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200... snickerdoodles!!! Where is she? I will find her and give her all the ingredients myself!

(facepalms) Should have seen that one coming....

Cookies? I’m in!

You REALLY shouldn’t eat snickerdoodles; you’re a cat.

Funny how I need to remind you.

Zzzzzz.... Hm? Wha? Ah hell, I'm late again ain't I?

It's alright. To be fair, I was literally asleep for a while.

HIYA! Not sure what's goin' on, so what sort of things are happening? Have you heard about that one thing with the person and that other thing? Oh, right, I'm Naida! I just nyoomed over here to say HIYA!

Naida! Chill!

Hey everyone, um, I'm Ren. As you heard, this is Naida. Sorry, she heard snickerdoodles and got a little excited, so I had to pick up some. Now she's all sugary.

GAH! What the-!?

Who the heck is letting strang- Waiwaiwait- don't answer that. I know who, damn game mods.

*sigh* Welcome to the greenroom.

Can't you get her to calm down?

If you're talking to me, calm down who? The little fairy or my player? The answer's "probably not" either way.

Yeah... Nope. She's sort of a free spirit with a child-like wonder. Feel free to try yourself.

*whispering* Is this calm enough? Sorry, I just got excited over something. *gradually growing louder* What was I so excited about? Oh, yeah! COOKIES! Anyway, I'm Naida. Wait, did I already say that?

*Facepalms*I'm gonna take that as a no...

*Slumps and lays head on table, groaning* Ugh, apparently so.

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > Bloodied Shards Greenroom (Invitation only)