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She rolled her eyes "fine we don't know they are all dead." She swore at the little girl under her breath and entered one of the buildings and began to look for supplies, and a phone that worked. Just then she heard something bang in the building. She checked the whole floor before exiting, she wasn't sticking around any longer to figure out that sound. She came out empty handed and no phone. She walked across the street and passed them, ignoring both of them and looking around that floor too. She found some food, but that was it. "Not my problem whether you live or die either, imagine your parents if you never appeared again. They probably wouldn't care."

Liliath looked angry up “They would care more then your parents would , if I would have a child like you , I wouldn’t miss it . I think I would be happy when an annoying rude awful person would dissapeae.” She turned around “I hope you die and be a dead body like those other bodies are.”

"Okay, that's enough!" Lisa stands. She crosses her arms and shoots a nasty glare at both the fighting girls. "No one should be wishing for anyone else's death right now." As she fights to keep her voice even, her fists clench by her sides, shaking. "We're in a strange place, surrounded by strangers both alive and dead. So we're all scared."

She's not the only one who is terrified of what might happen to them here, right? She takes a deep breath. Her voice cracks as she continues. "And we do not trust each other; we shouldn't, but I think if we want to get out in one piece, we should try to cooperate." Most of this last part is directed at the red-head, who she thinks is closer to her age and hopefully easier to reason with.

As she finishes her plea for peace, rain begins to fall. A gentle shower patters on the road. Harmless rain, really, but a low rumble in the sky warns of a real storm to come. Lisa, who's not fond of rain, hisses with disgust and pulls the hood of her jacket over her head. "And I'd love to finish this talk indoors."

“She started it!” Liliath said angry “And I am not scared!” She was lying a little ofcourse she was scared of dead bodies. Dead bodies were gross and not really fun.

“We should find a place where to sleep.” Liliath looked around “Maybe there is a hotel ?” “Maybe we can stay in that building!” She pointed to a small house “It looks cool!”

Sage rolled her eyes "I don't have parents so thank you for pointing out the facts. You guys do whatever you want, count me out of it." She said and began walking to the outside of town. While walking she heard footsteps behind her, and knew that it wasn't the two of them. She turned around, and she though she saw a figure begin running away from her as she turned. Then she ran the rest of the way to a house that wasn't the one the little girl picked out and went inside.

“Bye !” Liliath sticked her tongue out “She is weird .” She walked to the house “Come let’s get inside.” She kicked against the door and it opend . She walked happily inside

Hazely- woke up with a series of groans and string of swears, where in the hell was she!?!?
Grunting she pushes up into a sitting position, bushing magenta locks out of green eyes as she looks around, taking stock of the sistuation. far she had no clue where she was or how she had gotten here but sitting in the middle of the street seemed a bad place to remain. So with minimal effort combat booted feet are gained and she begans to explore. Switfly noting this place was off and different than where she had just been, so steps began to hold more caution as she wondered this odd city.

Lisa seriously considers pleading for Sage to stay, but she realizes that she can't force the girl to cooperate with them nor is it technically any skin off of her neck if something happens to a random stranger. She follows the excitable child to the house, laughing in spite of the horror surrounding them when Liliath kicks open the barely-closed door. Before she enters the house, she looks back and thinks she sees another figure walking alone in the rain: another girl, that dark pink hair? As tempted as she is to call out to her, she keeps her mouth shut and goes inside, slamming the door closed in something of a panic.

When Sage enters the building, she's greeted with an empty living room and a polished oak door across from the entrance. The door is set in a faded floral wallpaper. The entire room has a stale scent to it and the far wall is riddled with small, ragged holes.

Raven crouches on the other side of that oak door. the spikes that'd tried and failed to turn her into a hairy kabob had long since receeded into the wall but the door remains shut. She hears the outside door open and shut and she sighs with relief at the thump, thump, thump of footsteps crossing the floor.

She paws at the door and meows desperately, then goes on to say,"Hey, you out there!"

“Hey!” She waved . Liliath immidatly walked to the kitchen “Cookied where are you?” She opend the fridge but instead of cookies she found a choloate bar. She jumped on a wooden chair

Sage heard a cat meow, then someone called out to her right after the meowing. She looked at the door in which the voice came from curiously and she opened it, only to see a little cat sitting on the other side. "Well, at least you can't disrespect me." She said and knelt down and pet the cat gently on the head with a little smile. The rudeness of the little girl was still fresh in her mind, but Sage was a cat person, so a cat could always cheer her up, even grumpy ones.

Hazely kept on wondering the odd and now very creepy city streets. After stumbling over the third dead body she decided perhaps not being out in the open was best. So with cautious steps she began allowing green gaze to rove among the houses and decided to knock upon one of the doors.

After doing so a step back was issued and stance was a bit tensed in case whomever was on the other side happened to be of the less friendly type.

Victi smelled dead things. Granted, they weren't her, so that was.... Good? Hopefully. She stood up, feeling very sore. She remembered a.... Big. Big thing. She and Ni, fighting it.... Ni! She looked around, frantically. No, he wasn't there. She'd know his fur anywhere. Good that he wasn't among the dead, but still. Crud. Well, she'd.... Hopefully been through worse? Right? Sure.

Whatever happened, she could try to get on coms with the 'Storm and.... Her earpeice was dead. Lovely. She sighed, and brushed the.... There was dust on her fur. She pinched the bridge of her nose, and tried casting a simple light. Predictably, nothing happened.

"Wonderful, all defensive magic down.... No illusions, no disintegrations, no keeping my fur clean the easy way, tech is.... Dead. And.... Oh.". There was still.... Something. Energy still fell into her body from the void winds, thankfully ever-present. That was why she couldn't feel that this place was wrong. Just felt like some of the more secure facilities she'd visited. Not that she could use it for anything other than.... Wait.

She quietly blessed her ancestors for their evolution, and the forest for all of its madness, as she felt the change in voltage across her body. No magic, but as long as she had energy, biology could handle the rest, at least in term of the lightning. Sure, she couldn't shape it, but it might be a helpful way to remind people not to touch.

Well, that was good.... Now what about the swor-- nope. Well, even if she had been able to call it, it might not be.... Portable here. Wings were stuck being out, too.... Mixed bag on that one.

Her ears perked up, listening. She swore she heard..... Something. Voices? Well, that would be worth checking out. Either allies, or a way to work her frustration out. She tested her muscles, thanking evolution again when she felt her body carry energy into them, and began cautiously moving through the streets.

A sound that wasn't language, and then a pair of voices. Now that was very interesting. Victi crep along, less concerned aboutt being seen, with her bright white fur, no magic, and no snow she wasn't exactly invisible, but being heard still seemed bad in this quiet place. She took note of a few corpses that might have something useful, to come back too later.

There was a house ahead, with someone crouched down in front of it. Likely one of the voices, interacting with the animal. Maybe. She picked up her pace ever so slightly, still staying as quiet as she could, which was fairly quiet, coming up into view of the door...

After surviving a death trap and meeting a friendly face, Raven's as far from grumpy as any creature could get. She darts into the living room and launches herself at Sage's leg, wrapping her front legs around the girl's knee and welcoming all of the head pets with a deep, comforting purr.

Rendered speechless by relief, she clings to the girl's leg until she catches a glimpse of a tall, white figure stalking toward them. Raven's purr dies and she pulls away from the girl. She stares silently at the figure as the fur on her back rises with mounting fear and suspicion. She has never seen a fox woman before and is rendered frozen as curiosity battles with her(admittedly weak) self-preservation instincts.

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