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Personally for me, role-plays online last a couple of weeks or on rare occasions, around a month or so. The most I believe is around a year, though that was a roleplay I was a part of when I was younger, and I don't remember much of the time frame. Honestly, I mostly just hung around that group, and not much roleplaying was going on, but it was fun.

I've been a part of a DND session for around two years, though the sessions are far and in between, as most of the members are in college and are out of town.

As a new user of RP Repository, my current RPs have been living for less than a month, and unfortunately, I'm not sure they're gonna live past this week. Maybe my muse is low, maybe my roleplaying skills have been quite rusty, or maybe school's been starting again, but eh, it's a process.

What about you guys? What do you guys helpful when keeping a longer roleplay?

I think it's been about 5 or 6 months. Basically almost as soon as I started up until now with several people. Only one of my so far has ended with someone deleting their account or something like that. So far, so good.

Kinda depends on what what and how you count. I'm a slow poster, so you're having entire games in the time a single round passes for me, often. I've also been involved in threads that ran for a few to several years, but I was only occasionally involved somewhere in the middle. And then I've had games with certain players that spread across multiple threads as we moved our characters from one "chapter" to another, sometimes with pauses that could be a few days to a few months; one is a player I've been playing with about 4 years now, mostly with a single, continuous cannon, so it could be counted as one game.

Probably the most straightforward answer I can give, and one that fits a more rapid pace, comes from my early days. The first RP I set up became that site's longest RP, spanning many hundreds of pages and lasting more than a year before issues between players kinda tore it apart. A sequel made by one of the players also lasted at least several months and got numerous posts, though it didn't get as far, but also ended (still unfinished) with less drama.

I find the chapters method to be wonderful. You have a focused story, it gets a conclusion. Then another. Etc. And you can always refer back to previous events.

The longest forum-writing RPs I've been involved in lasted four years. About 88% of the first was writtten in the first year and a half. It was a group RP with some good writers, but they slowly quit posting, and it became sort of a 1x1 with me and another carrying it on until we co-wrote a close. I was in another 1x1 that went on from 2011 to 2015 and we wrote it to a close.

As far as on this site, I'm currently involved with a couple amazing PM 1x1s and a couple 1x1s on the Fantasy forum, which seemed to have tapered back some after the initial flurry of posts. I had a couple other 1x1s on PM, but one just wasn't clicking despite my and my co-writer's best efforts, and the other seeemed to have just stopped all of a sudden. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

There is one 1x1 RP where my co-writer is such a wonderful artisan wordsmith that they challenge me to match, and I have improved many aspects of my writing in the course of the last week. I'm hoping they don't get bored with me and end it.

I have a couple I need to get started and have been a bit lax on doing so. But I digress

The longest I was ever involved with was about four years. Very active, but I left Star Wars at that point and haven't really tried to go back. The longest fantasy rp I've had was probably 2 years with a group.

My longest role play lasted 5 years, it’s going on in a different site. This is pretty sad but, ITS. STILL. GOING.

We’re having fun though, me and my friends, role playing in a plots that isn’t even good anymore.

The longest RP I've ever been in is my one-on-one sci-fi/fantasy adventure RP with my fiancée, which has been going on for roughly six years now and shows no signs of slowing down. The next longest was a year or two, in a couple of MMO guilds that have since disbanded, and the next longest after that was a few months long.

The longest one I’ve been in was around a year and a half. It was weird but it was like we did it around “real time”
It was when I was younger, way younger when I was first introduced into roleplaying. It was interesting but then when I started getting the hang of everything I stopped me and that persons roleplay as it wasn’t normal 😂
The roleplay was really weird. I remember there was “age difference” as the male requested. Also some “dark themed romance”
I get chills now when I remember that. I also cringe...

While this partner is kind of on-off due to responsibilities, I've been writing with him more than a year and a half. We have redone our favorite roleplay plot like 4 times and each time was in a way different and we're never bored of it.

The longest roleplay ive done was for five years. It was a serious relationship that involved ownership of another. It was great. I ended the roleplay for personal reasons and started something new with another character. THAT roleplay has been going on for around 6 months now. My same character is in a serious relationship and there is a lot of drama. It's great. If you find the right person and you two click with your writing and likes/dislikes i find it easy to keep a roleplay ongoing.

The longest roleplay I've ever had is five years with my best friend, and that was in the span of many, many composition notebooks and journals passed between classes lmao. Started that in seventh grade, oof. So much fun, but so much cringe. We ended up rewriting the whole thing, remaking characters, revising plot, all of it. Fun for years.

Online I think the longest I've had was two years. I've had many many roleplays, and they all last at least four months, but almost always last a year, sometimes more.

My favorite was a wonderful place that felt like home, with wonderful people. Five of six years spent with them. The adventures we went on and made for one another were some of the best weekends I can remember.

After that is one that's lasted nine years without any major breaks.

I have difficulty starting new RPs with groups now because they never measure up to that original group, or some stupid drama will fracture the group, or key members of it will drift away and it will slowly wither and die. Don't really want to go through that again. Also have difficulty starting new 1 on 1 RPs because they'll never measure up to the one that's almost gone on a decade. Never will have as rich of a world, as fleshed out characters, as epic of plots, as in-depth a history, all the lore and everything else. They might cut out at any moment, or lose interest, or just be a flake that vanishes after an RP or two and it's all wasted effort.

I love RP, but I guess I'm a little jaded towards new RPs with new people. Maybe it's the quality of RPers and groups I'm surrounded with. Furcadia doesn't cater well to those who aren't looking for what the Furn idle pit is offering. But I'm also not terribly interested in RP by forum, the customizable visual medium Furc provides is appealing.

That1Gurly wrote:
My longest role play lasted 5 years, it’s going on in a different site. This is pretty sad but, ITS. STILL. GOING.

We’re having fun though, me and my friends, role playing in a plots that isn’t even good anymore.
Hey, all that matters is that you guys are having fun, nothing else. Doesn't matter if the plot is sad, or stupid, or whatever term you want to use. All that matters is the enjoyability for all involved XD

Anyway, for me, it's hard to say. I've only rarely ever been able to make multiple posts in a single day, which was when I was young to RP'ing (And making a ton of newbie mistakes, lol). The longest single continuity I have been involved in was a group RP with multiple location forums that I actually helped create--been going on something like 4-5 years at least, and the original site it was created on is long gone, recreated on a new set of forums--though I still have yet to personally post up my own characters on the new site. <_<

One of my role plays lasted for six years,and it's still going

My longest roleplay is 13 months. And it's with 8TigerBunnyTora :D
My second longest is with Atrevida at 11 months.

I've never had any longer rps than that but I did only rp starting 2 1/2 years ago and I left for a while until June of last year.

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