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It has been several days sense Rose fell in the hole that leads to the Underground and she managed to get past the keeper of the ruins Toriel she thinks yesterday and she has just be wandering the Snowdin Forest when she comes across Snowdin hoping that she will probably find another Human or at least someone like her

To join first reply to the Interest forum called: Welcome to the Underground

Frost fell into the underground and after making it through keeper of the ruins Torie. He made it to Snowdin Forest. Frost saw a human in the distance “hello my names Frost I’m a human like you.” He said waving his hands

Rose turned around quickly drawing the Toy Knife that she found in the ruins "How do i know your a human?"

Shinkai was walking around, his tail swishing and claws dripping a black substance. It was completely different then hate, though. More like a shadow
He was lurking against the library, standing out from the others.

Foxy was sitting on the snow in Snowdin, she was a demon skeleton. She was really friendly, she was once a human, but she was killed.

Rose shook her head SPAREing him recongizing that he was as much human as she was "Follow me if you want" She said walking away sheathing the Toy Knife and just ghasped in awe as she saw all the monsters in Snowdin "I thought the ones in the Ruins were the only civilized monsters" She shook her head "I need something to eat" She said seeing her HP was low and she walked to what seemed like to be a resturant and had a giant sign above it that said GRILLBY'S *Grillby? What kind of name is that?* she thought and walked into the Bar

Foxy got up as she went to Grillby's

Shinkai stretched, then decided to go see who the two who just walked into Grillbys were, curious.

Frost fallowed Rose “my name frost.” He said

Rose looked around the bar and decided to exclude herself and go to the booth in the corner and she looked at her hands seeing faint traces of dust that would be hard to pick up without a trained eye thanks to her close to pale skin and she sighed *Why do i harm everyone i meet?* she shook her head and she said "Roseline" She said extending her hand "Or you can call me Rose"

Shinkai walked in a minute or two after Frost and Rose did. At first glance, he looked human, until you see the ears, tail, and claws

Rose looked up to see who entered and saw him and she frowned "I wish there were more humans than us two down here..." She said shaking her head *I promised Toriel I would not hurt a single monster...But your just a demon * She thought and she shook her head of the dark thoughts

Shinkai walked over to the two. "You guys have any gold for down here?" He was offering to but them food

"N-N-No" She said shaking her head hoping he did not see the Dust on her *Just kill him!* A forceful but demonic voice yelled in her head *NO!* she yelled back

He appeared behind Rose, grinning. "BOO!"

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