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Characters in the game

- Azshara, Red Me'rah - pink tail. "orphaned" as baby when she got separated from her family
- James, human, Azshara's adopt father who found her when she was 2. Former military medic who now acts as QP military supervisor and law enforcment in their home village.
- Gon, Azshara's twin brother, was captured but escaped with the help of his brothers. Wishes to become a Me'rah craftmaster.
- Gregosh, Croba - Medium mage type, Former member of Caro Clan. Now seeking a new place to stay.
- Lais, Azshara's older sister. Having a different mother than Azshara. Through her mother she is one of the imperial princesses of Sy empire. Aside her public role she works as model but also does some missions for her Father
- COD Red Me'rah - gray tail, Leader of his team, having body building as a hobby. Bit pompous. Likes to move around his upper body bare.
- RAY Red Me'rah - dark blue tail. Where COD is the muscle RAY is the brain.
- ORCA Red Me'rah - gray tail. His muscularity rivals COD and his face is like sculpted with chainsaw. Azshara is not sure have he ever smiled. Likes to follow rules by the book, watches about the manners both for him and his teammates, behave outmost militaristic way and yell alot. Also brawls often with COD. Handles the logistics and driving for the team.
- SQUID Red Me'rah - green tail. He is not strong but his dexterity and hand speed is beyond normal human capabilities. That's why his teammates asks if he really have just 2 hands, not the 8 like squids do. He have very active and attentive family who sometimes disturbs him during the missions. He is mechanic of the team.
- EEL Red Me'rah - Yellow tail. A bit introvert and quietest of the team. Specialty electronics and weapons. Big nerd of the team
-Rin - Azshara's eldest brother.
-Trai - The second older brother of Azshara. According to her family Trai is genious related to strategy and information handling. Aside of those his physique is extraordinary thanks to same hybrid genes what she also have.
-Lizelle - Azsharas real mother, Beautiful lady and what Azshara have understood the Red Me'rah of the family
- Egui - Azsharas real father. Successful business owner and supposedly a resistance leader. She have a hunch that her father is not Me'rah but Merokan-jelloid hybrid instead. (Generally known rule: People with Jelloid background cannot participate any Me'rah spiritual acts because Jelloidium is repulsive towards Me'rah spiritual) Why he's able to join the network of the rest of the family like Me'rah is unknown to her.

"It was however until 1500 century before the great Lord Tinyah Chingal finally had claimed all the central regions and solidified his rule"

Long yawn escaped from Azshara. She didn't consider herself bad student but the old Idran history was really not her thing, not to mention the living fossil titled as her teacher.
To her it sounded 2/3rd of propaganda and 1/3rd the pompous glorifying the old deeds of Idra and it's long line of leaders.
It was probably because of her dad, James that she was thinking this way.
He had been serving 3 years in the army When Azshara was just small toddler. She remember how her mom Alice was alone with her that time. Even though she tried her best to make her daughter as happy she was still somehow able to sense the sadness and some pressing dark emotion with her mom. when her father finally returned from the army it was the happiest day of her young childhood.

While reading the school assignment Azshara was having losing fight against the heavier and heavier eyelids that just wanted to close.
Her mind wandered off the book to the sea. The cool beauty of the reefs, the endless shores and beaches of fine sand. She was imagining her feet burying into the warm sand yellow ... and red of color. "That's odd I don't remember where I could have seen red coral sand" She thought. The air felt warm. Wind seem have turned to the ground wind since it felt dry and she was almost able to smell fine sad in her nose where was mixed some sort of faint smoke. Someone was chatting in the distance, calling someone. Little by little the sound got closer so Azshara was almost able to hear the words clearly.

Azshara jumped up from her daydream.
At the door stood 15 years old boy, Erdogo, her younger brother.
"Are you studying or sleeping?" Erdogo asked. "Mom asked to tell me that when you are done your homework she needs you in the well.
She looked around her small room

On the right side of the small room there was small wooden drawer with simple design, on her left there was her simple bed next to the work/night table and the chair she was sitting.

On the wall she see the glass less window with bamboo shutters pulled down but letting air flow in and out from the room. And then on the far side of the room there was the door where her brother was standing ,also made of bamboo and the floor, which was made of concrete, was covered by various of colorful carpets.

Her nose picked the smell of cooking fish from the outside mixing with the smoke of open fire.

She looked at her brother. “ I already know that nonsense. Plus school...I don’t like it.” She put the book away and got up. She was a good student for one that slept while studying she got highest grades. So nobody could get on her case. She got up and went to the doorway. “ now go play.” Her Brother was one of the few she trusted her feelings to. She went to her mother. “ yes mother?” She asked tiredly. She craved going swimming or going to the water. Her mother could tell she hated such studies and that they offended her.

“ mother why can’t I stop that history class or school in general? I can learn things myself. I want to learn stuff myself. The truth not this nonsense. I have learned more by myself then I have in school.” Azshara quizzed. She learned combat and healing and crafts, dance and others herself. She sighed. “ mother where father?” She was very close to father. But her mother..not as much cause of the hidden darkness. She looked at herself and sighed. She did not feel like singing as she was not happy or feeling free or something. She could not wait for time to herself. To escape the burdens of life and relax her mind. Free time was healing time for Azshara.

Her beauty was clear to see and her hair blew in the wind and her crystal blue eyes looked toward her favorite spot. Her body craved the water as it touch made her feel at peace. For some reason her body was sore. The discomfort snapped back to reality and glanced at her mother. Her father or brother could get her to open up normally. This was rare for her to show such dislike for something.
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"Dear, can you give me hand with this laundry please." Her mom said. Giving her the other end of large linen they started to fold.
"The reason why you both need to study is to civilize yourself that one day you could have chance for better life than us." She let out a long sigh.
"look at us. we are just poor fishermen. If you don't study you are just fisherman but you have talent for so much more. More than your brother or even your father." She let out another sigh.
"I just hope you would not end up like us ... or the Bla..."
Azshara knew what word she meant: "Bladron." Lawless, criminals, terrorists, all those people labeled undesirable by the ruling party of PRI.

According to the Bureau of Citizen Management Bladrons were originated from Syyra but now anyone can be labelled as such. They were portrayed as ruthless savage killers and anarchists who care only themselves. If Azshara remembered it correct they appeared something like 200 years ago same time when Syyra cluster was liberated and then joined Idra

"No matter what you hear, be very careful who you call Bladron." Those were the words she remembered said by her father. Even now she still didn't understood what he meant by that, "aren't Bladrons the bad people?" She had thought but she knew that during his army days in Syyra Cluster her father had experienced something he didn't spoke but what had left deep mark into him.

She finished now the 3rd big linen with her mom and her mom gave her a grateful smile. "Than you dear. I know you don't like this stuff so much but I couldn't do this alone." She looked across the small thicket of Coconut trees.
"Your father is preparing the truck" Men are going to the town to buy some necessities. Perhaps you could join too." She gave a wink to Azshara.

“ I want to explore and be free. I’m as civil as I’m going to get. What chance do I have mom? I love the sea. Even if I reached for not that the government cares about us. they don’t accept people like me.” She said as left to check on her dad. she rolled her eyes, she did not expect her mother to understand. She felt a breeze and thought of a song. She started to hum and saw her father and she knew he like her singing. Did not get the nick name angel for nothing. She giggled softly. She started to sing for her father.

“ When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary. When troubles come and my heart burdened be Then, I am still and wait here in the silence. Until you come and sit awhile with me. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas. I am strong, when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas. I am strong, when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be“

She sang as she approached her father. She smiled and looked at her father. She hoped father liked the song. She smiled. “ hi father.” She said in her normal polite but sweet voice. “ can I come with?”
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Her father gave a smile "I was hoping that you ask it. Your big day is coming and everything" He raised his left hand. "Hop on. wanna sit in a front?"

The truck the village had was very old 4 wheel truck with open back and 3 seater front cockpit. normally more advanced vehicles were running with low yield liquid Plata. a fuel that was made as the side product of Ferju refining. but their truck used more primitive fossil oil as fuel.

Just as she was about to climb In her younger brother rushed there.
"Hey can I come too? Please!"

She got in. “ sure brother just don’t run off.” She looked at daddy. “ my big day?” She asked quietly. “Day I can stop this boring school will be the big day in my book.” She giggled as she let her brother sit next to her. She war curious about the big day and everything. She fixed her brother hair and smiled. “ what do we need to get father? What did mom me by I have a very bright future? I’m happy at where I am with family and the sea.” She admitted.

She only prayed it meant something she liked. Not arranged marriage or anything like that. For somebody how was said to pretty. She was no Diva as she had no love for makeup or getting super fancy. She wished her family life was easier. A person told her what life in higher society worked. She had no love for nobles or the rulers. She actually hated them.
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"when you pass your next exams I don't see any problem with that" her dad said. pausing for a little. "even that stupid history. you know ,don't stand out of the crowd by failing it so the Party cannot use that as an excuse" He let out a laugh. "We are Urdas, not Idra so i hate that subject as much as you do."

They drive the small bumpy road chatting various things.
"I'm... really happy you are not letting them brainwash you.'" her father said. "Just show them what they want to see and they leave you alone."

It took about one hour ride to reach the nearest town. here the roads were not only pawed but major road was also magnetized.

Their truck was loaded with coconuts and various fish. Among Azshara, her dad and brother who were sitting in the front 4 other men from village were sitting in the back of the truck.

As Azsharas dad pulled over and stop next to a market square the men jump down and started to unload truck.

while waiting the job being done the 3 of them had a little time to look around market square.

She nodded. “ i love that. Ok father“ she said. When they arrived at the market she started humming tune. She saw a little game the other kids play. Each trying to out perform the others. She went to join since it was within view of the truck. She entered challenge. When her turned she stared singinging.

“Blooming wildflower
I beg you, please tell me
Why do people fight and hurt each other?
Valiantly blooming flower
What can you see from your field?
Why can't people forgive each other?
The rain passed, and summer took on blue hues
All alone now
You trembled before me
Without saying a word.
When your friends wilt around you
What do you think?
With your leaves unable to speak
How do you convey love?
Summer's sun clouded over, the wind streamed by
The two overlapped.
I shall sing the proof that you lived
For the sake of those who have no names.”

As she finished the other kids loved it. They had her write down some the lyrics. She gladly did for them. They all giggled. She loved other kids. Though not the ruling class as she disliked them as she saw them as the reason others suffer. She giggled as she invited her brother to join in on the fun.
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Several kids took their turn to perform and sing together. Their spirits were at the top and before they knew the men had already unloaded the truck and walked nearby the kids to listen their little angel's singing.
All of a sudden huge figure walked to the side of the crowd spectating the performing kids. He didn't said anything and was positioned so that Azshara didn't see him right away but when he entered nearby the spectating men Azshara suddenly became aware of strange and scary feeling person watching her.

As she turned her head He see behind her dad a Croba.
He was bit under 3 meters tall having his metallic shell painted with Black and orange paint. Azshara remembered from her lessons that the tattoo on Croba's hand was tribal mark showing this one belonging to Caro clan and if not mistaken having considerable rank in there.

In Croba culture there are total 8 clans:

Blorek, Diverse medium sized croba clan which moves nomadic ways with its mobile cities.
Cosec, merchant based trade empire rivaling Gorest Trade zone.
Rocky-Forest, Only thing she remember was that they used to be two different clans who united by marriage ties.
Royal Gol Clan, descendants' of millennia's of old nobility and largest of the Croba clans.
Merok, they used to be once slaves shared by many other clans until they made a violent uprising and took themselves a land of their own. Still they are considered lowest rank of any clans even though their military power is one of the top.
Fanel families, The arch rival of Gol and which is also connected to Idra. Since according to them Chingals were a lost branch of Fanels.
And Caro, Mercenary and warrior clan who was in alliance with Fanel.

Finally there was 9th clan Called Hex clan They used to be first Crobas ever but they cut their ties to rest of the clans and inhabit now small territory nearby the Syyra Sector. They also change their name to Trumbo. Azshala really didn't knew much of them except that their country is strictly off limits to any outsider and that their wealth and level of technology is the highest in known space.

After yet another of the songs ended this huge croba started to clap his hands.
"Beautiful, beautiful! I didn't expect to find such a talented Sy in such remote place in Urda."

"Sy? What are you talking about?" Azshalas brother asked puzzled.
"Me and my sister are just common Urdas"

She glanced at the strange figure. When everything was done, she went to her brother. “ hello. Thank you for your kind words. It a pleasure to meet you sir. Im Azshara and this is my brother.” She said as she politely bowed her head. “ if i may who are you?” She asked nicely. Her blue eyes alert and yet showed kindness and curiosity. She lightly squeezed her brother hand. Signaling him to be polite and best behavior as not to make this made. Honestly she was very scared and on edge. But she managed to hide the fact.

She started thinking about what profession to go into. She decided she do performing. It allow her to drop school and improve what she already loves. She heard performers if liked enough could earn enough to help her family. But right now she was more curious about this Croba. She was curious what rank he was and why he said Sy. She was not found of there ideals. She respected curtain things but that was it.
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"I am Gregosh. A High Mage of Caro expedition force."
"It's pleasure to meet you sir Gregosh." her brother said bowing a little. "You are first Croba I have meet in person. What does this... expedition force do?"

Gregosh chucled while looking the two of them.
"We do archaeology. You know what that is? This realm was thousands of years ago part of large empire of Nescre and after its fall at The Great Stom many it's secrets were buried with it."

While he was talking her brother the croba looked closely Azshara and she felt gentle but strong force emitting from the croba.
"Strange." She heard his faint mumbling. "I could have sworn that she's Sy"
At first the force felt only suppressive but suddenly she felt like being pushed through the invisible barrier and the oppressiveness dissipated. Her ears were able to hear a faint voices of countless people and then combination of terrible headache and dizziness hit her.

Loud grunt came from the Crobas mouth same time and he fell to his knees.

She was very interested in his words and started writing stuff down. It was a mix of a adventure journal and dairy for her. She saw him fall to his knees. She dropped her book and pen. She started tending him the best she could. “ father please help.” She even sung a soothing calming song. She was to worried about Gregosh to feel the headache or dizziness. But then got hit with different voices. She stopped singing. “ who?” She then collapsed and fainted. She was sweating a lot and felt warm. Her mind trying to understand and her body weak and tired and to hot. Inside she was freaking out and seeking answers. She was scared and worried.
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Sharp yet sweet smell brought Azshara back to her senses.
It was strange combination like sweetened chili mixed with metallic flavour.
Her head was resting on the roll of clothing as she was laying on the ground.
Over her she see the concerned face of Gregosh as he took small leather pouch away from her face. Right next to him She was able to see both her father and brother looking as worried.
"What happened to my daughter?" James asked from the croba. "Will she be alright?"
"She will. Don't worry." Gregosh answered. "This is normal just that... she should have undergone this much earlier. I don't judge you of that. You didn't knew."
Gregosh gave his hand to Azshara. "Can you stand up? Your head probably hurts like never before but it will pass soon as well the dizziness."
He turned his other hand somewhere inside his shell and pulled a gold embrodied leather pouch about size of thumb.
"And, my deepest apologies for intruding. If you accept. One Curi of the finest melon extract from Sarco. Mountain region of course."

She came to and sneezed. Azshara “ your not intruding i actually want to thank you for helping me. Why dont you join us to eat?” She tried to stand. But was extremely shaky. “ it the least we could to after you helped me.” She said weakly. She still managed to smile. She still felt sore and her head did hurt. She was very confused at what happened. “ dad dont worry. I'm ok cause of Gregosh.” She eyed the croba with her gentle,kind, accepting eyes. “ you alright Gregosh?” She asked sweetly. She wanted to know more about Gregosh. “ im ok father, brother.” She said softly.
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"Im fine"Gregosh said "and to dine with you? It will be an honour." He gave a smile.

Azsharas brother was same time looking with great interest at the small pouch Gregosh had given but when he reached his hand to ask to look their father stopped and shook his head sternly.
"why? I just want to look at it" Azsharas ears catches almost non existent whisper.
"That gift is for your sister only. if you would touch it... it could be dangerous."

Azsharas now felt herself bit more stable and the headache was slowly dissipating. Now she noticed that the distant voices she had heard before had disappeared.

"You are welcome to join our village for the dinner" James said to Gregosh and then flashed one more almost angry look towards his son. "And we humbly accept your gift to us." He said to Gregosh.

He then turned his head to his daughter.
"Azshara, that gift you received. keep it safe. to you it's harmless, perhaps even beneficial but for everyone else in our village it's extremely dangerous."

Gregosh looked at James with surprise and approval in his eyes. "wise words. you are a good parent for your children.

She took it. “ thank you.” She said as she looked at the gift. “ i never used it before. Thank you. I will have to find a spot to keep it that safe. “ she managed to stand up without trouble after the dizziness went away. “ if i may ask what brings you here Gregosh?” She asked calmly. She held the gift in her bag as to keep it away from her brother.
She dusted of the rolled clothing and gave it back to Gregosh. “ thank you so much for helping me.” She smiled sweetly. She pats her brother head and ruffled his hair giggling.
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"My team was sent here after a certain rumours going around in our world's. Im not sure how much you know about the ancient Nescre dynasty predating the year 0.

According to legends this planet used to be back then governed under noble family which founded the current Fanel tribe. But same time we have found evidence of 2 other large families. The other of these is Duke Galar, who was direct vassal to Nescre and therefore quite logical to be found but the other is Cosara family who was having a trading post here."
His face turned thoughtful. this area used to be some sort of hub as well but what puzzles me the most what was here so valuable to draw so many people, not to mention cosara here?"
"our team leader, captain Tinos thinks it could be that here used to be either valuable metals or such or that this place was used for slave trading. So far though we have not found anything to support that claim."

They entered back to the truck and this time Azshara was sitting on the back along with the men and Gregosh. their driving back to the village was slow and bumpy.

They were already close to the village when Gregosh turned towards Azshara with thoughtful face.
"If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up living with your foster parents their child? Do you have any memory of time before?"

“ amazing. I did find a hidden cove with a very old ship wreak and old writing in the cave. “ maybe you can tell us what happened. I never showed anybody but my family it. But they have a hard time cause to get to it you you need to go underwater. But it look really old and to heavy for me to move the stuff there.” She said.

When asked about her baby days. “ i only recall a voices before father took me in. It was 2 being yelling at each other. But i do recall something a voice said..that if i want the truth i need to go to a curtain place...but...other then those voices and what they said...i dont recall anything.”
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"Very interesting. I can contact my team and you can show us the place. Also have you ever explored the deep plateaus in Center Region?" Gregosh voice showed clearly of being excited and interested.

Unfortunately to bring sort of disappointment to him Azshara haven't been that far away. She loved to swim, and when underwater she felt like being born in this environment. however she couldn't swim great distances because he'd speed was not very fast. Well compared to other people in her village she was fastest swimmer but still it would take at least weeks to swim somewhere from yellow barrier reef, her home region.

She pulls out a very old box. “ i was going to sell it until you told us what you do. “ it did have a very odd language and weird designs. The jewelry was really old. Some where made out of strange things. She gives it to Gregosh. “ so what do you think?” She asked. She enjoyed Gregosh knowledge and wisdom. She listened to Gregosh like candy to a kid. She loved hearing of real knowledge and adventure. Like a sponge she absorbed the knowledge. She was know eager to hear what he thought of what she found. Maybe she found a new friend in gregosh.

She now felt a lot better as the headache and dizziness was gone. But she still craved the water and the feeling of being free and at home.

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