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Well, I was fascinated by the names Lucretio and Lucretia, but there was no gender neutral name related to them. So I decided to make my own: Lucretire.

The "lucre" in Lucretire means "dirty money," or "money gained in illicit ways." Since I wanted to earn a living drawing erotica a while back (still do), I would've been making money off drawing dirty things. I.e. "Dirty money."

The "luc" of my username can also mean light (lux in Latin), so my username has a sort of triple meaning... Which is kinda cool, since three is my lucky number.

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my name
I've used this name, or a variation of it, since back on the old RPG site before joining here on RPR.

The semi long answer for me is: Mostly because I have a thing for the ice element, and most of my character's that I create have to do with ice in some way. Winter is my favorite season, and ice is the element I prefer the most. Thus most of my OC's I create, have to do with ice in a way. While I mainly RP ice elements, I do have a few OC's who are not. That's just how it is.

The semi short answer, along with my favorite quote by me: "I'm the fury of winter personified." Meaning myself and some of my muses can be like the winter season's fury. However. That doesn't mean I, or my muses, are cold, heartless, etc. all the time.

Hopefully I've made sense. If not, I'm sorry.

-anime sweat-
I like jets and fire, and there is also a character from a transformer series that I like,so my name was inspired by a transformer named JetFire.
It's a nickname from my former workplace: McDonald's...

My surname is Mayo, and I was often on the morning shifts. I also made a really good folded egg. Every time I see an old co-worker they ask me to make them some folded egg, cheeky buggers.
Mine is based on the name of a character of a book I'm writing. They're name is Uriel, which also means angel of light.

The number doesn't actually mean anything, I just like the ring to it.
I changed my username since the last time I posted... so here's the new explanation.
Essentially, I've just got a lot of character and world info written down... or in other words, I keep a lot of lore. ;3 (also, Lorekeeper Zinnia from Pokémon is cool, but that wasn't really my point with the name.)
my mom said I'm a good boy so that's why my name is Agoodboi
One of the first characters I ever created was based on the Aliens franchise (the Ridley Scott stuff.) I created a Xenomorph Empress characters and named her Sa'ryyly'ss. Most sites don't let me use the apostrophes as a screen name, and I chose it because it's NEVER taken!
I wasn’t very creative. It’s my first name with an ‘ia’ added. *shrug*
Mine's just my name. But names mean something so--Mine means the ocean! ...Despite not being pronounced like marine whatsoever. ("mair-in")
mine's just an online alias! i think i took the name emira and got rid of the "a" to get emir, but i did a quick google search and apparently emir means prince which is cool
Mina Moderator

I used to work as a drink girl at a nightclub in a big city. I only worked on theme nights, my favorite of which was goth night. In that situation, it isn't wise to use your real name. Many of my coworkers had fabricated their own "names" based on all sorts of things from botanicals to characters, to songs. I'd chosen Mina because it felt obvious. I'm not super comfortable sharing my real name online, just because it really isn't safe. Also I'm old, and in the 90s, everywhere you looked there would be a bolded all caps reminder not to give out your real name or info online! When I returned to RP and RPR, I just decided to use Mina. (:
mine is super unique -- it's my irl name 😱

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