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^ I play a piano. I learned as a child and kept at it.

< I think I may go play a little. I haven’t all month.

v Do you cook your own food?

^ “...Obviously.”

< He comes off brash, anyway...

V “...Should I let people into my life, or keep them out?”

^"Hmm. Despite coming into this world and dying alone, all humans and living creatures seek out companionship at some point throughout their lives. But, that depends on whether you want them to come into your life or not. Thus I cannot say for certain whether you should or shouldn't... Unless that is what you desire."

<Then again, this was coming from a man who gets murderous without his beloved ones, so it was safe to say his own personal opinion was clearly left out of the equation.

v"Speaking of desires... What are the top three desires that you wish to have in your life?"

^ "Why? Interested in helping me fulfill them?" The demon chuckles almost good-naturedly, before his smile faded.

< "I wish to see Malaz cast down to serve me. I wish to rule over a share of Hell itself. And so long as it doesn't conflict with my plans, allow myself an indulgence or three here and there as a reward for my patience and persistence."

V "What about you, you interested in a contract? I promise to get you all your heart desires if you help me in turn."

^ Isabella stares at the demon bashfully, hiding a guarded desire to openly answer right away. "Kind of....but I have read what happens to people who make deals with demons," she says quietly, then turning away from Argroth.

< "Besides, my soul is not with me is no longer mine to give you, what else would you want?" She asks him, sounding as if she is interested in the answer.

V Her head darts to the side, seeing the next person approaching, "What do you think? Is it a good idea to make a deal with this demon? Even if its something I really really want? Would you do it?"

^ “As a tactician, I’d advise against that, but I won’t stop you...”

< Robin shrugs.

V “What kinds of things would you do to protect your friends?”

^ "I'd bail them out," Pix responds with a giggle, "Especially if I was the reason they were locked up in the first place."

< "Of course...that's never happened before....I'm just saying if it had I would bail them out....probably." Her amused tone falls into a sly grin, suggesting her words were exaggerated, but only slightly of course.

V "What about you? Ever been bailed out yourself? Or maybe had to bail one of your friends out. Probably best to hear from someone with more 'experience' in this than me."

^ "Why would the crown prince of the empire ever need bailed out of anything. It's preposterous, really. Though there was that one time I was in disguise and my personal guard had to kill someone to protect me. That was a bit of a shock for both of us. But I am sure that would bore you, you don't seem the type to be interested in violence."

< "Needless to say on my little expeditions out of the palace, I am a bit more careful than I used to be. If my guard says no, I listen."

V "You look like you've made a few mistakes in your lifetime. Any you care to discuss for a laugh or as a lesson to others?"

^ "Yes, actually. Never trust a demon....ever....they're always just trying to kill you or benefit themselves which usually means killing you."

< "It only took me 8 years to figure that out....I don't mean in 8 years I've figured it out, I mean by the time I am 8 I figured it out....too bad it's already too late...."

V "What about you? Who or what could you never ever ever trust....ever...."

^ “Trust no one, and crush them all under your boots!”

< He has serious problems himself.

V “...Was your life rough like mine?”

^ "Of course! Only a rough life will bring forth the warrior within."

< "Tempered in war! Forged in battle!"

V "For you see, pain is inevitable in the road to perfection, as you are both stone and chisel."

^ “that’s why I don’t ever claim, or even bother, to be perfect. It’s less painful.”

< .. which gets me thinking about the mistakes I’ve made....

v “What is the biggest mistake in life you have made?”

^ moving to this new town with my parents.

< *thinking about taking off to go live with a friend do she can graduate at her old school*

v you ever just want to take off and leave your life behind and start anew?

^ Maybe back when I was younger, but not anymore.

< Life isn't exactly enjoyable, but you have to try and make it worth it.

v Have you ever simply decided that you're sick of trying, but kept going?

^ “...”

< She has no comment.

V “You. Are you skilled with a blade?”

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