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Making new IC connections during Trick or Treat The Forums or the Valentine’s Meet Cute - Taking time to appreciate our RP partners in the Festival of Being Excellent to Each other - every few years, we host official Community Discussions on a variety of RP topics - the RPR has many beloved annual events. Now it’s your turn to invent a tradition!

In this contest, you must invent a new event for the RPR.


  • These events should not be on the scale of Epic Week.
  • Can be IC or OOC.
  • Our preference is for events that create participation rather than requiring judgement. To put it another way, this should be an event, not a contest.
  • However, you can include suggested prizes (perhaps in the form of a raffle amongst those who do participate) or participation markers (perhaps in the form of accolades, like the pumpkins and candy given out during the halloween events)
  • Enter by posting your idea on this topic.
  • You may submit up to two ideas.

Submitted events will be judged on feasibility, potential for making or strengthening connections, fun, and generally being within the spirit of the RPR. We may even try staging a few of the winning events (though we reserve the right to tweak them as needed!)

May 19th 2019 is your last day to submit an event idea!


I've had this idea in the back of my mind a while idk if its good its an idea that I thought might be cool for a while now. I really like fairy tales so an event based around it would be fun right? If I need any more information please let me know and I'll be sure to edit and include it. Im nervous about posting first but I really wanted to share it.

Name of event: Fairy tale event
IC or OOC: both?
When would it be: Feb 26th (tell a fairy tale day)
What would occur: On this event, it would be encouraged to start an RP based on a fairy tale or set up an RP in a fairy tale sort of manner. In addition, there would be an opportunity to write your own fairy tale. Maybe doing this would enter them into a raffle for epicness or character slots or even a party grab bag from Epic week if they missed out? Not too sure. Participating in any of this can win you a fairy, a tiara, or a sword (or other) accolade that could be used to barter with Moa or keep on your profile to decorate.

here goes nothing. Im nervous if you cant tell lmao.

I'm thinking on the first day of summer, there would be a summer-type event celebrating the first day of summer.

Borrowing Hikari's format, I propose the following:

Name of event: Summer Solstice Celebration
Day: First day of summer (for example, this year's event would be held on June 21)
What would occur: It would be like the Halloween event, where characters would start their own forums for their celebrations, and guests would come and go as they please. The forums should be related to celebrating the first day of summer, whether it be going to the beach or starting a barbecue. For participating, an accolade in the shape of a sun, coconut, or seashell would be granted at the end of the event. If forums were created, accolades in the shape of a wave, a palm tree, or a beach ball would be granted. Raffles for real-life prizes and epic membership items would be held for those who could not participate in the event.

Since summer is approaching us soon, I thought that this would be a good idea for an event.

Name of event: Snipe Hunt
Day: August 1st
What would occur: UH-OH! Server's special snipe sanctum had a breach and unfortunately all of Server's precious snipes have gone skedaddling out and about the RPR! Server needs your help now to help gather them all back and make sure they get home safely! Some snipes aren't as friendly as others and might need some silvertounge smiths to give them a good riddle or joke to improve their humor. Somethings amiss though, some snipes have gone and find their way into the duplication box and appear more than once. Server will need some special members to take care of those duplicates!

Members would search the site trying to collect all 151 snipes. Some snipes might just come along (Go to the inventory) and others might need you to tell them a joke or pass some sort of test to capture them. Unfortunately there might be duplicates and members might have to keep them while working together with each other to get Server his own set of 151. Once all the snipes are captured everyone celebrates.

Been inactive here for a while, but I had this event rattling around in my head for a couple years and never committed to suggesting it, so I figure now's the time. :)

Name: Random Acts of Kindness Day (It’s a thing!)

Date: Officially it's the 17th Feb but if that's too close to the Meet Cute can be later?


You would participate by writing a kind virtual letter which can be done via an event page on the navigation bar.

Your letter could contain anything from a personal anecdote, general reassurances, some self-help tips, or even an uplifting piece of news that you think may inspire someone.

You then 'fold the letter into a paper plane' and set it free to soar through RPR, and land on the screens of randomized active members throughout the day, who then have the option to open it up and read it. You could choose to sign the message with your username or stay anonymous.

It may lead to fun message sharing threads as with the messages in a bottle during last year's Epic Week. :)

A possible incentive could be that after you send off 10 different encouragements, you get a little golden paper plane trophy. Unwanted trophies could be traded with Moa.

For those who might want to, there could be the option of attaching a gift from your inventory.

Notes: Could function in a similar way to kudos - I imagine each message would need similar mod approval before being sent off, and blocked users' messages will not show up. Maybe a minimum word limit will help prevent farming for accolades? There could also be an option to opt out from receiving messages during the event for those who aren't interested.

Omg, I love this Epic Week Contest

Event idea name: Fandom Crossover Extravaganza?
IC Event

A lot of people on the RPR have some characters that belong to some kind of fandom, be it canon or their own OCs. It would be fun to have an event where roleplayers are encouraged to dust off those characters (or create new ones) and rp on the forums with characters from other fandoms. How would a character like say Jack Frost fit in the Star Wars universe? I don't know but I bet it'd be fun to really think about it. It's something a little silly but it could be a celebration of all the things that we love!

Name of event:Back to school

Explanation: I'm pretty sure everyone on RPR has done a Highschool style rp at one time or another, but eventually 'grew out of it'. This event would give everyone an opportunity to get back to those good old days without feeling like a weird old grownup who wants to do an outdated theme.

When would it be:September 1st/First Monday of September for 5 days

What would occur: A general 'school' meet and greet/meet cute with enough freedom for people to be meeting at the Mages College in Winterhold or the Hero Academy. The basis of the Event would be for people to meet in a school setting. There is also freedom for people to do large group style rps with someone playing at the teacher!

Possible prizes:

Cute little randomized accolades on your profile! An apple or stamp if you've started a topic as a 'teacher' and a pencil, book, or sticky notes (!!!) if you've attended a class!

Idea 1. Pool Parties!

IC event.

These events would be pool parties that people would start IC at a whatever venue they want: characters house, nearby beach, ect. Most likely a week in July. They start with describing the venue and such and their character actions, and people come join the pool/beach party :) You just have to write your character leaving the party to close up but it doesn't have to be 15 posts, can show up in one and leave in 2 if you want. Interact only as much as you want. :D

Prizes: accolades that look like waves/surfboards/pool floaties/drink umbrella's.

Idea 2.

IC Event

'Not Usually'

People write a genre of RP they don't usually for whatever reason, but especially for the 'not good at it' reason.
A week of posting essentially 'Not Usually' Sci-fi Romance' in LFRP titles, so everyone knows it's for the not usually week, and therefore likely to be short term but will give people the chance to write something they don't usually.

I have two ideas! One is a contest, one is not.

Idea 1: Kim is Missing!

This is an Halloween event idea when Kim has been kidnaped and some of the mods are behind it. Problem is that we don't know which mods are responsible and which ones are innocent. So we have to search the site looking for clues to find out which mods are responsible and where our beloved site owner is. The innocent mods will try to help us, while the perpetrators will try to sabotage our efforts and lead us astray. Then at the climax, we have to fight and defeat the traitorous mods only to learn that they were possessed by brain controlling mutant spiderlings, the last offspring of the long defeated spider queen from epic week year 6. The spiderlings fuse together to form a replica of the spider queen in a last ditch effort to defeat us!

*note* Fighting the mods/spiders does not use doubutt weaponry. Instead we pick roles such as DPS, Healer or Support and gets skills assigned by what class they picked. DPS gets a bunch of damage related skills, Healer gets a bunch of healing skills with maybe 1 offensive option while the support gets a bunch of buffing options for other players with also maybe 1 offensive option.

Rewards: Everyone that participates gets an accolade for helping to rescue Kim and maybe Kim can release some templates as a reward for rescuing her.

Idea 2: Party at Forohfor castle!
Basically have a bunch of IC rps about having a giant party at Forohfor Castle. You could even have a mod or even Kim drop in as an Anon Doubutt or site mascots for added fun!

Edit: Withdrew my first idea in favor of a different one.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that there’s not too many DND campaigns on this site so I thought this might be a fun idea.

In character, there can be a bunch of DND events, but it has a twist! The characters themselves make characters to play in this dnd group. For example, one of my characters, Nightfrost, makes a character named Bob who is a barbarian and plays him in a dnd game where another character of mine, Afol, is the Dm. This could get more intricate, but it would be very interesting to see characters go through one shots (or an entire story line) as the characters that have been created, which would create both a reaction/‘oc’ Chat in between the characters and also, in a way, put your own characters in the writer/role player’s shoes :)


A D20 accolade
A Dragon face accolade (for those who decide to DM)
Possibly an exclusive item that can be used during epic week, such as a slightly more powerful weapon (within reason of course)
A new background/decoration for your character profiles (This could be a random one or chosen by the recipient)


Most likely the month or two leading up to epic week! DND is so much fun, but it’s also something not normally done online unless you buy a bunch of programs and play with people you already know. This can help bring in more people for epic week, and if the prize is something related to epic week the recipients won’t have to wait a long time in order to use it

I had an interesting event idea based on one of your characters actually!

Event Name: The Snail is Loose!
Description: Uh oh! The Snail has sneezed extra hard and ended up loose in the RPR's forums and pages! It's up to you to find him and get him back to Kim's profile safely! Maybe you'll find him in a forum post or on your front page. You need to find him and eventually get him back to Kim's character list. If you do, you can get an accolade from him!

So yeah it's basically a hunt for The Snail. The idea is that he can be hidden as a small snail sprite in between posts or on the edges of the page. Clicking on him will make him disappear. If you manage to do it 15 times then you'll get an accolade of one of the various items he can cough up for your profile. Things like the magicians hats or playing cards. It would last for around 3 days every couple of months or so(not interfering with other events like epic week) and can act similar to the Moa shop icons but smaller and it just gives a popup menu saying something along the lines of: "The Snail was startled! He sneezes and in a puff of yellow smoke he disappears!"

I'm still new to RPR but I thought this event might be fun if it hasn't been done.

Event: Campfire Songs
IC or OOC: Either
Description: Someone gave the leader a guitar and they want to sing campfire songs! They know the beat but forgot the words and ask everyone there to help them out!

After being given one line by the leader, each following person is to add a line after it that matches the amount of beats, rhyming pattern, and general vibe of the person above them. It has to make some sense though!

I think it's a fun and creative way to bring people together and give them all something to do on those warm summer nights with s'mores and a campfire.

Name out of the box
I belive it should be where people Rp things they normally would. So like use like curtain scenarios. Like something like funny dragons. Well normal dragons don’t have a sense of humor. Well it add something diffrent. Then there could be a contest on the next year weird theme. You could earn something depending on the theme. Like a dragon accolade or something. I think then you could even add in gam3 items that if you find them then you have to use them in a Rp based on the themes. It would allow new idea and bring in the creativity and time to share and encourage others.

Collaborative OC Creation!

Not sure what I'd call this event exactly but it would probably be associated with Spring/Easter (birth, fertility etc) or perhaps Chinese New Year (new year, new you sort of thing). Though it doesn't necessarily need to be associated with an existing holiday.

Basic premise is that one person starts a topic with a single descriptor for a new character they want to make.


I want to make a male character.

I want a bisexual character.

I want a character with horns.

I want a character with lots of scars.

I want an assassin character.

I want a fantasy character.

You get the idea. Anyways! Posters then offer different ideas, possible descriptors, back stories, quirks, etc. At the end of the event the original poster creates the character using as many ideas presented as they liked and made the most sense. For every idea pulled from the thread, the poster of that idea should be credited somewhere on the page. They then end the thread by posting as the new character!

Character creators could earn one type of accolade while participants (whether their ideas were incorporated or not) earn another depending on the theme chosen. If not connected to a holiday, emoji faces or pencils and paintbrushes might work.

Included with permission of the thread's creator, this was a big inspiration for me in coming up with this idea:

Tomato headed gal lookin' for love- Romance-Mafia

Name of event: RPR Lore Alive
(or Living the RPR Lore) or (Bringing RPR Lore to Life )

IC or OOC: Mostly IC (but it could be both)


We are an awesome community where writers of every genre and style meet up to share creativity and fun and spend time together. What brings us close to one another is precisely coming here to this site

But... Did you know that there is even an RPR map for real?!

Well... I wasn't aware until Kim threw this as a comment in a post and catching glimpses of it in Epic Week video last year 2018


(click on the picture to see a bigger, more detailed map)

So I would like an event that revolves around raising more awareness of RPR world

Let's get writing together about RPR as a realm/kingdom/world, with all its individual domains/locations.

Let's share stories, play DnD campaigns, write poems, compose songs, comics, make RPR memes, anything goes as long as it stays on topic

An IC forum where players write adventures (1x1 or group RPs)taking place at the different sites of the RPR map (maybe including our awesome mods. adventures/troubles within)

Sci-fi, fantasy, general, all genres and writing styles welcome

Did Kim get kidnapped from the Repository City? Who took her? Who shall rescue her?! Where might we find her? [Dust off those DnDish characters and a 1d20 to start the journey across the map]

[Some of us might prefer roleplaying evil characters who cause hindrance to these heroes seeking Kim, making it a teams based campaign (in favour vs against)]

Was Darth Fortress raided? Who did it? The aliens? What was taken? The videos? His awesome sword or suit of armor?
[be a news reporter and write your story about that - perhaps interview witnesses (mods? other characters?volunteers?)]

What treasure might we encounter inside Copper Dragon's cave?
[Maybe write a song or poem about the beauty and wealth found]

What dangers and creatures lurk in the Forum Forest?

Why not visit and rest at Loki's lodge during our travels? Or perhaps it is a group of brave characters meeting or starting point?

Shall we make a crash party at Vampire's Castle?
[Trick or treat style where everyone joins, meets other random characters and goes?]

Shall we just relax with a laid back slice of life at Chat Cove?

Where would you and/or your group set up your camp at? Nearby Heimdall? perhaps in the Kudos Mountains?

[optional]An OC forum where mods & players share fond/funny memories and experiences about RPR site

Like when you finally figure how to roll a dice, go to IC and get a 1 out of 100!

When would it be: Summer is usually when younger players are free from exams and adults are enjoying holidays too, or any time of the year really, I'm always up for writing adventures


For everyone:

An accolade with RPR box rpr-box-icon.png for everyone who partakes in IC/OOC threads

For IC participants:

Raffle spots on the RPR map (or give them as a reward prize) [or a bit of both]
Location to be chosen by the winner

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