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Hello, I'm Doc, a new person to here. I have a quite of bit of RP experience and idea creating. I'm really just writing this so the damn pop up will go away. Hope I can find some new friends
🩸 Bloody Pop-ups 🩸

Anyway.,. Welcome BotDoc, glad you found RP Repository? Hoping you find RP Repository a fun place to play.

If there are questions, here is a useful link to help you get started deeper into your journey here on RP Repository ...
'Getting Started' Guide

And if you want to know more about character-page creation here on RP Repository and all you can do with Character pages, this link has a lot of helpful information on navigating the processes...
'Character Creation' Guide

Happy RP’ng!
Welcome to RPR! :)
Welcome to RPR, hope you will have a great time around here :D
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Welcome to the family, Doc
Hi, Doc! Good luck fighting off that pop-up XD
Kim Site Admin

Hi! So glad to have you with us on the site. :D

Can't wait to get to know you! :) For example, stuff like... What's your favorite subject in school? Where did you get your start in RPing? What do you hope to find here?

This is a pretty big site with a lot of features and areas, so if you have questions or curiosities, there's a couple things you can try. Firstly, sometimes just typing a question into the search box will get you the info you need, or you can check the help section. If you still need more help, the community here is very friendly. Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it!
DocTheB0t wrote:
I'm really just writing this so the damn pop up will go away.

You could have just hit the "skip" button and it would have left you alone. ;)
Hey, welcome to RPR!
Welcome to RPR Doc! Hope you'll have great fun and friends here!

Welcome to rpr, Doc. You’ll love it here lol
Welcome to the RPR! >w< Might I say I got quite the chuckle out of your profile picture!
Heyo! Welcome to RPR. Hope you have a good time here. :)

I'm Shinyrainbowlithogra, this is the RPR, and if you want any help, look in the dropdown menu where there's a Help section! It's very nice and useful. There are lots of other nice things up there, too! :)
If you wanna chat or something you can message me, I like anime and books and plants and food and nature and looking at art and stuff. :) In no particular order. Haha.
Uh, if you have a problem, check with the Help section and ask a Mod and then maybe get a Bug Report on it if you need to. Haha. There aren't usually too many problems, though, that I've seen. Just a few. So, you should (probably) (maybe) be safe. Muahaha. Okay, I'm trolling you a little, I'm sorry. There usually aren't that many, but when there are, they aren't a super huge deal to deal with, for us plebs of the website, heheh. :P :) :D
Ah, there are some really fun games here sometimes! So you might try checking those out, teehee. :) There are usually events that have announcements to tell when they are or where they are or how to do them. :) It's fun.
Ah, and as for response to the title, I hope you're doing well, too. I'm doing fine, I think, thank you. :) I also want to do some things that are good today. Haha. All on a nice cup of tea maybe! Well, I mean, not to put that much pressure on the tea. But the tea, maybe, will give me a little more strength to do stuff, rawr, :P. Anyway, I'll be seeing you around, if you log in and post anywhere I hang out, probably. Maybe not, though. I don't know. :) :P :)

That's about it from me, mmmkay? :) Thanks for reading, thanks for introducing yourself even if it was only a little, and I hope you'll have a good time, get some fulfilling ideas or creative thoughts, build up some creative power on your own, maybe do a few RPs, and maybe make some friends! Hehehe. :) There's lots to do here, and there's plenty of fun to be found when you're following the rules and being nice and all that stuff.... :) :P :D XD :) And if you want to talk to me, it's just a few messages away! A conversation, that is. I like talking from time to time... :P :) :D Well, bye bye! :) :)
:) :) :( :) :( :) :( :) :( :( <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
-Shinyrainbowlithogra :) :) :) :) :) :( :( :( :( :( :D :D :D :D :D
:) :) :) :O ;D ;) :3 :D ;) :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :) :) ;) ;3 :) :) ;D ;D :D :)

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