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The force she was sensing was now approaching her and then it split to two. The distance was still too great for Azshara to sense them the way she did with meditation but she was able to tell that two people with abilities like hers were approaching her... by flying over the sea level. Moreover the energy they emitted was natural, not like the rough, artificial and suffocating power of overseer.

As she swim a slightly closer she noticed one of the village fishing boats pulling a fishing net from the water. This must be the furthest of the fishing ships of her village. Azshara felt that the two people who were flying separated. One turned further away from the shore and Azshara while other made a dive and splashed to the sea nearby the boat.

Soon after the first splash Azsharas ears picked the second splash further away. The first one who landed the sea let out a short series whistles resembling a dolphin where soon the other one responded. Then Azshara felt two waves of mental energy rushing over her.
"Azshara? Are you Azshara, daughter of James" She felt the voiceless question from the direction of the two people. This question wasn't even close as clear or intense as what she had shared with her brother but still strong enough for adequate communication.
She was a bit on edge. She responded. “ who are you? identify yourselves before i say who i am.” She said. She had every reason to be careful. She was very confused. She grabbed the harpoon to be safe. Least it was not a overseer. She touched a fish and smiled. She truly felt home in the sea and yet there was a void inside her a big one. From missing the village to wanting to meet her birth parents.
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"We are Martitime Special Forces of Quadrant Protectors. (QP) Our mission is to locate and protect agent James and her daughter Azshara, nickname angel. We were told that the village is having considerable force of caro tribe so the safest place to meet outside Idra surveillance is considered the fishing fleet."

Came the response with strict military way of speech.
"Does that answer your question young miss?"
“ im her.” She swam over and popped her head up out of the water. She looked around for any signs of them. “ you work with father? Yes the caro are there. dad fishing or helping them understand our village. Im looking for a Me’rah settlement or another village to sell artifacts as to get Ferju in case gon contacts me.” She explained in a sad tone. She started to tear up.
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"I think we have then some good news for you then.

Gon was able to relay your conversation to rest of the family before overseers were able to cut him out. Your father is working together with our special forces to free him also when he heard about you he sent immediately your older sister Lais here to reinforce our team.

When she arrives we are to escort you and your family, if they are willing, to her home planet outside of Idra territory."

Two figures appeared swimming like torpedoes under the surface as the neared Azshara. When they get close enough she was able to see two well built men... with tails just like her. The other had his tail colour deep dark blue while other grey with bit of silver.

Both of the men carried compact backpack and something which looked same time like a belt and 3 meter long tail.

"Hello I'm Lieutenant COD, commander of squad Barracuda" The grey tailed man greeted waving his hand.. his head was totally bald and his upper body was bare showing his muscular body with all its glory.

"I'm lieutenant RAY vice commander of our squad." Said the blue tailed man. His hair was black and flowed along the waves. Also he wore some sort of vest with all kinds of military stuff attached to it.
“ what about father and caro? The problem is i was the peace keeper. There here cause Gregosh saved me and saw a artifact i found. So they are a ship wreak with artifacts. So i fear if i leave this village for long might be ruined or things will be hostile.” She explained. Tears falling and you could see her her torn as she wanted both families safe. “ i told them i show them a ship wreak after they saw i found a Me’rah chest of a leader that all clans would want there hands on.”
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Your father ... James. i mean, already handled that. If the caro are honourable and wise they don't try to exploit the village. He also volunteered to remain there to monitor the situation. He said that If we can hope for the best outcome your friendship with this Gerosh may tilt their whole tribe to support us instead of Fanels or The Party."

Their conversation was cut a dolphin kind of sound from the radio that RAY was carrying. He picked up the radio replaying similar way, however on their telepathic communication Azshara heard his voice in clear language: "Ray to ORCA, Angelfish found. No hostile presence found in area."

"Rest of our squad are following us by boat. They just messaged us that your sister have landed there also. They should be arriving here by tomorrow morning."
“ so what happens now? She asked calmly. Her blue eyes was on edge. She was a bit stressed. Her soft blue eyes and her gentle voice showed she was worried. She reached in her bag grabbed a artifact and showed them the box and told them what gregosh said about it. She told how she found it and that nobody in the village but her knew her secret caves of stored treasure and the ship wreak where.
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"Croba for sure go crazy about this stuff. everything about pure blood Me'rah draws then because they want to expand their territory and considers us as their lost colonies."
RAY laughed.
"Only problem that Idra is after all one of pure blooded core planets so after humans and Croba broke their network at year 0 they don't want to publish their cities to rest of the people and get themselves a new mess. If you ever wondered why the contacting to anyone is so hard its because they are VERY suspicious. even towards us half blooded ones."

"Our headquarters told us to guard you with our lives and wait for the ship to artive. by then your father should have cleared the situation in the village. if not we are to help him to make them understand our point." COD said.
"we all hope that there won't be any conflict"
“ yea.. dad and a Croba got off on the wrong foot just hope they keep level heads.” She said. She sighed. “ tomorrow i was going to get apprenticeship.” Sighs. “ i hope gon will be ok.. if you dont mind..18 years ago my family went to escape by portal to escape a did i survive? Mom could not get me in the portal in time. How come i was not killed like the rest by the overseers? Why was my mental link cut off until gon contacted me?” She asked.
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"Perhaps your sister can answer those questions" RAY said.

"You said 18 years ago?" COD was deep in his thought. "Well it was actually 16 and half years when there was a portal explosion. It happened on a planet Whirshee. A lovely jungle planet with lots of ocean as well.

Idra and Rocky-Forest Croba clan shared the planet and after the explosion those two had a huge war in the planet forcing Idra finally out there. The exact cause of the explosion is not known but everyone blamed Idra for it. They have never respected the portals like Croba does. Which is also why the portals in here are concealed.
Even more Croba clans have signed a degree that no warfare is allowed inside Portal zones and anyone breaking this will have heavy punishment.
I would put my bet that you were born on that planet and the explosion and whole war was Idras attempt to wipe out your family. Because I remember that Idra didn't receive any help from their allies during the war. If Idra truly did blow up the portal The degree would enforce all clans to unite and punish the nation who did the act."

"I suppose that instead of Caro if you had met anyone from Rocky-Forest all the stress and distrust in your village would be just bad dream" Ray said

"That's true. But after the war no one from Green alliance was not permitted to enter Idra territory." Cod harrumphed.

"Crobas are roughly divided to 3 large alliances. Gold alliance, lead by Gol clan, Red Alliance lead by Fanels and Green alliance lead by Rocky-Forest. Towards Idra the Red Alliance is having the warmest relations but for us Urda as long as Idra cannot find it out we support Green Alliance."

"Since we have found our angelfish, should we try to locate the father next to hear how the negotiations in the village have gone?" RAY asked.
He normal in the same area fishing. I could take you to where his normally is when fishing. Where not far from where he likes to fish..honestly i guess after my apprenticeship and i can earn my own money..honestly..i once wanted revenge on Idra. Not only cause of my experience there. But i despise The overseers and higher society. Now that i know my true story i want it even more. But that would cause bigger problems. I have seen bad crimes pf overseers..i want them to pay...” she sighed. They where seeing a rare side to this young sweet girl.
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They approached the boat and Azshara noticed quickly her dad there. He was hands full with one of the nets when loud whistle made him turn his head and waved.

"Azshara! I wish the circumstances would be different but I wish you could still have a happy birthday." He let out a smile.
"I spoke yesterday long with Gerosh and their leader, Captain Tinos arrived this morning. They haven't harass any villagers but their construction sites are now little bit everywhere. What They promised that once the construction finishes the village outlook wont' be ruined because of them. well except the barrier port and the coconuts we spoke of."

He looked at the two men following Azshara
"You seem have met the special forces guys already."
“ yea! Thanks dad. Yea..fair to say i learned more about myself. I hope you both kept a level head. last time you and him did not do that well. She giggled. “ honestly I'm surprised there not digging up the place looking for my hidden storage areas of treasure from the ship wreak or the ship itself. Honest i already miss my friends in the village.” She said. “ im glad your well father..”
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"Sir. Your daughters biological sister is on her way here. What information we already exchanged we have reason to believe that your daughter is survivor of Whirshee massacre around 16 years ago."

"Whirshee? Against the Green alliance started by the accusation of portal explosion throwing the peoples republic to big caos which in turn triggered Urda, including me to go Biitran?"

"The very same" COD said "When patching together the information pieces it starts to look like that she may have been inside the portal zone when it exploded"
"Idra, Fanel and Caro always state that the evidence is not clear what caused it." RAY said. "When the ship arrives we can let Caro know about this and make them think their relations again. Then harming the village would turn even less likely knowing how holy the portal law is to all Crobas."

"I have a feeling that Gregosh and Tinos are turning to our side." Azsharas father said. "They want to know more about Me'rah and establish contact to them if just possible."
He waved his hand.
"Climb on the boat. Let's go see them and tell them the news."
She got in. “ im starting to see why i sensed a void in overseers. Why a deep part of me hates them to my core.” She said. “ one day they will be punished for there crimes.” She clinched her fist. She then relaxed as she calmed herself. “ im going to find out the truth one way or another. Unless the truth known..we cant prevent it.”
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COD laughed.
"We share a mutual feeling. But did you know that some of those overseers are not actually humans anymore?"
"When they reach last fight of their power they are offered a special cybernetic computer installed to their body. If they accept it they become pinnacle of super soldier but they lose their soul in the process. They are just machines for the government. That's why they have the void inside them."

The boat carried the four people to the shore. Azshara couldn't help of noticing the disappearance of the thicket of bamboos close to the shore and several crobas working hard the ground on their place.

Some villagers looked them curiously since they came back from the sea so early. When they see James with 3 other onboard someone shouted
"Look, Azshara is back!"
Few kids ran to the shore shouting happily to see their "big sister".
A familiar Croba also emerged from nearby house. Another bit smaller one came out after him.
"That's Tinos. He knows about the burial buckle you showed and is interested to see it himself. Also you should tell him about what you remember from your childhood."
Azsharas father said.
Something made her shutter about tinos. But at the same time expected him to be bigger? She hugged the kids and brought shells and other things for kids from the sea and shells and coral for jewelry crafters. She waved at Gregosh. She bowed her head to Tinos. “ im Azshara. I found out the..truth of what happened at Whirshee portal...also i brought this.” She showed the box she showed Gregosh. Im afraid i recall clearly what happened as i still dream about..” she said.
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Tinos looked at Azshara
"Whirshee? Hmph, what do you think you know about whirshee? There are no portals there and the official verdict is that no such thing have happened there. That is and will remain to be the only truth."
He made a small move and smaller crobas lifted their guns pointing them towards Azshara, her father and two men behind them.
Same time Gregosh lowered his head and the air around them started to charge up rapidly.

"Tinos, don't take this path. It's not worth it" Cod said trying to calm the situation down.
"Just for your information little girl. I was there! In the frontlines, leading the attack . The silly portal crime prosecution you may refer fell clearly because of the lack of evidence. I can vouch their conclusion that there is no portals there."
Tinos looked towards Gregosh.
"I don't think I need your ferju, back down for now."

"Azshara, Im sorry I didn't know he had such a past." Gregosh words reached to her same way as she had talked with the two me'rah earlier. "I can't believe he is the one who wiped out your village and tried to kill your family. He have committed such a crime I cannot forgive it. I rather go court martialed than go through Portal trials or let him hurt you again. By your word I can end him right here or if you still wanna spare him after all just say it."
She laughed. “ honestly Tinos. I regret to say im a survivor! I was in the explosion! Plus Titos without me you wont get anywhere the shipwreck cause i set traps that can destroy the site and my treasures. Plus i could have easily destroyed it or give it to the rightful owners. Without me you never know it existed! You attacked that why there no verdict. She looked at cod “ I have see the path ahead of me. Im going to carve my own path and earn allies. To sstart im going to Sy. If im lucky to become famous. You bet i will find the truth, she looked at cobra. “For croba the portal law is sacred and you broke a law. It cause of you people who scare others. She looked at the cobras. “ tell me is the portal law that sacred to you? Then ask why nobody stood up. Think for once my people suffered and could not survive. I dont care if i fail I will find allies and others and make my people a place to call home or i will die trying.”

She closed her eyes and her emotions swelled. Her mind was focused. She tried to send a message to Me’rah she sensed. She prayed if Me’ah cared they want to know the truth. “ Tinos of caro helped destroy a portal.” She only prayed somebody would aid her.

Gregosh heard her say “ i want him alive. If you can knock him out. But if you think it best you can kill him”

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