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When Gerosh see the box his eyes lit with excitement. Azshara could see that his hands were trembling as he took the jevellery to his hands to examine it.
"This.. This is remarkable find!" Gerosh spoke.
"This item is old Me'rah burial chest and this jevellery is burial buclke of a cape or similar. It's made of refined, non-awakened Dagra" The croba was speaking examining the item closely.
"The text says it belonged to a family head who died... 126 years... after collapse?" Frown between his eyes were very deep now as he closely tried to read supposedly ancient carving. "Miiwaa, craftmaster... stabilize.... of portal. Died... at age 263." His eyes lifted from the buckle to Azshara.
"This single item throws to garbage all our work on this planet. What you have found is over 2000 years old burial site of Me'rah. This world wasn't just a hub. This is one of the lost Me'rah worlds where Humans and Croba were the colonists."

He turned the buckle showing part of the carving.
"This dates backs all the way to the Time Fog era when all the portals and people were separated. Even the best researchers have very little information and the cultural not to mention educational regression on that time was astronomical. Simply speaking, the highly advanced Nescre Empire during this time was not only broken but thrown back to stone age. Also this belonged to a chief who actually lived the very time of the storms and was the highly valued Portal Craftmasters. Makers of the broken portals."
She squinted to see the details. “ i still have all the treasure as it did not sell. there still much i dont have as it is to heavy.” She said. She listened with great interest and nodded. She felt bad that this put all there work to garbage. “ but why was it near the ship wreak?” She asked calmly. When she saw the village she smiled. she was thrilled at how much one could learn from artifacts. “So now what happens? What should i do with it?” She asked. “ i did not mean ti disturb a burial area...” she sound like she was sorry for her actions. She looked at Gergosh. She had mixed emotions. She was thrilled. But she sad that she disturbed a possible resting place. As she respects burial places.
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Gerosh gave a thought of what she had just said.
"Can you show us the shipwreck? Me'rah never use a ships when travelling so if you found this inside a shipwreck that means the burial site could be elsewhere and the ship belonged to the looters perhaps."
He gave a small laugh.
"There's an old saying in my home country. If you're a seafarer, never upset a Me'rah"

He then picked up his personal communicator and started a voice call.
Azshara couldn't understand what he said but listening the tone of his voice she was able to guess a lot.

"Rest of my team is heading now this way. They probably arrive here sometime tomorrow or day after.
We are truly grateful to you because this single item here is exactly what we've been looking for."

Gregosh's presence didn't left unnoticed in the small village.
Kids were the first to come look at the huge Croba.
Everyone knew what Croba are but to see one alive in your home village is a whole different level thing.

James lead the group to the village house where they usually gathered when something important was happening. Akshara's mom also soon joined them and was quickly briefed the encounter at the market place.

"You said archaeologists, in our village?"
"Yeah, I hope nothing bad happens but seeing her so happy talking with him I think it could be for her best." Azsharas father said quietly.
"You remember the stuff she sometimes brings home from the sea? She showed the metal box to him and i think it's something big."
"What do you mean?"
"That man is bodyguard of the Caro Tribes head of Archaeology, Captain Tinos. " Azsharas father whispered to his wife's ear making her gasp sharp.
"I heard about him during my service in QP. All Croba tribes are sending expedition teams all across our space. They say that they are just studying but I'm sure that they are looking for something."

Azshara was quite sure she was not meant to hear this conversation but since she had fainted she noticed that her hearing had became much sharper.
She got suspicious. “ so tell me. What your teams goal? What you looking for? What will you do? It near here and i dont want this to cause problems for my village. I know this is important to you. But can you be careful? i dont want it to damage the village or our resources. This village is poor so if there damage it ruins our living. So sorry if I'm hesitant Gergosh. It just this place is home and i cant forgive myself if something happens and causes problems for my village.” She said.

She was polite and yet direct. She had every reason to be cautious and she truly cared for the village. He have to be very diplomatic and convince and maybe make a deal with her. She was clearly stubborn and cared for others and environment.
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opportunity to influence the croba
1- unconsious (fail)
2-3total fail
4-5 partial fail
6-7partial success
8-9 success
10 legendary success
rolled 1d10 and got a natural 3.
She got suspicious. “ so tell me. What your teams goal? What you looking for? What will you do? It near here and i dont want this to cause problems for my village. I know this is important to you. But can you be careful? i dont want it to damage the village or our resources. This village is poor so if there damage it ruins our living. So sorry if I'm hesitant Gergosh. It just this place is home and i cant forgive myself if something happens and causes problems for my village.” She said. Her angel like voice and her soft eyes begging him to be careful.

She was polite and yet direct. She had every reason to be cautious and she truly cared for the village. She was clearly stubborn and cared for others and environment.
rolled 1d10 and got a natural 9.
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while speaking azshara put all her emphasis to her words. she noticed a slight tingle in her ears.
A visible shiver ran through gerosh leaving his eyes a dreamy look.

"In ancient times as the great aNescre ruled from the Iron Throne all the worlds. One day came great Me'rah craftmasters. They offered as a sign of good will 5 elements as a gift. These were Atalos- element of Spirit, Ronthar- element of air, Neregash- element of Fire, Dolinaur- element of the water and Trinegar- element of the earth.

These elements marvelous of design, far greater than anything seen before and so they became the symbol of power and authority of Nescre.

But the golden age ended when Nescre commited the crime against Me'rah. first they were struck by hex disease and when at fury they tried to retaliate they commited the greatest of crimes, Portal Offence." Gregosh let out a sigh.
"The line of Nescre was extinguished in a blink of an eye as The Great Storm erupted. The lesser people sacked the palace before escaping, just before the portals collapsed. The elements were scattered between the clans. We the great Caro took Ronthar. Seafaring Cosec found Neregash, Tiny Blorek tribe got Atalos and Dolinaur ended up to Forest clan. But one element, the mighty Trinegar, was lost. Gol knew to tell that their general Mencharadaz was fighting for it in the underground city of Meroka. The hidden city of slaves but when the portals collapsed the fate of those Gol or the knowledge of Meroka disappeared and only faint rumours remained.

As believed even today the lost Element is laying in the City of Meroka and if any Clan could find it and unite once more all 5 elements that clan will be the new Nescre"
She was shocked. “ i see..why dont the clans work together? Will you promise your team will not harm my village or our resources? I dont want this village harmed as there like family. In return im willing to show you the shipwreck. We are poor so if stuff hurt us and no way to fix it. So if your team harms our resources or anything vital you will make it right? That all im asking, ” she said. She felt the pain and fell to the ground upon making the request. What going on?” She did not know what going on and did not mean to use her power. It was al so new.
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Gregosh laughed.
"You don't seem to understand Crobas. It would be easier for Idra to get visa to Trumbo than make all clans to work together. No clan will yield voluntarily to other unless by the sacred clan laws.

But no matter what we find I promise that no harm will come to your village or livelihood. You are now under Clan Caro protection!"

A wave of tremor ran through the Croba who looked all of a sudden like woken up without any glue what he is doing or whats going on around him.

"Ehh... what did just happen?"
slowly his head turned around and return back to Azshara and when their eyes met great shiver ran through him.

"By the Ancient Zer. If you have been raised in Sarco instead of here the day you turn 18 you would be declared as a HERO!
as a high mage i accept my defeat."

Gregosh kneel down by his other leg showing a respect still badly dizzy Azshara. He took a pouch bit similar what he had given to her and opened it.
"Here, inhale, deep and slowly"
She did as told. It smelled very strong. “ hero? I never did anything worthy of that. What you mean under the protection of your clan? Accept defeat?” Right now she was more confused then anything. Slowly the scent helped clear up the headache. She sat up slowly. “ im so confused..” she said. “ why that happen? Did i get to hot or something?” She asked. She looked at Gregosh. “ you ok?” She held her head.
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"I guess you are really raised as normal human even you are not." Gregosh said
"You are born Me'rah, red one to be precise which means you are not pure blood but that other of your parents.... most likely mother was human. Even though you are red one, which they consider impure and lesser it have became your strength.

When I listened you in the market place I thought you were Sy. some powerful females of their ... race, have special ability to influence people's minds. You have that ability too. You are not yet full age and I can sense that your skills are not trained, just spontaneous and wild but you still overcame my years of defence training for mental attacks.
And that was only your human part.
I can only imagine how far you can reach when you grow up."
Gregosh looked deep to her eyes.
"if I were you I would look for my real parents to learn more of my gifts.

Me'rah have skill that when they are born they form a mental link to their family. I don't know what have happened but that link is broken with you. now listen carefully because this is something that Me'rah parents teach to their children.

All Me'rah plus those gifted by hex have special power. Idra calls it Psi, we Croba call or concretisizing. Its like magic but using it, which can happen naturally as you have noticed, have a prize. The headache, weakness, nausea. that's are symptoms what we call 'burning', because you burn your own body in exchange for power. too much and it will kill you. thats why you must train to control your skill and, or be constantly under effect of Ferju."
He pointed the pouch in his hand.
"This is Ferju extract. To normal humans this is highly toxic leading to death in less than 5 minutes but to us its like oil and fuel to the engine. As long as we have it in our body, our body burns it instead of ourselves. The stronger the force the more Ferju is burned so us mages always carry a supplement with us.

Ferju however is not growing everywhere and therefore only me'rah, or the gifted ones can go near and gather it. this means its a bit pricy. the pouch i gave to you is very high quality. converted to your money you need about 2-3000 credits to buy that. and it contains enough Ferju to fully replenish me to full for one time."

Azshara felt shocked. 2200 credits was the monthly salary of her dad.

"At the moment your body don't have any Ferju inside so I guess for your size 2 to 2.5 times what it could last.

you can eat half of it now but before you do so... You must choose.
Either suppress your powers never attempting to use them or eat this extract the rest of your life."
“ hm.. i was going to go into entertainment which could pay fairly well. I will eat it. But i will wait until i find a way to make money for myself as so it wont affect me as much. Honestly i recall a burning feeling and the emotional stress before father took me in.” She said. “ what powers do Me’rah have and how do i suppress it until my birthday?” She asked. Clearly ready to learn.” She took his hand leading him to where she stored her treasures.
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"Me'rah are most famous of their telepathic networking ability. anyone can contact to any other instantly no matter how far they are. its like the common communicator but inside your mind.

What i have understood this is action at will and me'rah can block others if wanting privacy, some of us croba and specially the Idra Overseer program have tried to copy this ability but its not as efficient as the original."

Word Overseer made shiver run in Azshara. Some years ago when she wa 13 she was swimming and helping her father with fishing like many other days. Another boat appeared where they were and started to approach the boat of her father. Azshara had began to swim towards the boat when invisible force had suddenly enveloped and immobilized her. when talking with other people she could feel the emotion or at least aura of that person but that force was void of such. it was rough, harsh and dull force which gave her feeling of rotten and being electrochuted likev she would have tried to interact with dead corpse. It felt so completely unnatural that she hated and feared that force and the black suited man who was the source of that.
Luckily the frozen moment wasnt very long and later her dad told that it was police patrol boat and the man was called overseer

"Is everything alright?" Gregosh asked.
“ yea.. very bad experience with overseers. I really dislike them. Honestly..i have always i never really felt as i belong. Trust me...i wanted to find out what happened to my real parents. But there no means for me to start. I mean the gift you gave my dad monthly salary. So...most of the time where lucky to make by..” her voiced sounded very sad. She found the mini cave she stored the treasure in. She showed him what treasures she had retrieved so far. Gregosh would see she was very sad about not being able to earn money to travel much less afford the extract that was needed for her to wield powers. She clearly hated the nobles and wealthy and government for the suffering of others and not helping poor villages like this one. She felt like burden to the village and family. Yet she felt like she owed them a debt.
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"That same problem is with very many lower grade mages too." Gregosh said
"Without Ferju you cannot do anything but you need someone rich to back you to practice. About Me'rah, I don't know how they get their Ferju but it's maybe one of their secrets. After all it was them who introduced us Ferju in a first place. Well the good news is that you don't need to spend tens of thousands of credits a month for Ferju. As I said this is top quality extract.
Before you become rich and famous singer, which I don't doubt a second, you can buy lower quality one which is much more affordable. Compared to the one I gave you it have some time before it takes effect and it's weaker... In other words you have to eat it more and in advance"
Gregosh explained.
"I can teach you some things about how to conserve energy and your body and how to suppress your active listening skill, which i think will be your greatest challenge."

They talked and practiced about one hour. By then Azshara had gotten a vague understanding how her powers were working.
Magic as Crobas called it was the product of their own imagination, willpower and emotions. Each person had also something what called as element. Something what that particular person could easily project his/her powers. Also according to Gregosh same element runs in family so that children inherit their parents element.

However when they tried to examine Azsharas element they couldn't pinpoint it. Gregosh suspected that reason was her inexperience and young age and assured that once she turns 18 and gets full grasp of her power the element shows itself naturally.
"Or both of them" he muttered himself thinking that Azshara couldn't hear or understand him.

"It's very important that you watch about your emotions when dealing with your power. The more you desire, fear, hate and so on the stronger they affect the power and in turn more energy it will consume. There is one odd exception however. If your family would be in need or danger and you need your skills to protect or help them out of your heart your Ferju consumption is dropped for unknown reason drastically. Some Me'rah have confirmed that when they have babies the mother caring her child needs almost non existent amount of Ferju towards her child."

"One last thing keep practicing by yourself the calm mind technique. When your thought, will and emotions are all controlled to perfection you have chance to enter the 'flow' state. In that state your friction becomes zero and you turn immune to any form magical effect and attack. Including those Overseers. But that state is extremely hard to keep up. Me'rah themselves have said that only master level practitioner can flow reliably."

"Azshara! Dinner is ready!" Rang her brothers voice from nearby.
"Think we are done here for now. Let's join to the others and you can teach me about your local delicacies." Gregosh said.

They took their leave from Azsharas small store cave walking towards the village center when Azsharas ears picked distant sound of loud motorbikes approaching fast.
Evening had started to darken already and when she turned her head towards the sound her eyes picked dozen of headlights approaching.
Each motorbike carried two Croba, smaller than Gregosh but they were armed with full body combat suits and heavy belt feeding rifles connecting to large magazines on right side of the Croba.
Their bikes were also very large ones having even some sort of armor plating on their front and sides.
She listened and nodded. “ that cool!” She said. She ended up being a great student and listener. She looked at Gergosh. “ are they your people?” She asked. She looked at the strangers. They where croba and her people could not depend against them. She sighed trying to understand everything. But she looked very scared. She took in a breath and calmed herself. She thought somebody rich to back her. She could try seeing if any me’rah settlements where nearby. She held Gregosh hand as she tried to keep her feelings under control.

“ why they armed like that?” She asked as she looked up at Gregosh. “ the sight of weapons are scaring some people. If they are your people they need not to use there weapons. “
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"Don't be afraid" Gregosh said letting off Azsharas hand.

There were 13 bikes total who now stopped at the corner of the village. The troopers climbed quickly off their bikes and formed rectangular formation front of Gregosh. One Croba stepped forward saluted and shouting in their language something what Azshara suspected meaning of reporting to superior.
Gregosh nodded. The almost gentle looking scholar had disappeared and on his place stood military officer. Gregosh handed series of orders. The final two sentences his tone turned almost hostile and he pointed to village before shouting a single word.

All the smaller troopers saluted and scrambled to their bikes.

"Our discovery will no doubt be heard by other clans sooner or later. When that happens there's a risk that this place will be swarming of Crobas from all Clans. These men are assigned to ensure that it will not happen and that your life will continue undisturbed and your source of food and income remains unharmed. So the guns you see are not for you but for any intruding Croba who may come here to cause trouble." Gregosh said as he returned. "I warned them not to meddle with you and if you find any problem feel no hesitation to come tell it to me."

The bikes were quickly arranged around the village. 4 of them were positioned close to the road, two of them both sides and rest scattered in spherical formation around the border of village. then all the bikes were skillfully camouflaged that if you didn't stand right next you had no idea there was a huge armored bike there.

Then the 26 Crobas divided into 5 groups. One started to walk discreetly around the village taking photographs, one group stationed around the bikes closest to road. They carried a shovels and started to digging what looked like a trenches. The third and fourth group did similar but further apart the road and last group started to unload and gather all kinds of electronical devices and other bags from their bikes to several locations around the village.

It didn't took long for Azshara and rest of the villagers to realize why their homes were photographed. The first group printed their pictures and shared them with other groups who then started quickly to build houses looking exactly like the other houses in the village. All this was done with quick, coordinated manner with minimal communication where each person seemed to know exactly where he needed to be and what to do.
“ so you guys moving in with us or something?” She asked as she picked up a kid who was scared. The village was like a huge family. She comforted the child. “ i did not mean to make my village a war zone for the clans. I guess your serious when we where under your clan protection.” She noted. She saw the kids wanting to eat. “ i guess i should introduce you to the elders.” She said calmly. She looked around a bit surprised at all that was happening. “ your the leader?” She asked.
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Gregosh smiled.
"Im not the leader but I am the person in charge of the safety of the leader and our whole this expedition.

Our leader is arriving here tomorrow and my job is to make this place safe for him. so the safety and wellbeing of your village is safety for us."
“ so your moving in with us? Your important.” Her eyes went wide. Kid “ how long you staying with us?” The kid offered them smoked fish on a stick. Azshara took one and and thanked the kid. “ you going to try one?” She asked. “ your men can come and eat if they wish. “ she said. The kids where curious about Gregosh shell. Azshara “ be careful as overseers tend to patrol the sea. If where in the sea when they patrol it. Immobilize you. So when you want to visit the ship wreak i suggest early morning or night. “ she said.

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