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Post as a character you're proud of! Maybe you've worked hard in prettying up their profile! Maybe they represent something to you personally. Maybe you're having fun RPing with them right now :D Gush a little over what makes them special to you!!

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Darrell Sanders (played by Rogue-Scribe)

I’m proud of Darrell here. He has come a long ways since coming to life as an NPC high school weed dealer afterthought in a public RP post in late 2018. Since then I’ve used him as an NPC in a couple other private RPs and when someone took interest in him from one of the public RPs, I gave him his own character slot. I’ve real enjoyed building his history and profile, and I’ve had a half-dozen good RPs with him, including trying my hand at my first first-person RP. Currently he is in a continuing slowburn collaborative story.
Connor, Rosa and Sieraiz are a trio I've kept close to my heart since my early RP days as a wee teenager, but where development is concerned, Connor is the one who made leaps and bounds worth of it. While he's never changed as being a self-healing tank that throws himself at the feet of his loved ones in complete servitude and tends to bend towards themes of faith and justice, he also has the personality of an all-around brute with no filter, no holds barred, no restraint. Basically, rude paladin with less of a stick up his butt than your regular one.

Most of the shipping I've done in my many years roleplaying, he's the one people slide their OCs to, and how it develops is usually entertaining for me-- seeing him have a soft spot is always fun, though it almost always sparks from being the first one to show concern to others. It's not limited to just romance, though! I'm looking forward to having him deal with people of opposing opinions, personalities and anything under the sun with him.

If you want to make friends with him, here's an easy shortcut: keep a cat with you at all times.
Manaka has to be one of my top choices. I initially made her for something, and then that something didn't work out. But... all things considered, I've grown a lot as a person since having made Manaka and RP'd her on my own time.

A lot of the research that I put into her and the new setting I've put her into has also been very nice to look back on and recount.

Overall, Manaka ended up being made for something -- someone -- that ended up hurting me emotionally. So... taking time to consider how I've grown, and how Manaka has grown as well since then, makes me happy about how far I've come since her creation.
Rene (played by Leighoflight)

Rene is my baby and always will be. Even if Kiran is a very close second.

He's changed A LOT since I first played him in a MOTW one-shot. The amount of development in a short space of time makes him very fun to play.

Originally a giant ball of anxiety but has since then has grown a spine and taken too many to count.
Venus (played by Saturninum)

<leans forward and smooches venus on the forehead>

ilu bby girl

Venus is probably my oldest active character. I created her about four or five years ago, I think? Something like that. I made her when I was going through some very rough times in high school; depression, an emotionally abusive living environment, social isolation, mental illness, the whole shebang. Originally, she was sort of just a one-sided, flat character meme. There really wasn't much to her other than 'teehee punk asshole who hates society and says the f-word a lot!' - I'm sure people who RPed with her in her early days recall that distinctly. I just wanted a big green lesbian who solved problems by punching them.

And, well, while she is still a big green lesbian who solves her problems by punching them, she's evolved as I've evolved. She's become - easily - my most in-depth character, and I will never make another creation quite like her. I attribute a lot of that to a certain veeeery long running RP that let me develop her as thoroughly as I have (youknowwhoyouissss), with some vaguely amusing mishaps with other flunked stories along the way. I don't think any other character of mine has nearly the amount of memories, be they mildly disturbing, heartwarming, or outright dumb and hilarious. And I don't believe any other one will.

I know it's cheesy to come out here and say 'hurrrr dey got me through some really hard times man', but come on, the girl was literally my flagship/mascot character for like two years. I had people recognize me just by her. I can't even keep track of how many plots I did with her. I basically learned how to draw just so I could do her justice, and look where I am now. Drawing beefy ladies left and right. She's still the OG, though.

God only knows how much longer this asshole is going to haunt me. I'm probably going to end up going to my grave whispering, 'venus is still my favorite charaaaacteeer and no one can take her from meeeeee'
Gwendolyn (played by Queen_Knight)

Honestly i am proud of all of my characters, they all have their own wonderful charm. However Gwen hits differently, because of her personality and backstory people avoid her, which i find hilarious.
Pint (played anonymously)

This dorf.

CAUSE DORFS ROCK! (haha, geddit? Rock puns!)

Stephanie (played by Stephie)

Stephanie because I'm always updating her style and she live a way better life than I do. :p
I am so incredibly happy and adoring writing Sylvie. She is an absolute sweetheart. There's some personal bits with her that I can relate to, in the way she was raised and treated by her family as well as her struggle with mental health. She is over all someone who simply wants to do good and be the good in the world. She spends way more time taking care of other people than herself. It makes me so happy to write her, even the bad and sad parts of the story right now, she will eventually get all the happiness she deserves.
Avessia (played by AliRevellian)

Avessia for sure. Usually I have a lot of hyperfixations, but I have adored her from day one. :D
Melina Durant (played by Ramika)

Definitely Melina here. I almost gave up playing her, but I put so much time and effort into her profile and her story that I just couldn't.

What started out as a random name generator via Skyrim page for a random RP (Okay, technically it was Durent when I made her, but I changed the spelling...) turned into one of my favorite characters. ❤️
Flynn (played by Riik)

This one!

Flynn is so fun, even though I'm struggling to get long-term RPs for them. As an introvert, sometimes it's fun to just go nuts with an unapologetically extroverted character. I put a lot of effort into Flynn's profile as well.
Drak (played by StripedWoulf)

Seriously my favorite character to play, but it's so hard to find a fitting co star for him XD He's a protective jerk lol
Raera (played by Robyn)

This is so wholesome! I'm having a blast browsing through and checking out the special characters here. To join in on the fun, I'm especially proud of Raera here after changing her character completely! We were in need of a Goddess role for an overarching plot so Rae was taken off the shelf, dusted off and made anew. "Mother of Souls, Conductor of The Inbetween." I expected her to become a generic placeholder of sorts but I am so inspired and excited to write with her now! It's awesome when roleplay seems to just fall in place organically.
June (played by VoidfulBrain)

One of the characters I'm proud of is this one she is amazing and i haven't used her for a roleplay yet but she is a fun character
I'm really proud of my guy Sylvanus! Throughout my late teens and now adulthood he had gone through lots of change. ;v; During his early versions he was cold and grumpy overall. Now he's the complete opposite - he's a biiig softie and loves his raptor Malphis a lot (+ is timid around strangers, but when he gets to know people he's more calm, and he also really loves quaggans, I can picture him holding a baby quaggan in his arms and be like "Who's a cutie patootie?" with a (slightly) high pitched voice XD). Syl and Malphis can have silly interactions (ex. when the two argue Malphis would talk back by barking and trying to mimick what Sylvanus says). Plus Sylvanus is my very first Guild Wars 2 character and I love him sooo muuuch. >v< Hopefully I'll write a story about him someday.
Alto (played by milktea_dollie)

I'm proud of Alto for a few reasons! One is because I was so enamored with the concept that I finished him really quickly. And the concept. I'm really proud of the concept too! He was a character I brought back from months of being deleted with a better background. I also personally like his design a lot.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use him yet.
Vedette Archambeau (played anonymously)

"The Unwanted Princess of Eliphis"

I am very proud of this character because of the details I put into her profile from her own biography to her secondary character sheets. <3 I haven't had a roleplay with her yet, but I am in no rush. :D
Marina (played by nindyaru)

Hey yo!

Well, I'm proud of all of my characters, but I've had so much fun creating Marina, drawing her arts and making her profile lol, and I even put a song as her theme song in her profile because this song really fits the story of her kingdom and her realm (all of my characters realm actually, lol. All of them are based on local myths and fairy tales that related to each other hahaha, they are from the same universe).

Although the song is literally telling about the story of Marina's mother hahaha.

oh my lady, I will do what you want
cause yeah you have me, both my body and my soul
now I'm your puppet, yes your wish is my command
oh please my queen

take me to your realm
I feel your magic in my vein
though I doubted you before
I worship you now

The Panturas - Queen of The South

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