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"if my guess is correct we will remain here a while."

He smiled the kid and thanked him in Idra language, which was the official spoken language. All people from age of 5 and up were required to learn it along with their local language which for Azshara was urda.

All in all Azshara spoke fluently both urda and idra laguages plus smoothly a language of pooldi, Gorestian trade zone main language and the most commonly spoken language in all known space.

Gregosh and Azshara arrived to the village hall and were greeted by people already there. Natural question for elders as well was the plans of their new guests.

"We set up here our base of operations so if neccesarry we can remain here for years. we would welcome if we could be as much part of the village as possible to make our presence less suspectible to others yet strong enough that only brain dead idiot would come here for making trouble. We have archaeological license as well as a land purchase permit so your gov or any overseer won't bother us and we can do almost anything we want in the village premises. As token of gratitude once our work one day will be done we will transfer the ownership of these lands directly to you."

His word made big buzz among the villagers. The village land was not owned by the village but by government. reason for that was that the village was so poor so they had to pay yearly a rent money for government for the land. also if gov would decide to do something with the land villagers had no way to deny it.

Now this Croba had practically said that his clan had bought the whole village for themselves and are their legal landlords but if all goes well they would get the land for themselves. many eyes filled with thoughtfulness, worry but also hope and gratefullness was looked toward Azshara and Gregosh.
“ if you want to move here and become part of the village we welcome that. We are barely making ends meet at this point. Even if your clan stayed forever i honestly dont think we mind. Honestly lot of history here and lots of unexplored area as we cant explore or search for any other resources. So here what we can offer age old tales and lore and other things about the land and sea. So if i ask how long ypu planning on staying? “
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"That's something only our leader to decide." Gregosh said
"I cannot promise anything but I'm very optimistic that we are not leaving this village in any near future."
Azsharas and the elders questioning look made him smile.
"My instinct says that working with you is very beneficial to us and if that's true I'm certain that this village won't remain poor."
He let out of laugh.
"Normally when people turn to 18 they used to receive gift or two but I'm thinking this time the celebrant is the one handing out the biggest gift."

These words didn't made the questions to Gregosh to dimish at all, quite the opposite but he just smilingly declined any further inquiries about his plans telling that when his team leader arrives everything will be decided and revealed.
Their dinner ended overall in good spirits and each of them wished good night.

Gregosh was first offered to have one of the houses but he said that his men will provide his housing also.
Before leaving the village hall he paused and took orange sized dark yellow ball of something that looked like porridge but was mostly dry.

"Take this and try to eat it all tonight before going to bed. It's most likely not your best meals but your powers are awakening. You will need that and getting these balls are much easier and.. cost friendly that the pouch I gave you at first. You can leave it for special occasion where you really need it."

Azshara returned to her small room holding the ball. She stood at the door silently giving a bite to it.
"Gregosh didn't lie. Delicious is not the word what first comes to mind from this.. But luckily it's not really disgusting either"
Her mouth was filled with taste resembling a pumpkin with some spicy aroma which was mixing to a metallic taste.

Slowly all the events of the day started come to her mind as she fell to her bed.
She was tired and yet stressed. So she wrote a note and placed it on the dining table. Telling her family she was going to her favorite spot. It was the place where she could relax. She then sneaks out of the house and goes to a hidden trail. Finally arriving at her spot. She took a step into the clear waters. Her body relaxed and almost felt like a new body. She slept there until morning. she then went to get ready to help her village. She started singing and soon the kids chimed in. It showed how lively the village was. It was clear the village was a huge family. She was clearly a busy bee. The croba would easily tell they village had taken her in and return she helped the cillage and cause of that earned there loyalty over the years.
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The clock had reached somewhere around 10 am in the morning. Azshara was helping with the elder spokesman of the village with accounting the yesterday market sales when one of the smaller Crobas approached them.

"Ahem. Excuse me" The Croba spoke with general Pooldi language with odd accent.
"We would like to ask your consent related to one area of your village." Croba said.

"I see. What you have in mind?"
"You see that flat terrain with lots of coconut trees over there on the western part of the village close to sea? We understand that the coconuts are important part of this village so Sir Gregosh ordered us to negotiate what would be sufficient compensation to you for those trees and the land around them?" Croba explained.
"We counted that there are total 17 coconut trees there on that flat terrain which is sadly the best part for a certain construction foundation."

The spokesman was stunned. First because these crobas wanted to cut their largest thicket of coconuts which was big help for village, and second that they came to ask their opinion for compensation for the village of this loss and not just cut them straight away.
She thought. “ well besides fish that our biggest seller. She hated this thought. I might know another place you could build. Would you see if it suits your needs there? It still part of the village. But you can over the village and sea there and the main roads..” she offered. “ if not maybe enough to buy new equipment or boats or something so we can sell fish to make up for the loss of the trees.” She suggested calmly.
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"its important that the terrain is flat and strong" croba said. "what really attacts us in that particular place is its close proximity to sea."

"how much exactly are you putting your attention to our village?" Voice of Azsharas father startled all of them.

"The western beach could have been great harbour spot for us if not those coconuts and that you need work the underwater drills to anchor the port. If also you are eyeing the coconut trees the only conclusion I can make is that you are building a pad."

"Mister James, what does that mean?" the elder said puzzled.

"I think that they don't really need their caain to decide future of our village. seeing the fortifications on the village perimeter is still understandable but to cut that spot clear from trees mean they want to build here landing pad for orbital shuttles... with direct access to medium size ship harbour."

He looked at the Croba to eyes
"To me this all looks that you are building a permanent base on the soil of foreign country and wish to use our village as your cover."

The Croba didn't respond to Azsharas dad and she got feeling that the situation was quite difficult for him.

"Go ask your commander here." James said,
"And Azshara, could you go our home, in our room under my side of bed there is black leather covered box. size of watermelon. could you bring it here please." he spoke to his daughter letting out warm smile while speaking.
She looked at her father. “ it flat and it very strong. Dad let me show them a part of the village they could use it strong and it by the sea and we can keep the coconuts. Let me handle relations with them father. I dealt with them and i brought them here. Me and gregosh are on good terms. Please let me deal with this. Please? I was the one that got him to promise to protect us. Let me try to do this peacefully. Let me talk to gregosh and the leader. There more likely to trust me.” She stood between her father and croba. Her eyes begging her father to trust her. “ if things go down hill banish me from the village. I like to try to keep this peaceful. I will take to them and work put a deal.”

She looked at the cobra. “ please take me to gregosh or let me show you the place i think will work.”
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"Sure" her father said.
"Show them this place you mean. And don't worry I'm not gonna banish my daughter from the village. But can you go pick that box under our bed please. I exchange meanwhile a few words with the elder." The croba left also to get Gregosh to the village hall when Azhara left to pick the black leathered box her father was talking about.

Dice roll available for outcome of of Azhara's suggestion when she returns to the village hall

1 big fail
2-3 fail
4-5 success
6 great success
She does as told. Though she was scared of failing.when she came back. She already sensed high tensions and felt like a failure. She came back and say down and tears fell from her eyes. When her ideal failed. Her father and Gregosh had made her upset. she put her dad stuff down. After her failing idea. She wanted to go to her safe place. She sighed as she was called a peacekeeper for a reason. Her emotions where getting very strong. She tried to push it down. She cared for others more then herself and blamed herself for this mess.

The place she offered was by the sea and it was flat and strong and in a out of the way location. Plus it had no trees. It did have a nice view and was out of sight when you entered the village. It had a fews cracks and stuff. Is was easy to see why the village rather have them build there as to save the trees and not get in the way of daily activities.
rolled 1d6 and got a natural 2.
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Her dad accepted the box thanking Azshara. "You can show the place for the Gregosh you have in mind to hear their opinion."

As they left Azshara nervous about her idea had strange feeling. Her father was out of sight and there was no way she could or should hear him yet a very faint words were carried to her ears: "And now, I have to report this all back to the HQ" before the feeling disappeared together with the voice of her father.

The spot was the other side of the huge rock cliff east from the village. The crobas, specially Gregosh looked at the place carefully talking a little with their language.

"I have to give you credit about this place" Gregosh said It's large enough and having strong soil. The cliff makes it nicely out of the sight and heard from the village. I could consider this place this also if only the logistics could be handled a bit easier. " He walked to the shoreline
"If we get the approval i could work with this but the shore here is not deep enough which would mean we would have to ruin your eastern beach and dock for the duration of constructions. And if we would move the port by digging... nah forget it. The ecological damage from that would be too great and one mishap and the whole marine life around your village would be dead for decade."

He looked at Azshara. "I know how important sea is to you so I don't wanna take that step. We wish to damage and disturb your village as little as possible as we settle in. So if such opinion is any way acceptable to you that we could use the spot of the coconut trees as our landing pad and... try to replant those trees somewhere else. If all goes well the trees would accept their new spot and the damage and disturbance is only around the former tree area and western beach. Then when we have set up our buildings we could repurpose this site back to the village and rebuild... or plant it as we move the pad to this more remote location. That way the actual operations is more concealed to the village and even further less noisy. What do you say?"
“ that works. Thank you for caring about the sea life. Im sorry the village on edge. The village is on edge..some our people who came back from military..have had not so friendly encounters with Crobas. Due to there being more questions then answers. The government been rough.they used our village to different things in the past. Especially the elders fear your using us. The rest of the village accepted you as long as you dont ruin there income or there family. Im sorry such news upsets you. I just dont want things to go down hill and want each side to trust each other.” She said as she sat on a rock holding a very old trinket that was similar in style to the box she showed him.
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"Many people think us Caro if not barbarians then at least just less educated mercenary clan." Gregosh said.
"Its true that we have over millennia long history with warfare but each clan have also people like me.
I have heard a saying: 'never beat the hand that's feeding you'. That's how I would describe my attitude towards you and your village. Harming you would harm us."

As Azshara was listening Gregosh her thought ran between her father, the village, the worry about the crobas and how things seems like to end up to. What puzzled her was her Father's words "report to HQ" she didn't remember ever hearing her father being contact to army since he came back there when she was 5. Something about her father suddenly felt off place and next moment Azshara felt herself very light headed.

The world was spinning around as distant echoes of voices rang out to her ears.
She tried to focus and little by little with great effort she managed to clear her hearing and then her vision returned.

As she opened her eyes she was in a middle of vast desert. There were red colored sand dunes as high coconut palms all the way eyes can see as she glided softly over them. No, to be precise she was riding a large hoverbike. Her ears were filled with COMM chatter which sounded like right from the army.
All of a sudden sand right next to her blew up as if something big had exploded. The bike started to make rapid turning left and right and she was able to get glimpse of her back revealing countless of hover tanks and other vehicles engaged in combat. Somewhere behind these lines was launched tens of rockets which were heading right towards her.
"They are breaking through! We can't hold them much longer!" A voice rang into her ear.
"CG to all units. Seal the branch." Young male voice spoke inside the helmet Azshara was wearing. "Sand Castle have fallen, retreat to white fire mountains!"

Suddenly another explosion came off right next to the bike knocking her off to the sand dune.
"CG!" Startled voice came from the radio. "Are you alright?!"
"I... I lost my speeder!" The young male voice spoke again.
"Im coming to get you."
As Azshara was struggling to get up in fine soft sand she noticed fast hover tanks encircling her quickly.
"Tira! Don't, it's too dangerous. Take over the C and lead rest of you to safe!"
"That's an order. They need me alive. Get the men to safe"
"Gon, we will get you back, I promise!"

The dizziness hit Azshara again as her vision and hearing turned blurred.
"Who are you? How you managed to get in?" The male voice spoke as the only clear thing" in the darkness to Azshara.
She leaned on gregosh” help vision and voices.. cant handle it.” She fell to her knees. vision caused her emotions to swell. Tears came from her eyes. In her mind she tried to looks around. “ who are you? What going on? She asked. “Will somebody explain this or help me?!” She was basically begging the voice to explain what was happening. She was so confused. As the vision stabilized..well she got more confused. She tried to get up. But could not and the stress was building inside her.all that happened and the vision was a lot to take in and taking a great toll on her.
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"Calm down, by sound of it this this is your first time having your all senses inside the network. Flow with the current, don't fight. You only burn your Ferju faster if you try to force yourself" The voice said calmly.
"What you experienced is where and what I have had. But it puzzles me. How you were able to get here? Only Me'rah siblings and their parents should be able to spontaneously connect to one another like this. Even more your aura feels so unrefined and young and you are... girl?"
“ yeah. Im part Me’rah.” She said. im not sure what else i am. I was raised by humans. So im just learning about such things. From a croba friend and all i recall is a burning feeling before being adopted. Im Azshara..who are you?” She eventually got herself calm.
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"Im Gon, Red Me'rah like you. That's how people call us here. I guess the desert world Biitran is not the first place you could expect to find our kind? I get the feeling you are not from this planet. Well most of my family lives here. Me and my two older brothers, mom and dad. I have one sister but she's lucky, she can live in Sy."
The voice didn't say it out loud but Azshara get strong feeling of additional sentence: "She have a different mother though"

"can I ask how old are you? i can sense your aura but it's both totally strange and confusing yet it feels familiar."
“ my birthday tomorrow and i will be 18. Im going to become a singer. If i dare ask you think wencould be related somehow?” She asked. She thinks and sighed. “ im not sure what to think. Gon? So much information and so many unknowns. Gregosh might shed some light..”
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The man was silent for a while before he answered tremble in his voice.
"My 18th birthday is also tomorrow. My mom told me that when I was born she gave birth of a twins. one boy one girl, but the girl died when she was baby."
"Her name was Whada. Idra been hating ourkind, well maybe me'rah bit less but we are lilidrans by the other half. the came to people's houses, dragged them to be executed, claiming we are Bladrons, the terrorists. Men, women even kids and babies.

They are exterminating us here. The remaining try to hide but their spies found one of our shelters. that what you seecearlier and that's how my twin sister also died. We used one of the portals but overseer tracked us down and destroyed it right when we were using it. everyone else made it through with some burns except her. Mom who was carrying her said that she slipped away and next moment we all lost her. She was so devastated."

strange wobble came through Azshara.
"The connection is breaking apart. please if you become famous and if not big fan of Idra tell people about us. Tell we are not enemies..."

The darkness and voice disappeared and next moment Azshara opened her eyes. She was laying on the grass under the coconut trees, Gregosh and all her family gathered around her worry in their eyes.
“ Whada? Burns..twins...if true i need to bring them here.” Tears falling from her eyes. “ i may of found a lead to my birth parents. I heard a voice and it was instant like you said Gregosh..idra is killing them.” She went into a melt down at the thought of finding her real family. I need to learn if he really my twin...if he is i have to bring him here.” She cried.

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