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That evening the whole village was joining the grand dinner and farewell party. several long tables were prepared and filled with all kinds of foods. people were eating, laughing dancing and sining along with Azshara.

Just before clock turned to midnight RAY took a round object from some hiding place and lit it.
Slowly letting it go revealing green-yellow paper lantern that slowly climbed up to the sky. everyone were looking as it rise higher and higher when all of a sudden massive green firework like
a chrysantem exploded right atop of the village. As the loud boom hit the ground the green colour turned yellow and Azshara see the whole sky being covered by slow rain of gold.

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She smiled and introduced her sister to the village and showed her her favorites. The kids wanted to hear gregosh stories and azshara also introduced her brother to her older sister. She looked at the sky. She smiled and only prayed gon be home soon or lucky she heard from him.

She looked around and smiled and hugged her adopted family. She looked at the Ray what happens with Tinos and the others? What was that that scream that only affected Tinos and the others?”
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"Tinos will be brought to trial. The High Council of Me'rah will decide what to do with him. Meanwhile he will be locked into our prison. In fact the very same prison where your brother will be brought."

Two new loud booms of fireworks rang out and the whole village was this time covered by pink light as the two massive flower shaped balls colored the sky.

"They are so beautiful" Kids screamed around Azshara.
"Happy Birthday" A mental whisper rang to her with the voice of Lais
“ how can he be freed without causing problems? I interested in meeting him..thank you fo your help. “ mentally she thanked her sister. She giggled at the kids. She enjoyed the party and relaxed. Her mind started to wonder what her brother and father where like and mother what kind of lady was she? Now she was more curious about her past and the world. She started to hum. Humming often helped her relax and think. A small smile appeared on her face.
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"Dad for sure have that figured out." Lais said.

There came more fireworks as grand and beautiful as the first 3. Each rumbling like a thunder and breathtakingly beautiful. After 18th of the firework the sky was filled with tiny fireflies that from horizon to horizon. It was absolutely beautiful.

Everyone were cheering and clapping. Azshrara noticed COD and RAY exchanging some words with each others in low voice while giving some glance towards her and Lais. One occasion COD seem had said something teasingly to RAY because his face seem had turned more red than usual.

After all the celebration everyone wished their good nights to each other and returned their homes.

Gregosh, COD and RAY went to one newly built houses close to the port construction site.

"Good night my angel." Azshara's father said when Azshara was laying on her own bed thinking of everything happened so far.
“ night dad.” She loved the party and smiled. Her mind went to gon. How was he able to connect with her? When her sister had to touch her? She thought about all that happened. She wondered why people would agree to become souless things for Idra. She was curious if me’rah where mad at that alliance and idra. She hugged a doll she had. She then dreamed of everything and her mind went to what she was she to do when she got home? She only knew the poor fishing life. Yet she did not want to make fool of herself as she father was important.

The next day she wakes up and gets ready to see the ship wreak before leaving.
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Next morning a sound of jet engine woke up Azshara. she felt herself rested but the wake up could always be better than that.

Through the window shutters she was able to see the sea and noticed immediately a large military vessel anchored front of her village. the jet engine sound came from the plane that her sister came yesterday.

it took off slowly from the ground and then hovered over the ship where it landed. the village grounds had turned into huge antfarm of human and Croba who were coming and going and building stuff everywhere.
She then got ready and headed out. “ wha?” She ran out of the house looking around. She was shocked as she never seen such a vessel. She then started to run and went to the edge ofnthe water. She was going to the ship and find something to take with her. She stood still unsure of what would happen. She thought about a moment and put the bag over her shoulder. “ this may be the last if or if not for awhile.” She said.
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"Good morning" Gregosh greeted her
"They said that we gonna leave with that ship. your father been busy for organizing the village. To gov this is still Caro base but in reality QP took over it together with Fanel splinter group of Li. They are in good terms with Green alliance so you can trust them."

Gregosh let out a laugh
"They even offered asylum with them until the portal offence is handled and I find myself a permanent place to stay."
“Morning. That nice of them though i thought Fanel where allies with Idra and not the green alliance.” She said. She stepped into the water. She looked around. “ i wonder what life will be like at my new home. I never been in society other then here. I don't know there customs or anything. Do you Gregosh?” She asked calmly. “ any knowledge would be helpful so i dont make a fool of myself.”
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"Well, Li may be from Fanel but they are more like deserters." Gregosh said
"They left he original Clan because disagreement splitting the clan to half. The disagreement began of the use of Bomb units."

"What are those?" Azshara asked having a bad feeling about their name

"Ancient times Fanels made a questionable deal with Jelloids. What they paid is not known but Jelloids taught them how to make living husks without a soul. You know the Overseers, Imagine a factory producing troops like that. Each top loyal, fearless and suicidal. They carry huge amount of Ferju in their bodies and they fight by blowing up.

Other clans managed to copy this blow up later making it more like energy pulse but original one The infamous Fanel Bomb is mindless walking bomb. All clans fear them and that's why Fanels are ranked as one of the top 3 clans.

What comes to the customs, I think I'm not the right person to answer that. you need to ask that from your sister."

He rubbed his forhead.
"However I wonder where I have seen her before?"
“ that scary. Power truly can ruin a nation.” She said. She looked at him confused. “ you know my sister?” She asked calmly. Sh floated in the water and enjoyed the cool feeling of the water. She looked at the sky. “ so what you plan since this all happened?” She asked glancing at him.
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"I have seen her somewhere and I feel like I should remember where but I cannot. I asked it about the QP guys but they don't tell me and your father, he really don't know."

Gregosh said.
"If you're ok I would like to join you."
“ i love it if you joined me. After all one of the reasons I'm here is cause you taught me my heritage and abilities and you helped me contact my brother. I was about to grab some artifacts as to show them to my brother and parents. Would you like to see it?” Offering to show the ship wreak to him.
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Of course I'm interested. Being Caro have meant we are almost excluded of being contact to Me'rah and this planet is a treasure for learning about their culture. Perhaps even hints about the legendary Meroka.

Azshara noticed her sister standing at side of the ship looking at them. A faint smile was on her face.
She motioned for her sister to come along. “ im just glad your ok. I was alway curious about the life and my dreams. Im finally learning the truth.” She said. “ originally i thought Me’rah hated me...i always wanted to fit in..but i always was so different.. since Me’rah only support pure Me’rah and im not human.” She said.
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Lais disappeared for a short while and when she appeared again she had changed her attire. She was now wearing one piece swimsuit complimenting her curves and to Azshara's taste it was a bit too much revealing.
A faint whistle rang to her ears on the shoreline where COD and RAY were preparing for the trip.

Lais jumped head first to water merging her legs to golden tail.
"Come on sis, the ship won't be ready before the evening. Will you show me your shipwreck?"
She dived in and her pink tail appeared. She rolled her eyes at the men. “ men.” She muttered. “ come on gregosh.” She dived down and had a hard time keeping up. “: sis your going to fast.” She said as she made her way to the hidden passage.
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Lais stopped and swim back to Azshara.
"Oh Im sorry." She said looking at her and Azshara and she felt her spirit brushing her gently.
"Nobody ever gave you Ferju before, not to mention taught you the shooting star."

"Shooting star? what is that?" Azshara asked puzzled
"It's one of our abilities. All Me'rah even half blooded can make it." Lais explained.
"First have some of my Ferju. you have so little that if you burn anything now you will get a headache."
She rolled in the water and Azshara noticed Lais had the long silvery tail coiling around her. She reached and took the tip of the tail. This tip was almost 3 times thicker tuft made of same white metal. The tip looked very sharp to Azshara as Lais tooked it to her hands. Then she pressed the sides of the tuft making it open up like a flower revealing a teardrop shaped very tight portion of Ferju. Lais broke a piece off of it and gave it to Azshara.
"Here, eat it. Then we swim like real Me'rah"

Azshara put the Ferju piece to her mouth. If she had thought that the melon extract was stong this small piece was smaller but even stronger.
"Surprised?" Giggled Lais.
"The mountain melons are good stuff but now you have tasted real Ferju. Cometol as old Me'rah call it. Feel it spread into you. Charge your body.
Feel the power to envelope you. Making you into ball of energy. It's in your mind, in your body, hands and legs."

With amazement Azshara felt the sudden surge of energy growing in her. This feeling was similar when she was meditating but so much stronger.
The formless energy was crackling in her fingertips and her mind was filled with voices.
She was hearing the network fist time clearly. The countless of voices talking in beautiful cacophony and the sea of lights shine around her.

"Now you have felt the awakened power of Ferju, use it with your tail now." Lais instructed

Azshara gave a kick of her tail and she felt the energy flowing trough her veins making the kick so much stronger than her normal kick.
"Good" Lais said, "That is how Crobas are feeling when they are under the effect of Ferju. It boosts your muscle strength as well as body recovery making you exceed the limitations of normal human body. Now close your eyes, let your mind see instead and move your head backwards, then push that force on your tail behind you and let it propel you as you kick again"

Azshara slowly closed her eyes letting the sense take over her vision. She felt the bubbling energy surrounding her and then she kick again pushing the overflowing energy behind her.
And as she did so she felt like being shot forward with incredible yet totally comfortable speed. The water didn't gave almost any resistance to her. She felt like she was flying in air as the strong energy that was covering her was now erupting behind her like a rocket.

"Wow sis, you learn so fast I thought you needed practice but you already manage to do it fully, you're just like your brother."
She loved the new abilities. But kinda went overboard and was soon tired. Soon they arrived at the passage and in no time they arrive at a old hidden cove. On the shore was a ship and a few caves with treasure. “ where her. Sis how old where you when you learned this stuff?” She asked. She sat on shore to rest.

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