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I'm actually not sure what to say...
I like to read, my favourite genre is romantic/contemporary Fantasy. My favourite colour is dark violet.
I found this website because I wanted less boring afternoons. I hope to find some friendly people here.

Well, I never did roleplay online before so I would be thankful for advice on how to start best.
Hello Varizella!
Welcome to RPR!
You have come to the best to site on the interwebz! Peeps are friendly and it’s a sure way to kill boring afternoons!

Hello and welcome to RPRepository. You'll make plenty of freinds in no time.
Hello Varizella!!! i Personally welcome you to the new and improved RPR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi there, and welcome! Tips for rp... Hmm. For me personally, communication is a huge thing. Ask for feedback, and be open to advice a rp partner is willing to give. Be clear in your experience/expectations, and keep them realistic. Beyond that, remember this is for fun! So have some! Lol
Hiya Welcome to RPR if ya wanna rp please drop a message ^^ have a great time
Welcome to the hobby and to RPR, Varizella! :)

Potentially helpful article: New to Roleplay
Hi there!! Welcome to RPR! I hope you have fun here! RPR had a lot of helpful guides on how to use its site - this one's for roleplaying! There's a few fo rroleplaying, so if you just hit the 'help' button on the top of the site and scroll down a bit, you'll fine a whole bunch!
Good evening, welcome to RPR!

I was in your shoes once and didn’t have much to say either but I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. I met a lot of cool people here and it even boosted my vocabulary thanks to whole bunch of other people. Whenever your posted roleplays flop tho, always try again.
Enjoy your stay, you live here now <3
Welcome to RPR! I'm newish to the site.

The others left their suggestions above so I'll leave something different that helped me when I first joined. Groups! I didn't know it was an option when I first joined (I didn't know much about the site at all honestly), but I've found that applying for a group to be a nice way of making new friends right off the bat and a new character to boot.

Hope you're well. x
The best advice i can give is to just send a message and start a conversation if a character piques your interest! I myself enjoy writing romance! feel free to send me a message! Welcome to roleplay repository
Welcome to the site! Cheers to making new friends and having a lot of great RPs!
Hey Varizella and welcome to the RPR!

I definitely understand wanting to fill the void of time with goodness. I have no doubts you'll be able to here. <3 There's always new LFRPs being posted, and people perusing the Browse Characters section of the site. Also, as Aubade stated beforehand, groups are a great way to find a nice little nook of roleplaying partners if that sounds like something that may interest you. <3
Ggggggreetings! Welcome to RPR. :) I hope you'll have a good time here. :) I think RPR is pretty much anything but boring! If you join a couple clubs or groups, and make a couple acquaintances, and play in a few threads... I really don't think you'll be bored any more! XD There are lots of types of RPs here, and lots of threads and games and fun fun people! Your character profiles can be dazzling or shadowy or normal, or whatever, you know! Just have fun, be good, or play a villain... :P Just about everything is on the table! And if you want someone to chat with, I'd be glad to talk to you and so would many other members of our community here. You'll fit right in! :)

So, anyway. I like fantasy roleplay, sci-fi roleplay, and cutesy magical roleplay! I guess that counts as fantasy! Whoops! Haha. I also like various games and things, and I have a pretty wide range of taste in music, so if you wanna talk about that I'd be on for it. I like food. Especially bread. Mm. There's my introduction for you! ;D

Have a good one, then! 🌻<3 Bye! <3🌻
Varizella Topic Starter

Thanks for all the nice responses!
Welcome to RPR!
I would watch some of the rps in genres you enjoy. Seeing how others do it can help you find your style and build your confidence. That's how I learned!

Good luck and welcome!

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