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Tuma (played anonymously)

"Ooh..." Tuma grinned, trotting over to Andrew. "You look like a ton of fun to tease!" He raised his long tail, charged with static, and slapped Andrew on the side.

"Hope it didn't hurt much!"
Tuma laughed, waving a paw infront of his mouth. "Not that it would, anyway."
Saiken (played by Reithesniper)

"Hm.." she looked to be thinking before slapping him with her tail, and would these vibe back into the void
Rain (played by Drake_Lie)

Rain would simply hug the other with a big smile
"Your progenitors are two of my favorite customers!" he gave a hug
Teriko Uchiha (played by Reithesniper)

"Well Im not gonna slap or flirt with my boss...." she gives him a one armed hug "But your kind enough so I dont mind this"
Kavern (played by Starphobia)

Kavern narrowed his eyes, looking up and down and Teriko. He unsheathed his claws and lifted his paw to slap her, but stopped, blinked once, then brushed his fur against her leg, gently hugging her.

"Consider yourself lucky." He muttered, before turning away.
Ambrosia grins and hugs the demon. Her form shifts to look like an exact replica of Kavern. "Ta-da!" She exclaims with a flourish of her newly attained tail.
Alice (played by Jaws)

The maiden in red slapped Ambrosia across her face. "This is fun", she said with glee.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

Howdy everyone * max said with a cheerful tone *
(Max, The idea of this thread is so say you'd flirt with the person above you, hug them, to slap them)

**To Maiden in Red**

He pulled off his left gauntlet and drew his hand back and delivered a slap to Alice's face using only a half of micron of a fraction of his strength, which was still able to render her unconscious send her flying. "It sure is"
Azathoth (played by Reithesniper)

Azathoth laughed before sending Drael flying "Oh wow, it is fun!" He said "Me next Me next!"
He would crank up the strength and sent Azathoth flying with a return slap.

(LOL now after a comedically long fight, Drael and Azathoth had destroyed a galaxy and then they are walking around a desolate planet. One of Drael's eyes are swollen shut and had a fat lip and Azathoth's head is full of knots and goose eggs. They are laughing, singing and joking)
Keiko Kennedy (played by Jaws)

"A slapping contest? I am insulted that I wasn't invited", Keiko said in a dramatic tone. She smashed a pie in Mathius' face and laughed. (Slap)
Blemishine (played by AgitoAceXIII)

“If you call that a slap, you’ve got some work to do! Let me show you how it’s done!” Slap
Teriko Uchiha (played by Reithesniper)

"Hm.. your quite pretty" she said she gave her a hug with her skeletal susanno "There.." she said
He put his kitten on her shoulders and used his paws to hug her face "Piano says hug!"
Keiko Kennedy (played by Jaws)

"Come here, big guy." Keiko gave Oniyan a bear hug.
Papyrus (played by Sunstruck)

“You seem nice!” The skeleton grinned, positive energy seemingly flowing from him. “Besides, I wouldn’t be Great if I didn’t give people nice hugs!” He smiled, giving Keiko a hug.
Teriko Uchiha (played by Reithesniper)

She gives papyrus a hug "I will not let a single soul harm this skeleton.." she said, casually manifesting her susanoo and picking him up "Your coming with me my boney friend

Jayson 'crybaby' cruiz (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

"u-uhm...h-hug i guess?" jayson would hug teriko

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