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"What is happening to her?"
Azsharas mom asked. She wasn't as close to her than her father but still tried to be a mother to her.

"I think your daughter is having her natural abilities waking up. She encountered a very strong connection to someone else. connection what should be possible only between family members of Me'rah race."

"Azshara, you said something about Idra killing them. what did you mean by that?" her father asked slowly with very serious tone in his voice.
That the reason you found me. My village was hunted by overseers. They where killing babies,children, adults. Everybody. They went to use a portal. but closed it as my family used it and such they made it though but i did not. There being hunted like animals. The voice was same age and same races as us. The government killing them. I want to meet them i want to save them. Mother had 1 girl and boy. Set of twins and the similarly between us and our connection to strong to think otherwise.”
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"a twin brother?" Her dad said
"and hunted like animals, Idra don't hunt actively Me'rah... so it must the other part of your race. did you learn it by any chance or did learn any names of your real family or what could be helpful otherwise?"
She nods “ part sy and artificial jelliod..” she said. She sighed and looked down at the grass they live in shelters and overseer kills young and old and they found there shelters. They say suffered burns and thought I was dead what do i do? I feel so empty and lost...gon says my power untamed and yet his is. He had the same vision as i did.”
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"So your brothers name is Gon?"

Azsharas father shook his head immersed to deep thoughts.

"I don't question anything you told but it doesn't make any sense. Sy people, even those who are married with Me'rah are even less likely to be hunted by Idra, at least in public. if the news would appear that sy are hunted that would be the scandal rivaling the fall of Scraba Co."

Azshara remembered this case. A Scraba is huge megacorporation ran by Scraba family. They had in the past big military and anti terrorist campaign in Planet biitran and were largest materia, weapon and security service supplier of Idra government. However they became greedy and sold weapons also to terrorists, even supported from shadows to create more demand for their guns and services.

If it wasn't for the spy sent by QP this double play would not been revealed. Scraba lost its reputation in Biitran to fill vacuum QP was sent in its place.

Azsharas dad was one of the many troops who were sent there to fight agaist these terrorists to take situation back control.... wait, didnt dad talk about serving in desert which sand was red? Just like in the vision?
“ father in the vision was a battle in a desert with red sand. I saw motorbike crash..somebody yelled sand castle gone. Go to something mountains. The vision fading..what does that mean?” She still hadnthe fruit from before and ate some they live in the desert world Biitran. That the last thing he said.”
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Azsharas father turned pale.

"Now I get it. You're half Lilidran from Sy branch. And yes they are highly persecuted in Biitran. Idra wanted us too to join terrorist raids in their territories but QP didn't find enough evidence that they are really bad people. I have heard of the Sand Castle as one of their biggest shelters in the desert.... housing couple of million people plus their defence forces."

He looked at Gregosh.
"I think we need to negotiate our co operation really careful."
“ there not bad and many suffer! There worse off then us. If they kill my family. I wont support indra in the future and my future support will be for me’rah. Im going to bring them here or to safety some how. I dont care if i make enemies they dont deserve to suffer. Gon i will help even if cost me my life.”
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"I will help you." her father said. "come."

He lead Azshara to village hall where in one room she see the box she had given to her father opened.

Inside the box was high tech radio transmitter.
He sat down on the table and turned the transmitter on starting to enter some sort of code to the radio.
The radio gave few beeps before a person answered on the other side.

"I have additional report. Something big could have happen in Biitran. According to the message, Sand Castle have fallen and a person with first name Gon, related to my adopted daughter have been captured. We discovered this as they shared Me'rah network connection to each othet. I suspect Azshara is Lilidran by her origin. Caros know this as well."

"Understood. send your daughter immediately to the sea and arrange ways to communicate. Do not let Caro to capture her or relay this info to their higher ups. evacuate your family if anything happens and send red letter to us. We are sending reinforcements to there."

"You heard him. Go to sea and hide for a while. if possible I keep you contact during our fishing trips...." If you cannot find me with the village fishing boats swim directly to Tujell City and report QP headquarters as my daughter. If government finds out about the vision you had they arrest us both as terrorists."
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 1.
“ sea? But what happens? I never lived outside the village. How will i survive?” She asked. “ reinforcements..what are they for? Why can gregosh know? Im confused..” she said. “ what going to happen to me?”
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"Listen, I know this is way too much way too sudden. Gerosh represent Caro who are working with government. The discovery of your past is forcing them to choose would they rather betray their allies for protecting you or capture you as loyal subject. HQ is sending some men here to make sure you are safe. We need to wait for them to arrive.

pure blooded Me'rah perhaps can eat fish even raw but since you are not we pack for you a waterproof bag with some tools, for cooking and preparing the food. you can also take my spring harpoon.

if nothing bad happens this is just some days long swimming trip for you. "
he smiled
"I know you been out in the sea sometimes almost a day and can sleep even underwater "
“ so the enforcement not taking me away? Plus how do you know they wont betray you?” She asked. “ do you know any me'rah settlements nearby?” She asked calmly “ i need to grab my stuff. I could hide in a underwater cave. Cause they dont know where the ship wreak hard to find unless you know exactly where it is and i know a hidden cove.”
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"The people they are sending here are not gov brainwashed. They can be trusted." Her father said "I have heard of the stories that here are Me'rah settlements but their presence is hidden for humans and the local Me'rah don't like to show up. The plan is good. you can swim freely these few days. look me of the fishing boats when we go fishing.
She nods. “ how can i go if gregosh asks why im leaving? I mean..i dont want to ruin our friendship.” She sighed and started too cry. She was so confused. “ how long must i be gone? I just want to understand.” She said. She wanted to become famous now as to save her birth family and in past never cared about fame. She sighed and hugged her father. She did not wven know how to become famous or much less being outside her village.
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"Tell that you are doing my errand and if he still asks say you don't know much of details and that I wanna have a word with him immediately"
He gave hug to Azshara.
"You may not be my blood but you are still my daughter. Be safe and pray that the Gregosh and his superior are understanding people."
With these words he sent her.
Perhaps it was luck perhaps her father's act but she didn't met Gregosh on her way to the beach. As she turned look her village she see father coming out from the village hall and meeting the the croba and then they both went back inside the village hall.
She hugged back. She grabbed gregosh gift to her and went to the secret underwater cave. She sat down and closed her eyes.she focused on her thought and tried to see if she could open a mental link with any Me’rah or gon. She entered a meditative state and relaxed. Her desire to find Me’rah and gon was strong and was one of her strongest desires. She only prayed this worked.
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Azshara didn't knew how long she had been in the meditative state. The light around her had first dissipated and now getting slightly brighter again when her ears, or perhaps her mind caught faint echoes of voices following by sharp headache.
She remembered that this was the result her body running low on Ferju so she quickly took the larger of the pouches that Gregosh had given and ate what remained there.

To her surprise the ferju extract didn't break down easily even this deep under water and was relatively easy to eat as solid food without needing to swallow lots of seawater. Well for Azshara while she was swimming her mouth was always full of seawater because the way Me'rah breathe, so to her tongue the saltiness of the water was not a problem.

It didn't take very long for the Ferju to take effect and the headache dissipated. As it did she was able to fully focus again to her meditation.
Thanks to Gregosh she had a hunch how the connection to other me'rah was working so little by little with lots of practice, trial and error she felt that the faint voices came more clearer and closer and then finally after hours of constant practice her ears felt like they were opening and the lights came.

First it was all blurry but by slow progression Azshara was able to clear the vision and sounds around her.
Now She was able to see that she was floating inside a boundless ocean of energy. there were balls of energy of different colors, some bigger some just tiny. There were also streams of energy flowing like a currents and all around her she felt the constant chatter of thousands and thousands of people.
She sighed and tried to see of anybody was able to connect to her. She wanted to find a Me’rah settlement nearby. If she could she knew she be safer then here. She had brought stuff to sell and could sing for money. She relaxed and calmed her emotions as not to burn Ferju as fast. Her drive to save gon and survive to help her village. She only prayed she find a person willing to help.
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By now Azshara had learned that the energy balls around her were actually the animals who's sort of consciousness she was sensing.
Little by little she was able to learn how to probe further away from her while maintaining the overall sense around her. This discovery dawned Azshara a totally new way of observation and following what's happening around her without relying on her eyes or ears.

Slowly she started to move around the cove focusing now to the clear human, or Me'rah kind of voices around her when she picked stronger than usual push nearby at the direction where her home village was. The entity didn't say anything and the distance was quite big but the push showed clearly that it wasn't animal and that someone most likely was probing around looking for something just like her.
She opend her eyes and calmly suppressed her power best she could. She then swim outside the cave and went to see who was looking for her. She eventually looked above the water to see who it was. She only prayed it was allies. She kept alert and went underwater if she sensed anything. She sighed.

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