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Hans became clearly pissed and shocked her again “just tell us what you know...”
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

The red-head was clearly on the verge of what seemed like crying, but she shut her eyes tightly instead. Furrowing her brows and speaking through clenched teeth, she continued, "About what? The Soviet Union? The people are cruel and the place is sketchy. As I said, I was only there for two damn days before giving up on the hopeless debate." She huffed. "Ask specific questions, and you'll get specific answers."
“Fine... where in the Soviet Union did you meet and who was your contact?”
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

She smiled. "Thank you for a question I can answer." Thinking for a moment, Ezra mumbled. "It was about a year ago, I believe. I was going up against Laurence Felix, and, of course, he had won the debate, seeing as the people of the area clearly trust someone they know rather than a red-head who was trying to change their minds. Why was I there? To stop the damn violence that was going on. But, look where it has gotten us; there's a war, I'm being accused, and you're wasting your time."
“Where was your case heard and who attended?”
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back. "I was in Baku, I think, but I'm not sure who attended. It was in a courthouse- a rather large one, to say the least. I was in unfamiliar land with myself, and myself only. How would I know who attended and who did not?"
“Does the location known as red square and the kremlin ring any bells?”
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

"I'm afraid it doesn't. Is it important in any sort of way?" Ezra opened her eyes slowly, glimpsing at the captain.
“That’s classified...” Hans crosses his arms “now what specific details were brought up at your meeting?”
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

"Why would that matter, to begin with?" Ezra lifted an eyebrow, but sighed after a short pause. "I suppose we began to shout about weapons and their usage and disadvantages? Then we moved on to the economy, the government, and then we settled with the people and what the Union was doing wrong."
“Hmmm quite interesting...” Hans paused and promptly walked out of the room leaving Ezra strapped to the tazer table in a mostly dark room with only a dim ceiling light illuminating the room...
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

She sighed, closing her eyes. For the most part, Ezra wanted to leave and never return to this wretched place. But, on the other hand, her curiosity got the best of her, and she wanted to figure out what was going on and why she was apart of this. So, attempting to free herself from the uncomfortable straps of the table and not the room, she tried moving her hands to see if a latch or something that would aid her was near.
The straps around her un clasped and the door to a long concrete hallway with many other doors opened
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Surprised, Ezra immediately sat up, taking a deep breath. Her hands were propped on the table, pushing her off of it as her feet met the floor. "Hello..?" The red-headed woman raised an eyebrow, blinking as she slowly walked towards the door that had opened without anyone standing in its entrance. "Hans?" Receiving silence and a voice that seemed to mimic her own as it echoed throughout the long hall, Ezra stepped through the door, peering around. "Is anyone in here? I have a few questions, since you rudely left me after I answered plenty of yours." She scoffed. Though, despite being slightly irritated, the emotion was pushed to the side as she wandered further down the hall.
An alarm would sound with the following announcement coming in over the intercom:

(( the YouTube vids help kinda set the atmosphere in my opinion XD ))
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

"Holy sh-" Ezra froze in her place, her head whipping back and forth in confusion and worry. She was too far from the door to possibly run to her previous location in a matter of seconds, so she just stood in place. "Alright, Laoch.." 'Warrior', she had called herself. She inhaled sharply, backing up against one of the walls. "Just.. stay put. Maybe it wasn't you who set off the alarm.. You're not a science experiment, you're a person.. Mhm.." Sliding down the wall, she hugged her knees. Not many things could scare the red-head, but this- the alarm and the taser table and the unknown locations- was frightening.
The alarm would stop as the hall lights would cut out and small dim lights built into the corner where the wall and floor meet would illuminate and the intercom would say the following:

(( I love how this went from peaceful settlement to military instillation to SCP facility lol but I’m having fun idk bout u ))
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Regaining some sort of mental strength, Ezra rose to her feet, deciding it would probably be best to return to the room she was previously in. That was, until the lights cut out. The voice was fuzzy, but, if the red-head understood correctly, the garrisons would be searching for an escaped.. whatever it seemed to be. Was it her? Was she some sort of science experiment? Breathing heavily, she cautiously moved in the direction she came from, her arms extended and her fingers brushing against the walls so she wouldn't hopefully run into anything. Hopefully.

(( Lol- It's A Plot Twist I Never Saw Coming. XD ))
Ezra would stumble into a room with a security monitor staring at a man in an orange jumpsuit strapped to a table that had some kind of machine strapped to his leg there were 2 levers next to the screen one was already turned on and the label said ‘audio’ the other which was flipped off said ‘activate’ and this label seemed to be covering an older more faded label... a voice seemingly the man’s would say “hello? Is anyone out there?” But there is no way to respond supposedly... perhaps the switch labeled ‘activate’ would let her speak to him? It’s up to Ezra to decide...
Paola Ezra Marlowe (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

(( Ack! Choices! ; 3 ; ))

Ezra drew a sharp breath, narrowing her eyes with a slight huff. She attempted to avoid the view of the monitor, along with the strange man strapped to the table. Was this the room she had previously been in? Oh, how fast they would have been to replace her with another, though. Approaching the screen and levers, the red-head looked back and forth. It seemed like this was set-up, as if they- whoever the hell was here- had been expecting her every move. She shook the thought from her mind and focused on her current situation.

If the audio was already switched on, then what if the voice was recorded? But, then again, the man could be calling for help, much like she did. On the other hand, if it wasn't activated, then what would happen if it was? Should Ezra even risk pulling a lever? Upon examining the levers, she noticed how one of the labels folded over a supposedly older one. Ezra sighed. Her travels were no longer worth it. To test her theory and not risk her life- yet- she slowly, yet cautiously, used her fingertip to lift the newer label of the 'activate' switch.

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