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I would think that Gweyr and Liam would've at least heard of each other, what with them both being in the nobility. To what extent, I'll leave that up to you guys, Serverus and Syaoran.

Well since I mostly have a couple of council members and no competitors there's no need for me to post till end of first task. There's not much to add from my side and not using council members keeps posting order neat and the storyline cleaner, unless there is cheating or something meaningful

Unless Tora wants Xyla to say anything more to Amara I think that's us until the maze begins. Amara will trying to size Xyla up visually but she doesn't like to talk if she doesn't have to so she won't have much more to say until the signal is given.

Has anyone heard from Dark? Have we lost him or is he just busy? Do we know?

I dunno. They might have limited time to be online and post, but they have been active this past week according to their activity feed. I'll wait a bit to see if they respond, then send them a pm or someth8ng.

Sorry, Sorry. I really did it badly this time. Sorry. I could repeat this one thousand times. Ten thousand times. I promise you, this will not happen again, unless I warn you.

Which I will: I am inactive on weekends, now. Heh...

Not to worry, I'm inactive on the weekends too.

arite, we're waiting on Corym and then I'll announce the entry into the maze. post order technically begins after my announcement.

Got it! I'll get my thing outta the way so we can get this party started! And no sweat Dark, I have off days too or things come up. Everyone here is pretty patient.


Now its my turn again

So, after my Council turn (with my Other Characters), the post order is as follows:


This was previously determined by dice. The teams were also determined by dice.

I may occasionally interject one of the teams to put in some monster or obstacle that you must fight.

I just realized something funny about the turn order, It's exactly half and half with the second group of characters's order corresponding with that of their teammates, the first three who are going. XD

And all done with random rolls!


By golly, you're right. XD
And yes, I did do a lot of random rolling.

Eeeee! I'm so excited to see who wins the crown in the end!

we'll see lol

heck i dont even know who's gonna win

xy has both reasons why she should win and reasons that she shouldn't so it's balanced and I really left it up to the RP

Serverus, you're up with Gweyr!

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