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Hey 👋 I am new and want to make a destiny role play.
rolled 10d100 and got a natural 344.
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hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Arisingvoiceforus Topic Starter

Why thank you 😊
Welcome to our wonderful community!
Hi there, welcome to RPR. I hope you find a Destiny 2 game and enjoy your RP in it.
Welcome to RPR!
I wish you the best destiny roleplay. If you haven't already, go to the looking for RP page and make a topic for the RP you'd like to play; you'll have more chance to find new players that way!

Good luck and have fun !
Welcome! I'm sure there's someone here to help you out with that! If you have any ideas at all, don't be afraid to HMU!
Hi there welcome too RPR I hope you have a great time here and find a Destiny 2 RP. A good place to maybe find one is to post an ad in the Looking for RP forum. Hope this helps!
Angel Dust (played by Angel_Dust)

Hiya Ari, welcome to rpr, and if you do have Destiny 2, name on there is Vi Calah, I love roaming around shooting fallen and such, My class on there is Guardian, my character is an Awoken Male
Hello there! Welcome Arisingvoiceforus to RP Repository!
Hoping you find this place a wonderful place to RP Destiny2!

I found this character creation help page invaluable in getting character pages set-up here. There is a lot of detail that can be incorporated. Maybe it will be an assistance to you?

I do Look forward to your sharing your creativity with us!
Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here 😊
Well hello to every gender out there my name is Sarah but my Full Name is Katelynn Renee Saraphina Morgan and I am 17 years old about to be 18 Next year March 17, 2021, and I Have been roleplaying on here for a while so I am just here to say my official introduction to any and all players so here we GO!!!!!

Newbies players welcome and hello, and may I personally welcome you to our website that thousands of people from all over the world come to, and just so you know we are like a family community with each player having their own role I am happy you decided to be in our not so little community I hope you are happy to be here

Returning players welcome back my fellow players I am glad that you have returned and may I say that RPRepository has changed so much that now people all over the world have come to this site, we are a family-friendly community and all ages are welcome to our home away from home.

and for The LGBTQ+ community, I hope you find your one true love because there are so many people on here that could be you're soulmate/online Lover!!!!
Hey, welcome to RPR!!
A fallen (played by Thelordofmemes)

Welcome to the community!

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