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I'm looking for someone who is:

•A male (or male-identified)
•Has non-vampiric, non-lycan fangs
•Doesn't have an evil or chaotic alignment

Everything else is on the table. Good luck!
Perhaps some sort of were-snake or serpent avatar/spirit/fae that has fangs? As a bonus could run an apothecary and specialize in therapeutic targeted poisons?
Maybe he was once a very friendly figure with a bit of a frightening appearance. Due to the fangs, which are completely harmless, rumors of him being a werewolf or vampire or dangerous hybrid creature spread throughout the town. Unable to make many friends, he withdrew from society, and perhaps left the village out of kindness. Not wanting to scare anyone, he went off to dwell in perhaps a dark forest or some other hidden setting. Maybe he made some sort of friend dwelling there for reasons of prejudice as well, an illusionist with some sort of odd appearance that frightens others. Or a fear of their illusion abilities, maybe they caused trouble without meaning to in the past. In any case, the pair bond and perhaps work out a system to get provisions and supplies. The character would go to the nearest village, under an illusion castby his friend. This would be able to get sufficient food and water stores, as well as clothing and other supplies. Just a few ideas, hopefully there’s something of value here!
My first thought was snake but I do also love the idea of a more traditional, but not necessarily terrifying fae image. I know there are some types that are peaceful themselves, but harbingers of doom or bad luck should others see them.
The fae/elven idea seems like it could be cool. I was thinking alien originally, like It-fangs or actually like the alien from the movie: Alien, but that sounds cool. Hehe. Uh, maybe the fangs are for piercing some kind of nectar fruit thing, or for speaking another language? Or, like DyingEmbers said, maybe they're medicinal? I was also thinking probably neutral good or lawful good. Or even true neutral, but I dunno about that. Anyway! Uh. Maybe they were banished or something, except that would be sad... Maybe they went traveling, and now they're trying to get back? Something like that? :) :D
Chinese Water Deer Satyr. Has fangs but they're not exactly bitey. Not evil, maybe a little chaotic. But mostly a chill dude who has staked out a certain area for himself. Maybe a medicine maker?
Kim Site Admin

I also had snake as my first thought, but for an out of left-field idea that's sort of fangy: Maybe they're beaver teeth and he does wood working with them?

I'm suggesting a modern fantasy setting for this guy, and further suggest that they are experimenting with a goth aesthetic, and hasn't quite decided which flavor of goth they want to be yet.

If we're doing the beaver thing, he should have an etsy shop. ;)

The Etsy thing might also work with fae, and he could sell little charm bags -- the twist being, they actually work. He makes them very low-powered so as to not arouse too much suspicion, but he has a devoted customer following who really believe in his marketing materials despite the careful disclaimers he puts up, and swear by his stuff.
Kim Site Admin

If modern fantasy, maybe this OC knows Animewithin's vampire and/or Claine's modern fantasy OC in some way? :D
Fangs to me would usually suggest some sort of carniverous or semi carniverous diet so you have a wide range of animals to take inspiration from ranging from felines to reptiles and even fish.

Though i've always been partial to fangs in general on humanoids, I like pointy teeth heh.

Now a lot else depends on setting. Maybe they're an artist, maybe they're a quiet gentle poetic soul who likes to take photographs of city life and buildings and the way the sun glints off the glass skyscrapers.

I kinda love the idea of supernatural/fantasy etsy though.
They are for eating meat but he's vegan, as it happens.
Kim Site Admin

Maybe to hide his fangs he has been wearing a medical mask in public for a LONG time, and has been just telling people he has a cold or is immunocompromised as his cover story?
Silvio (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

I really liked Jay's idea, so I ran with it for a medieval fantasy character. DyingEmbers' idea of Silvio having rumors spread about him helped with his backstory, Shinyrainbowlithogra helped in deciding his Neutral Good alignment, and Kim's idea of a goth aesthetic influenced his attire.

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the help.
Kim Site Admin

I love it! :D :D

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