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yamaguchi (played by yamaguchi)

welcome! have you roleplayed before?
yamaguchi (played by yamaguchi) Topic Starter

yea but only with my friend lol
everyone is very welcoming here so I hope you like the site!
Welcome to RPR, yamaguchi! :D

Welcome to the site!
Hello and Welcome yamaguchi! It’s nice you found RP Repository! Hoping you find RP Repository a fun place to get into some roleplay, and just spend time amongst us strange and varied folk! To help answer any questions, here is a useful link to help you get started deeper into your journey here on RP Repository ...

'Getting Started' Guide

If you want to know more about what all you can do with these character pages here on RP Repository, this link has a lot of helpful information on navigating the various processes...

'Character Creation' Guide

Happy RPR’ng!
Hey, welcome to RPR!! Hope you have fun here!
Welcome to RPR.
Welcome to RPR!
yamaguchi wrote:
Hi there, Welcome to the RPR!
do you have a favorite color? :)
Welcome to the treasure trove of a site!
Welcome to Rpr! Hope you have fun!!
Hey there. Welcome to RPR.
Welcome to RPR!

You can call me Gal if you want. I just wanted to say welcome and thank you for joining our community.

Here are some things to check out once you get settled in:

Do you want to join a group? Check here for everything on groups!

Do you want to know where to find an RP? Check here for where to place and find Looking for RP Ads!

Are you looking for ideas on how to create a kick-butt character profile? Check out this guide!

I am so happy you joined us, and I wish you a wonderful time with RP and stories.

Gaeilge Banrion
Hello and welcome to RPR.
Hello and welcome to the RPR family! We are happy you are here!

yamaguchi wrote:

Welcome to rpr im guessing from the name your maybe a anime lover? If you do which animes do you like?

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