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Eyes of Tinos spread as wide as coffee mugs, and he was overflowing with rage.
"Fire!!!!" He shouted, exploding of anger. Air was instantly full of bullets from about 20 assault rifles closest to Tinos, soaring towards Azshara, but they all stopped into a blazing barrier that appeared around her. Inside the bubble RAY had pulled Azshara behind him and held large energy barrier shield between him and the Crobas. Gregos fell to his knees, still building energy flow.

At the same second, the whole network fell silent for a fragment of a second. After which, hundreads of thousands of voice started screamming: "Portal Offence Caros have committed portal offence! Portal offence has occurred!" The network gained unimaginable momentum, and the messages became too numerous to comprehend.

"Too bad Tinos. She sent it to the network. If you drop your weapons now, you might leave the planet alive." Said Gregosh.
The very next moment the air around the Tinos and closest guard crobas froze. Then it was filled with earsplitting screech which didn't affect to Azshara, villagers or Gregosh but all other Crobas were. The firing stopped as they started to hold their heads and suddenly rain of white rays of light hit from the sky accurately to each of smaller croba that had opened fire going through their strong outer shell until it hit the ground leaving the croba laying on their bellies motionless.

"Gregosh? This is treason." Tinos gritted between his teeth.
"I rather choose treason than suffer the offence with you guys. Portal offence is declared so you, the stupid clan and even Idra will go gown." Gregosh replied.

A strange shadow swept over the village and when Azshara looked up she was able to see tens and tens of parachutes against the sun. Each having emblem of QP.
"Xars! Portal Offence have been declared, lower your weapons! Resist and you will be trialed or worse!" Gregosh shouted to the remaining of the soldiers .
The previously ready to shoot smaller crobas looked at each other before lowering their guns.
"RAY to Command center, situation under control. Requesting transportation for prisoners." Azshara heard RAY speaking next to her to his communicator.

The parachute troops who each carried a huge sniper rifle landed quickly all around the village and Gregosh ordered every single Croba still alive to assemble next to village hall. the dead ones were collected outside the village.

"Sir everyone is here as ordered" One croba saluted to Gregosh.
"Not quite. We have one more missing." Cod respoded.
Gregosh looked at COD with a question in his face where COD simply nodded towards the sea.

A small silhouette of a plane was approaching them over the horizon. It came quickly towards them and when it reached the shallows it slowed down rapidly. Two jet engines on its wings tilted upwards as it hovered the just cleared former Bamboo thicket where the plane landed and opened its cockpit. Then single person climbed down from the plane and headed towards them.

The figure was a woman. She had long night black hair reaching up to her hips. Her body was trained to the peak and yet showed the beauty of youth and feminity. She was wearing a skintight suit for piloting and combat purposes and Azshara noticed two handgun holsters on both sides of her as well as metallic belt, similar than the COD and RAY had but this one was white as snow.

"Azshara" COD said quietly "She is Lais, your sister."
She got dizzy and fell. She shakily reached in her bag. She took out gregosh gift and drank the rest. Her eyes tried to focus. “ sister?” Nothing felt similar like with gon. “ Lais? How did I survive the slaughter? How did i fail to get through the portal? So much unknowns. Such vivid memories returning..the burning..the mental link cut...” she started to cry. She was so confused as she looked at her hands. “ i dont even know who or what i am...i have only opened up old wounds and even the past being questioned..” all happened so fast and she looked around. “ what happens now?” She looked at gregosh. “ I thank you for everything...i hope we can still be friends.”
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Lais reached to Azshara helping her to sit down gently holding her.
"Shh... take it slow little sis." Her voice was soothing and when she had still her head spinning she felt like she was being pushed through a bubble.
The warm touch eased the pain in her head and then very slowly she was sliding through the opposing later of force.

Instantly the pain and dizziness was gone and she felt like part of her heart she never knew she had lost was put back to its place.

"Sorry I'm late" She felt... no she heard the words of Lais in her mind just the way she had felt Gon before.

Then she looked bit up and her face came distant.
"Mom, Dad I'm with her! She's alive! She cannot hear you before physical contact, her mind is so badly injured, but we are now connected... like before."
The voice of Lais was filled with joy and her eyes came to tears.
At the same moments a flood of memories were flushed over Azshara. memories of small beautiful baby girl...and her brother together with 2 older children. And a beautiful woman with long blonde wavy hair who was feeding the wins each one of her arms, eyes closed like she was sleeping.

Gregosh approached the two girls kneeling down.
"I am sorry of all the bad things happened here. Azshara, I would be grateful if you still accept me as a friend."
She smiled. “if not for you and father I would of never found them. I see you as a friend. he might not dealt the final blow but he still destroyed the portal and he hid the truth. Ray i wish to contact green alliance with the forest Crobas. they might be able to help us solve this. plus with gregosh help and knowledge i know we can bring all proof needed to punish all guilty parties." she turned and looked at her sister. She touched her sister face. “ are they ok? is gon? So many memories and network clouded with portal commotion. Me’rah might hate me know that a called that. Did not think they respond to a tired..” she went limp and went to sleep. She fell asleep and she was clearly in a fragile state.
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Lais touched her face
Drifting in a sleep Azshara was hearing the voice of her sister inside her mind.
"Dear sis, don't worry. You heard the shriek right? They sent it and pointed their anger to those who offended them you, and the villagers were not affected so they are not mad to you at all. What you set in motion today will have huge effect in a future.

On that day you were separated from us. Idra and countless of Croba attacked to our village. Dad was not there as it happen but some of his trusted men were. We tried to evacuate as quickly as possible and those men even used their own bodies to protect us. Mom was carrying you and Gon but when reached the portal there was overseer there. He tried to stop us but Mom, she attacked the overseer head on you and Gon still in her hands. She managed break through but as she was about to touch the portal field something hit the portal making it explode. We all were smashed through the field by the explosion but on the other side we realized that you weren't with us.

Mom specially tried to call you but you just slip away and then your link.... died. Just like what happens if Me'rah dies. We were all devastated, Mom the most. And... when Dad came to to us... He was as furious as he was sad. No He went completely crazy about the loss."
Wave of emotions rushed through the channel to Azshara showing how sensitive that day was still to Lais.

"Azshara, Whada, Your dad is powerful man, very influential man. He used his power to make sure Scraba and Idra don't get away what they did. He started exposing their secrets sabotaging their efforts to the war, making sure that Idra will lose it. Year later came the scandal that ripped Scraba and placed Urda and Li croba clan to Biitran on its place. You can trust them. They are the secret members of Green Alliance. Even now they are working to free your Brother. Dad is having some plans for that and Urda people are helping us. When he was captured and told about you Dad told me to leave my country and come here as fast as I can."

"Go to Urda immediately and find your sister. See that she's safe and ok. I already lost her once. I don't wanna lose her again."
Rang out the male voice in Azshara's mind."

"I'd like to bring you back to Meroka but I'm not sure is that the best or even safest place for you. You have your own path.
Lais could hear her respond. “ im torn as now this village might be in danger. But i want to meet my real family. I have a feeling i need to stay where the green alliance has a strong presence. at a loss of what to do.” The emotions made her tear up. “ i need to get a apprenticeship in entertainment..i dont know. So many people i care about and so much to learn. “ i just want to help others and be with the ones i care about.” She said.
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"You are lucky girl because you have now two families who both loves you.
Your father in here may not know your real father really well, not yet at least but your birth father knows already everything about your village. He don't want anything bad to happen here and he is friends with Green Alliance and QP Together they will make sure your village is safe. You can be at peace about everything here."
She felt like emotional hug covering her.
"Rest your body and mind, let go of your fears. At this moment there are not many other safer place anywhere than this village. And when you have gathered your strenght and know where you want to go I'll be coming there with you."

She paused for a while
"Hey listen this, It's news broadcast from the Gov."
"2 Days ago the valiant peacekeeping forces of Peoples Republic of Idra together with Fanel and Caro made important raid and arrest on middle Biitran Desert. The raid was made against newly located terrorist base known as Sand Castle and was great success. Among the arrested high ranking officials the DPS have announced that they have the notorious C of Biitran among the arrested. The C of Biitran is said to be the ruler of underground rebellion and Bladron operations and is the most wanted criminal in Berda. Now when their supreme leader is behind the bars and biggest stronghold destroyed we can only expect the downhill of his organization.
Moreover Urda Autonomous Zone have sent an offer that their largest Security organization Quadrant Protect would take the C of Biitran into their mountain supermax prison for interrogation. This prison is the most advanced prison in Idra territory with nobody ever escaped there."

Lais let out a giggle.
"Supreme leader? Biggest stronghold? How wrong can they be? Even daddy is not the C they are talking about.
The Sandcastle Fortress was big but it's not the biggest, and before being captured your brother sealed the Branch so we only lost the above ground base. The caves under the base are the real value of Sand Castle. Oh and if Idra would really hand Gon over the QP to safekeeping it won't take long before he's free again."
She sighs. “ i need to learn more of the past and want to meet my birth family...learn about that attack as to bring to justice the parties responsible. So families may now peace and we can close that chapter of history. “ i worry what of Gregosh? He done so much to help me as he taught me about the network and stuff. He has no clan now..cause of me. What will happen? He abandoned his clan for my sake.” She finally let her body relax and calm down. “ sister..i have a request..if you dont mind.”
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"I think we should discuss with Gregosh about his clan issue when you are rested."
Lais said.
"What kind of request you have?"
“ i want the village to be ok..cause the caro bought the land and construction. I just want to be sure they have a future. I dont want my actions make them suffer. So can i stay one more day as to see if there ok?”
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"But of course"
Lais said.
"The ship what we are to take is not even coming here before tomorrow so we will remain here at least one more day."

She paused a little while.
"I... think the justice you said you wish is closer than you are guessing. There is big buzz in the network about what you sent there. I can hear millions and millions of voices demanding the summoning of High Council moot where your.... 'request of help' will be handled."
“ what happens with them? I dont have to go explain everything? Cause there more then 1 guilty party. Why dod you or dad send it through the network? Surely they get a bigger response.” She said and then she slowly opened her eyes as she heard something. “ what the network doing?” She asked.
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"Oh, no. you don't have to go there physically. Everything you said and sent when you spoke to Tinos got broadcasted and recorded by Me'rah. Now they are assembling to decide what to do with that information and what measures they take towards the guilty ones. I think you can hear the echoes also.

There! The moot is after one month. Each Tribe, included Red meras are to be represented. Oh! It's located in Blue Fault City! Not too far away from here. None of us... of our family have been there, except of Gon.
He went there at age of 10 when he started his apprenticeship."
She used network or least tries. “ i have Tinos here and idra overseers also helped.” She sighed and the listen but not interact with the network. She then user her voice not mental link. “ what that sis?” She smiled at Gregosh. “ dont worry i wont let anything happen to you. Thank you everybody.” She smiled.
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All of a sudden Lais started to laugh
"Azshara, please don't tell them like that where's the Tinos or other bad guys are. Some nearby Me'rah heard you and they are now sharpening their knives and talking how to cook him."

She tried to hold her laugher and Azshara heard her voice inside her mind
"If you so badly want to punish him come and give him temporary mind paralysis. Just long enough that he is fully aware when the trial comes!"
From distance Azshara heard several people laugh and then someone shouted back "Vegetable, make them vegetables"
Then someone else even further said: "Aren't the Overseers vegetables already? Computer controlled ones?"
"True, does that mean someone can hack them and make them remote controlled puppet vegetables?"
"I heard some half blood ones from Biitran are quite good ones. Let's ask in the moot if they can hack few of them?"

The voices got quieter.
"You heard them right?" Lais asked.
“ honestly nasty. Honestly just want the families suffered to have justice from losing family. “ she nods embrassed and felt bad telling Me’rah she was with tinos.
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"Until now you have lived only with humans. Me'rah because their... special skills have different culture and ways to behave. And some things may come surprising."
Lais spoke
"The network as we call it can be divided into 3 levels:
The aura, the family and the network.
Aura is yourself. Normally what you think is not being shown or heard outside unless the other person come very, very close to hear the echo of your thoughts. And this level of closeness is generally considered rude if you are stranger to the person.

The next level, Family is what you and me are sharing right now or what you had with Gon. Generally all family members share this link to each other but we can still choose would we talk openly to each other or just let them hear the echo. For example no matter where I am i get rough idea of your emotions and your physical condition but if you don't openly tell me or if I don't push inside your aura I cannot hear your exact thoughts.

The final level is the network. In that level we can and very often will share our thoughts, ask questions and share information to other Me'rah. When you called help in Me'rah point of view you were practically shouting in the network with a megaphone broadcasting the atrocities of Fanel and Caro to far reaches of the network. I highly believe that there is no living Me'rah who would have not seen what you showed to the network on that moment.... including the order to shoot you.

All in all when you are talking in the network don't forget that it's shared with every Me'rah and maybe even recorded to Memory Crystarls.

When you get more practice with your skills you will learn to hear and interact better inside the network. I think you still don't hear much without a bit of help but to everyone else you are... ahem.... a bit loud."
Same time Azshara got the mental image of one of the village kids, a 4 years old girl who loved shouting whenever she had something to say and to voe to her parents she loved to talk from the moment she woke up until the moment she fell asleep.
She looked at her sister. “ what do i do with the treasure and Me’rah artifacts?” She sat up and looked around. She was feeling a tad better. She sighed as she tried to absorb all the info. She looked at her sister. “ tell dad im coming home to meet them.” She she held a Me’rah necklace. She saw a name on it. She handed it to Gregosh. She looked at her adopted family. “ i promise to visit you and the village. Thank you for everything.” She looked at gregosh “ what will you do my friend? Are you coming? Staying here?”
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Gregosh was thinking a while
"If you two don't mind it. I wish to join you. Azshara, you gave me a chance, a new start so I wanna repay it for you. And what comes for the Me'rah artifacts. Unless there is something you don't specifically want to carry with you, you can leave them here for your father to safekeep them."

"But before you leave. Let's celebrate your farewell party and tomorrow when the ship is here you are good to go." Her father said
She nods. “ i promise to visit and stay in contact. She hugged her adopted father. She looked at her sister. “ meet gregosh he taught me the basics of the network and reason I could hear gon.” She looked at the box. “ i might take a few things to show gon.” She said calmly. She smiled and looked at the sky. “ i cant believe all that happened.. i use to dream of being a singer and travel and learn more about my people and maybe make a diffrence. I hope the families find comfort in justice.”

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