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"I was less than 2 when i already communicated like we do now, 3 when i started to learn sensing but the strenght and shooting star i learned relatively late, at age of 10" Lais said pausing a little while.

"Im the oldest of the kids but... there was some issues related to me" Lais was able to keep her thought inside her but from her aura Azshara was able to sense sadness embarrasment and bit of fear.

“ something wrong? You dont trust me?” She asked as she went to the ship and ran uer hand along the frame. “ this brings back memories.” She went in the ship and climbed in. “ look nothing about life is easy. Trust me i know what it like to struggle. Im just glad we found each other. I know something on your mind.”
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"Dont think bad on... our dad." Lais said.
Before he was still courting there were two women both interested him. Their names were Lizelle and Carolyn. Dad liked Lizelle alot but the other one, Carolyn, became more and more jealous. Finally she invited all her friends, dad and lizelle included to big party. there she drugged dad with something and the next morning he found himself in same bed with Carolyn." Lais sighed. "Im the result of that night. dad wasnt happy about it at all but even carolyn had hoped to steal him from Lizelle, she failed. less than month later he was getting married with Lizelle and month after i was born she also gave bith... to a son.

Dad told to my mom that he is not abandoning me and Lizelle took me like your parents here. My mom was then had to take political marriage and with that my future was clear. I'm family member between two families but not fully either. So I chose to follow dad and keep his name high in the family of my mom.

Also I'm educated as Sy but in secret Dad gave me training for Lilidran Smoke.

Aside your brothers I haven't told this to anyone else."

She nods. “ i see. So when do me and gon come in? You on good terms with your parents and adoptive mom?” She asked in a calm tone thinking. Still trying to process everything. She sighs and looks around. “ i just dont know what to think anymore...’ she sound confused about everything.
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"We are in good terms. She haven't explained it much to me but she said it's her fault that Carolyn managed to do her thing to dad and that there is no point be mad to innocent child for something she messed in first place."
Lais let out a laugh
"my mom, Carolyn is Sy, while Lizelle is Lilidran. when I was 10 I was taken to dad's place for a while and Lizelle educated me along with her kids. But since I was the only girl she passed her most precious teachings to me. I heard once she telling dad that let it be slap on my real mothers face that her daughter is raised as Smoke for Sy."

She looked at Azshara
"You may have heard what sy are? Out most pacifist and very sexist. Lilidrans in other hand are raised for survival. We are divided to 3 main groups: The Sand, Smoke and Sky. Sand is the largest group. one what other societies could call civilians. They keep the society and country running. Smoke are the guardian's of the Sand. We operate in the shadows and as smoke rises from the ash so we are to be seen from what we do, not what we are. Even further Part of the smoke is separated to smaller Group, the Sky . They are people training to operate vehicles, media and planes.

All in all all Sky are part of Smoke and all Smoke is part of Sand.

Your mother have totally 4 children of her own. Rin, who was born month later than me his 2 years younger brother Trai, and then 3 years later she got the twins, You and Gon.
Of their children all 3 boys wete raised as Smoke but Gon, your twin didnt become the sky like his older brothers. Instead he aimed for Me'rah education. When i was taken in he graduated as junior channeler which was big buzz among Me'rah. they believed that no half blood can learn it easy but Gon is super gifted. He said that he dont wanna stay as channeler but aims as crafter. Imagine A job that only pure blooded have been accepted. not because of discrimination but because
the demands are so high that no other half blood have had body and mind to do it... except your brother. "

“ i wondered what i could do? Im not special...” she laid down and thought. “ what jobs are there in Me’rah society? What am i to do once i go home?” She asked. “ i have no idea what to do once we go home..”
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"Well, you and me are Me'rah but once we go home to Biitran we join to Lilidran society. There are Me'rah there but they are most of all humans. So your wish to become singer sounds like great way to develop yourself." Lais said
"Im bit worried for you however. There are no oceans there. Dad have solved the skin problem of us so we don't dry up but unless we visit the south sea or Sy we cannot go swimming freely. And South Sea is heavily Idra controlled area."

She sighed. “ there no water? Well family and career come before fun..i wonder what family will think of know since I was not raised in society and just learn my basic powers. Sounds like im out of place due to father position.. i fear of not getting there approval or there ashamed of me or something like that.”
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"You'll be fitting there just fine." Lais said.
"If the enviroment don't gloomy you down the people are friendly and everyone help everybody. That's the base of being Sand. Nobody is left alone.
Otherwise that lone one will be prayed on by Idra and in long run be the end of our society.

There are some rules and stuff among Lilidrans. Fist is respecting the colors.
Specially when you are outside we have different color codes to inform others.
If you see place with odd green painting it means its safe and no violence allowed there, same goes to people who are carrying something visibly glowing green. In comparison red means danger. I hope you never have to meet one but person who been dirtied by glowing red paint is threat to our society and must be neutralized by capture or kill. We have also other color codes like purple, yellow, blue etc. "

Second may be sound silly, but women are highly appreciated there. I think it origins from Sy but no matter where its coming, women and girls are not considered a lower or second rate people but the value and treasure of society and their work is respected.

“ see my adoptive father said if the people learned to respect each other and follow rules and find there happy productive spot in life.. then less likely any suffering a death and war.” She said. She sighed and relaxed as she grabbed something. “ sis help me with this looks important.” She looked at her sister. “ i understood the need of that.. but why so many colors?” She thought about who she was. She sighed. “ it sounds like a decent place sis.”
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"Idra." Lais said
"We had to develope a way to pass messages a bit in secret because of Idra. Dad told that before we were born times were better. People were able to live freely, for a moment we thought Idra may let us live like Urda. But... that was deception."

Series of images flowed through Azshara's mind. Towering apartment buildings packed with people. Idra police raiding the homes.

"By the order of People's Management Bureau the only accepted languages spoken are Idra, the official language of this country and Pooldi the language of Gorestian Trade Zone. Any other languages are considered illegal and attempt to plot and destabilize the public order, the party and the Government."

Then Azshara was seeing a view in a city where tanks and patrol cars armed with heavy machine guns were roaming besides the people. Group of young people were chatting happily going into the coffee shop. But just as they entered 3 machine gunned patrol cars stopped front of the shop and aim their guns to the shop. 6 Idra army soldiers rushed to corner the entrance and one shouted the megaphone.
"Attention, we have detected 4 people talking the language of terrorists entering the premises! Come out hands raised up or we open fire. Any person who protects or helps terrorists is terrorist also!"

Lais sigh.
"This is the life of our people who haven't yet totally hidden."

“ if i ever become famous enough.. that will change.” She said. She held her head as the images entered her mind. “ am i going to be safe? Does idra have way influence over my home?” She asked.
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"The home you leave here will be safe. Your dad.. dads will conceal it to look like gov friendly croba military outpost, in reality what I heard it will be built underground hard to crack nut. And if ever Idra finds out and plans to get rid of your village here... well good luck to them. The only way rid of us is to dig 3 kilometer deep hole to every single house we own."

She though a while.

"I guess I dare to say this but our people are the ones who Merok Croba clan is originated."

The girls pulled together the chest up and tried to open it. Thanks to the centuries of exposure for seawater Lais needed just little bit of examination and what seemed a small punch and the chest was opened.

"My my my. You were absolutely right" Lais said lifting a round hand thick metal stick which was pitch black in color. The chest was filled full of these sticks which they counted to be around 30 pieces.
Also Azshara found it a bit odd and disturbing that to her senses these sticks were totally invisible like they were sucking any mental energy that touched them.

“ sis please put that down. I think these are dangerous..i feel nothing coming from them and invisible to my senses. It like they suck mental energy from whatever they touch.. please i dont want those things to cause us damage. These things must never see the light of day again.” She said. She looked at her sister. “ what are they?”
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"They are smelted, still unrefined Dagra. The same metal as this belt is made." She pointed her beautiful snow white metal "Tail belt"
She weighted the stick.
"I think they are worth of something 200 to 250'000 each. The reason they suck our power is the natural feature of Dagra before it's awakened. Croba discovered in their medieval age this feature as well and build many spell defensive tools and armor of it.

Once awakened the full potential of this material will be unlocked and the value of these will be easily be doubled. If we lift these up and give it to Gon he can do miracles with these."

“ really? But how can we move it?” She asked. She got closer as she felt better about it after her sister explained them. “ why do you say miracles? I never knew some of this treasure could be worth so much..maybe bring gon here one day. I wonder what dad will say and how they react to seeing me and hearing about you know?” She asked her sister.
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"Would you be ok to ask the boat to lift this up? I would go guarantee that they don't do any harm to this site since it's belonging to you."
Even though Lais didn't said it by words but Azshara felt additional meaning in her words: "They know our identity and would not dare to risk ruin the relations of their organization"

"Gon as I told you before is... or at leas was studying ancient Me'rah art of craftmanship. It's highest valued profession you can imagine in anywhere. The apprentice like he is practice how to smelt and refine this kind of Dagra. when they get experience they learn its smiting and one day when they reach craftmaster they can build the invaluable Me'rah artifacts, maintain, operate and the most skilled ones even build the Portals."

"I know only a fraction about portal making but what Gon have told me, it's both physically and spiritually highly taxing work where single miscalculation could not just kill you but endanger the whole continent you are living. The Portal Offence you heard before and what upset the me'rah is if anyone else but the craftmaster tampers the portal any way or uses any sort of weapon in the portal zone."

She thought for a while
"I believe dad will be quite surprised and impressed if you present him these when you meet."

Now she felt even more worthless. Her twin was special as it was a respectable job. Anybody could do entertainment and singing. She sighed and looked at herself. Her aura read that she felt worthless. “ maybe i need to rethink my profession...” she did not want to be in her family shadow. Plus nobody need any entertainment an she was starting to feel that it was not a respectable job.
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"Whada, sis. Don't judge yourself too hard." Lais said
"I can sense your emotions and I don't think yourself worthless. perhaps you you need direction check a bit but you are far from worthless."

She smiled.
"each child have their own profession and what dad Is doing there is one big area where is no one in the family."

Azshara had a thought kind of word In her mind: "public relations."
"So far only Gon is not military related so you joining him is not bad at all."

“ no matter what i do i will be in there gon and father shadows...”: she sadly. She sighed and looked around. She held one of the sticks and sighed. She was now deep in thought. She sighed and got in the water and floats on the water thinking.

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