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((Medieval Fantasy setting - all characters from all time periods welcomed to join, entrance into IC is through a spillage on the floor, you can choose the black liquid to stain your clothes... or not. Welcome and have fun! You can pick any of my characters to interact with, you can choose to stay at the Great Hall or decide to explore the castle grounds. ))

In a land of myth and a time of magic, one kingdom stood out in Albion above the rest and its name was Camelot.

Ruled by the iron fist of ruthless king Conrad, it is a land where magic is outlawed, its practice forbidden under penalty of death. Yet, at the very heart of Camelot, within the royal castle walls, magic still thrives and grows stronger right under the king's nose for prince Merthyr's manservant, Taff, is a mighty sorcerer the likes of which have never before roamed the earth.

Of course with the strict prohibitive laws, Taff Emrys Gelligen, the crown prince personal manservant, keeps his unusual gift well under wraps, a secret nobody else knows about except for the prince himself. Though it is a secret that won't remain so for long... unfortunately.

"You... did... what?!" asked Merthyr alarmed as his servant came to tell him

"Exactly that" confirmed Taff embarrassed rubbing the back of the head uncomfortably

"You are telling me that you have managed to open a portal which lets all kinds of strangers right inside my home and you knocked my father out cold... unconscious.... all in one swoop by dropping a cauldron on him at the kitchens?" quizzed Merthyr in disbelief.

"Yes.... and no... see... the liquid spilled acts like a portal... yes, that much is true, all manners of strangers can come and go through that, yes, from any race and any period of time.

The cauldron getting thrown happened when I accidentally stepped onto the king's royal cloak, honestly, it is so long... my foot caught the end of it. Then your father walked forward, and swept me off my feet, I lost my balance and the cauldron flew off my arms and hit the king on the head, knocking him out. That part was entirely by accident I swear. I didn't intend a royal assault" assured Taff

"Though, it wasn't in the kitchens, it actually happened at the Great Hall instead. Camelot should be fine without the king for a few days, though, I mean, you're the crown prince after all, the kingdom is in your hands... so all is well, for now. Though you should come and greet the guests piling up at the Great Hall.

With your leave I will go make sure they get food and drinks as required, your royal highness" muttered Taff bowing quickly and hurrying away down the hallway before the prince could do much about it.

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Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

Clan MacGregor is a proud Scottish family, one that does it's King, Kingdom, and clan proud. Yet there are currently only two left of the MacGregor clan. Both of whom found themselves transported, unexpectedly, to this unknown realm. A black liquid staining their boots and the pants of their respective ranking uniform.

Marcas MacGregor was a forty some odd year old man, his age showing in his beard, which was black with grey patches here and there, and facial features. He'd seen many a battle in his life time, and he was wondering how many more he'd have inside himself before he'd either retire or be laid to rest. Marcas stood at 5'10" with an athletic build to him. He was dressed in his Kingdom's Lieutenant's uniform, having just come off his guard shift. His black eyes scanned around the area they were now in.

Besides Marcas, was his beloved daughter, who was his only child, Jean MacGregor. Her long white snowy hair flowed freely, as she'd not been able to put it into a braid before her shift, before being pulled into this realm with her father. She stood in her Sergeant's uniform beside her father, looking around with her own black eyes. Jean stood an inch shorter than Marcas, but she was currently an inch taller than her father due to the boots she wore.

"...Where are we, Father?" Jean would ask, her Scottish accent clear as day.

"I dunno, Jean. This most certainly not be de Crystalline Kingdom fer sure." Marcas answered.

"Allo?! Anyone here?!" Jean called out.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

Ayah had come alone from her homeland to join such a special day. She knew her magic was outlawed. But she used her magic to heal others when guards and others where not there or everybody was asleep. But also get around due to her being blind. But little did she realize that a accident would happen. She realized she was wet and knew her clothes where ruined. But due to her blindness did not see what happened. She gasped. “ somebody please help.” She said. She stepped forward and slipped and fell. “ somebody help. I can’t get up.” She realized she was wet and so was the floor. So she choose to stay until somebody could help her.
Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

Marcas excused himself from his daughter Jean, lightly sprinting over to the woman, Ayah, who had fallen from slipping.

"Easy there, lassie. Are ye hurt anywhere?" Marcas asked.

He would kneel down on Ayah's right side, and looked her over to be sure she wasn't too hurt.

Jean would remain where she was, observing her Father and seeing if anyone else was near by or not.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

“ no. Just startled. Im blind and I’m not familiar with this place. The floor wet. So I can’t get up. Thank you for asking.” She did not looked harmed. But her dress was ruined and had a tear in it from the fall and her hair messed up. The liquid clouded her sensing magic a little.

She tried to feel for anything that could help her. But all she felt was the black stuff. She looked scared and who could blame her after a fall and being helpless?
Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

"Well that makes three of us. Mine daughter and I aren't from here either." Marcas says.

Hearing that she was blind, it made him frown even if she could not see it. The elder MacGregor wanted to do what he could.

"Here, allow me ta help ya lassie. Let me move ta stand behind ye, and I'll help ya up from there. How's that sound?" Marcas asked her.

Jean would be growing restless as she didn't spot anyone else coming to them. This set her nerves on edge.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

“ please and thank you for such kindness. I guess I should of brought a guide or find somebody who knows this place.” She smiled at him. “ just please warn me before you do it.” She smiled and relaxed at that somebody cared. She would need a change of clothes and a guide. She felt very dumb for not thinking things ahead.
Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

"I'm going ta move from beside ye now, and move behind ye." Marcas informed.

The elder MacGregor got up from his kneeling position, and carefully moved so to stand behind her. He looked over to his daughter.

"Jean. I need ye ta come over here, keep watch of us in case I start ta slip und fall myself." Marcas says.

"Aye, Father." Jean answered.

She would come over to her father standing near by him, waiting to step in if it was needed. Marcas gave a nod then looked back to Ayah.

"I'm going ta put my arms round yer mid section from behind, and hoist ye up now." Marcas says to Ayah but waited till he knew she was ready.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

“ ok. She got her fett under her. “ I’m ready. You have my thanks.” She smiled.” I apologize for looking like a mess and causing you trouble.” She said politely. She was annoyed at castle staff for not cleaning this up.
Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

"Ye be no trouble at all, lassie." Marcas assured her.

He would squat down so to not hurt himself when doing this, then carefully put his arms around her and hoisted Ayah up onto her feet. Once that was done, he kept hold of her before speaking.

"I'm goin' ta guide ye over ta a spot that dun't have the liquid on the floor. I'll move ya when ye ready, lassie." Marcas informed.

He didn't wish to rush her.

"...When dis be done, I'm gonna 'unt fer someone 'round de castle." Jean informed her father."

"Alright, Jean. But ye be careful lass, ya here me?" Marcas questioned.

"Aye, Father." Jean agreed.
TAFF warlock druid serf vamp (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

By the time Taff returned the room... It was filling up with people.

He knew it would be rude not to acknowledge them so he opened a book and whispered a spell, discreetly, looking at the pages for the guests names at least, hoping to come over to help out when the trumpets sounded to announce prince Merthyr's arrival. The immediate announcement forcing Taff to forget about the guests and hurry to the town cryer instead who would have to be silenced prematurely

"All rise to welcome the Royal family... I present to you his royal highness, crown prince Merthyr of the royal house of Tydfil, rulers of Camelot" announced the man

No sooner Merthyr had entered, he proceeded to try to blow the trumpets again, with the intention of announcing the king's entrance when Taff tossed a tangerine into the instrument to silence it

"Shhh... the king is unavailable" whispered Taff hurriedly, looking wide eyed at the tangerine was blown forcefully out of the instrument hitting prince Merthyr's head and likely bouncing off to strike other guests, now wishing the earth would swallow him
Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

Jean had spotted the youth named Taff, albeit unaware of his name, thus she wanted to trail after him to find out what was going on. She looked back to her old man.

"Father, I spotted someone. May I go 'unt em?" Jean asked.

Marcas sighed. "Very well, Jean. Just dun't start trouble, young Lady." Marcas says.

"Aye, Father." Jean acknowledged.

Jean would head off the way she'd seen Taff go, trying to find him.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

She was a bit surprised and managed to stand. She held on and nodded. “ I’m ready.” Waiting for him to lead her to a safer place and looked toward the daughter voice. “ thank you. You both are so kind.” She was smiling at the father and daughter.
MERTHYR royal knight vamp (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Prince Arthur walked gracefully into the room, making a grand introductory speech to the unusual guests

"Welcome to the royal castle of Camelot's kingdom, on behalf of his majesty, I wish to extend you a warm welcome, invite you to refreshments and to expl..." The grand speech was cut short when he was pelted by a tangerine??? causing Merthyr to drop the rehearsed talk and look to see who else had been struck by this fruit or who threw it in the first place
Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

Marcas would move Ayah carefully from the liquid on the floor, then made certain she'd be able to stand on her own before letting go of her.

"Yer welcome, lassie." Marcas says. "It was no trouble at all.

Upon hearing someone speak, before getting far to find Taff, Jean stopped and looked to Merthyr.

"Thank yee. I'm Jean MacGregor of clan MacGregor." Jean nodded in the direction of her father. "That be mine father, Marcas MacGregor." She paused looking at Merthyr. "Ye say we are at Camelot's Kingdom? Where dat be, if I might ask?"
Ryoko and her daughter (played anonymously)

Ryoko got hit in the head and looked at the tangerine. She was what called a dragon rider. She rubbed her head. Well not ideal to get hit in the head. She started to leave to get some water. She sighed and sat down. Secretly by focusing healing herself. She was annoyed now.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

Ayah thanked him. “ thank you so much. “ when she was where the floor was dry. She calmed herself. She then bowed her head to the one who helped her. “ my deepest thanks.”
Clan MacGregor (played by Winters_Fury)

"Yer welcome, lassie." Marcas replied to Ayah.

He would spot the new woman who'd joined in, and winced when seeing her hit with the tangerine. Who ever was responsible for that, was surely going to at least get an earful Marcas was betting.

"Ye alright there, lassie? That looked like it have hurt yer head some." Marcas called to Ryoko.
Ryoko and her daughter (played anonymously)

Ryoko looked at them. “ oh I’m ok thanks. It did hurt. But it ok.. just surprised and shocked. Are you?” She asked. She got up and walked over and saw the weird stuff on the floor. “ this place has some problems at the very least. Why did the staff not clean it. They need to offer her new clothes.” She motioned to ayah ruined dress which had a tear in it.
MERTHYR royal knight vamp (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Merthyr gave up on the speech altogether addressing Jean right away.

"Camelot is at the West of Albion" explained Merthyr proudly pointing at a large tapestry that depicted the map of Albion as Britain was known to be called back then


"We are in the year of the Lord 520" replied Merthyr smiling warmly

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