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Breaking news: New law for monsters is now in action.

Government officials finally made a decision about monsters and those who practice magic. They decided to build a large, isolated mansion for those creatures. Many agree with this new law, and some nicknamed the facility “the house of freaks.”

Before they made this decision, the president would have these creatures arrested. Some prisons would torture and enslave monsters and witches. While locking them in an isolated mansion might be a more humane option, those creatures still get mentally abused by the staff at the mansion. People are now starting to question if this decision was really a good idea, and some are even protesting.


Ten years after this law was passed, people began forgetting about these creatures’ existence. The government still stayed strict with them, and even kept expanding the place as they discovered more and more monsters hiding out. One day, the monsters plan to escape. If they do, then how will they survive in the real word after living in domestication for many years? Who will live? Who will be forgotten? We may never know.....


Keep it PG13, remember that this is a public forum

Don’t ask to join, just post.

Romance is allowed, just remember that this is a public Forum. Children can see this!

Have fun, and be creative!

Max Nichols, dubbed 'Winged Devil' by most, he lives at the mansion mostly in solitary, bidding his time, planning an escape that will take him away from this awful place and back to his life as a feared and respected dragon. His green wings, hidden only in the presence of others, are currently open as he sits upon his bed, cleaning his green hilted sword as he's done many times, bidding his time until the day he can return to bringing justice to the people of the world. His black and green hair, drapped across his face, doesn't hide his blue eyes. Max's tattered clothing, from before his capture, grow old and withered as he waits and waits for a time to attack.

He sat inside his room, carving runes into the walls and pacing back and forth his solitary activities, due to the fact that nobody wants to socialize with a pyromaniac who destroyed the last 'sanctuary'.

Max hears some scratching, as if someone's carving something into the wall of the other room and due to his super human senses, he hears everything and it starts driving him nuts. He bangs on the wall, "Keep it down!" He yells, his menacing voice loud enough to scare even the most experienced fighters.

The scratching stopped for a minute, before becoming even louder and accompanied with loud thumps periodically as he kicked the wall.

(OP here, my character got deleted during the rpr purge)

Rosie poked her low-quality breakfast with a flimsy plastic spork as the clock above her head burned every second away. The silence drove her mad, nobody talked during meals, they weren’t in the mood. Five minutes later, a tall, blonde woman with short hair came in clapping her hands.
“Breakfast is over! If you have any leftovers leave them here, you should know by now that food isn’t allowed in the rooms” She then clapped louder, this time in a military beat. “Get in single file lines, men in one, women in another, and children in the other. Hurry up! You, stop slouching!” The loud woman continued to shout commands as everyone marched to their rooms.

Once Rosie got back to her room, she sat on the rock-hard bed. She was captured four days ago while getting Tylenol for her grandfather, it burned a hole in her heart to know that he will wait for her but she will never return. She had to blink back tears as she reached over to the beaten-up radio next to her bed and cranked it up so it would quietly play music from some weird radio station.

(Profile got captured by the purge)
Max conceals his wings, knocking loudly on the residents door, "Stop the scratching!" He yelled in the hall, not caring if people saw.

can i join

amber diaz wrote:
can i join

((Don't ask, just post. Its open.))

a mber walks in slow with her long perfect flat iron hair that goes down her back with her almost perfect body wearing a crop top that shows her belly piercing wearing tight blue jeans and yes her butt is big with her royal blue eyes and with her caramalized skin wearing her flip flops wearing her make up so perfectly and the smell of her perfume and her the smell of shampoo she is the hottest prettiest girl around she is the most popular girl,varsity cheerleader captain,rich, and a rapper and model actor,wearing her apple watch while holding her kate spade hand bag

Max glances at the woman, grumbling, "Why is she here, she looks nothing like a freak?" He turns his head away, having no interest.

*amber knocks on her grandmas door*

He scoffs, "Figures. No one like that would be thrown in here. I knew she was human."

Rosie lies on her bed for a while. She jumps up when she hears loud knocking a few doors down, and very violent pounding farther down the hall. She opens her door and pokes her head out, she immediately notices a pretty girl knocking on a door. She didn't have a uniform, so she didn't work there, and she definitely wasn't a monster. She could be a witch, but she had devices and they were not allowed.
"it Isn't visitor day yet..." Rosie mumbles. The pounding gets on her nerves, though, so she yells really loud so they could hear her over their ruckus.

"HEY! Could you keep it down? You're hurting my ears!" Rosie yells as she presses her palms against her ears.
Just then, an ogre opens his door and yells at Rosie.
"Oi' little lady, you ain't bein' any quieter!" His voice booms.
A fairy in her room pounds on her door, she yells from the inside.
"You're louder, ya old smeller!" The fairy's voice was squeaky and hard to understand, yet the ogre hears her perfectly.
"What did you just call me?!" The ogre runs to the fairy's door and starts punching it, the fairy starts shrieking.

*amber controls her mind*

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