he was headed to the town hall and started walking with Ezra as they followed a few feet behind them “I do suppose I have a high rank.. and clearly many would want to kill for my position but I personally enjoy the thrill of combat... and because of my rank I’m not able to be at the from lines often...” hans sighed as he looked around “this town is quite quaint no?”
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades)

Smiling broadly, Ezra sent a small wave to the men as a small greeting before walking alongside Hans. "The people in the front are risking their lives more than the back, right?" Furrowing her brows, she then clicked her tongue. "Ah- I get it, I believe. The only thing I do not understand is the meaning behind all of the combat. If there are many possible ways to solve a problem, why chose the one where it puts citizens in peril?" She sighed with a small chuckle at herself. "The town is old-fashioned, isn't it? That's actually what I came here to compromise. I don't think walls and gates are necessary, especially for this time period. But, I won't be making such a fuss over such little problems. The taxes on the imports, on the other hand, I will rant about."
Hans sighed “i am not the one who makes that call... besides the war doesn’t seem like it’ll come to a close any time soon but I hope for the best..” Hans smiled “I personally enjoy the old times feel of the place... it creates a sort of aspect of wonder as you enter and it makes the town special.” Hans looked at the woman with intrigue and curiosity in his eyes “so what’s your story?”

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