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Nova (played by N0vabear)

Hi I’m nova! Looking for friends,rp partners or lovers :>
Welcome to the site! I hope you make a lot of friends and have a ton of fun RP here!
Welcome Nova!
Welcome to RPR!
welcome hope you enjoy it here!
Welcome to RP Repository, Nova!

You're sure to find what you're looking for here! I'd suggest checking out the "Looking For RP" thread and letting others know the exacts of your role-playing preferences!

While you're here, you should check out the minigames and contests available for Epic Week!

We're happy to have you!
Welcome to RPR, Nova! :D

If you ever want to RP, my PMs are always open ^^

Welcome to RPR frendo, I'm always open to RP!
Hello! Welcome to RPR! Hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome Nova! This is a great place to find those first two! As for the last I can only wish you luck! XD Go hit that Find Rp button whenever you're ready to dive in and remember that help is only a click away if you ever find yourself lost or confused about the site.
Welcome to RPR
Hi there and welcome!

Would love to hear about what styles and genres you enjoy!

Hope you feel right at home here.

Welcome to the site!
Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay :D I'm always here if you wanna chat!
Welcome to RPR, Nova! I'm Ruri, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Nova wrote:
Hi I’m nova! Looking for friends,rp partners or lovers :>
Hi Nova, welcome to the RPR! I hope you have fun here :)!

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