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So, easy game, you tell everyone what you ate and drank most recently in the last 24 hours after the words "Today I ate" and "Today I drank" If you haven't eaten, then GO GET SUSTENANCE so you can join the game! :)

I'll start....

Today I ate a cheese quesadilla and steamed broccoli.

Today I drank a whole bottle of ice cold water.

Now you go.

Today I ate a soggy chicken sandwich (it was 1am, so HA, it counts!).

Today I drank half a bottle (that's 1.5 pints) of water. :)

Today I ate an egg salad sandwich, chips, and a cupcake.

Today I drank a 16 oz. cup of water and a 20 oz bottle of cherry coke.

Today I ate like four oreos

Today I drank a whole glass of chocolate milk, and half a bottle of water

Today I ate 4 oz of baked smoked sausage with two pieces of honey wheat toast for breakfast, and the remainder of a panko and parmesan-breaded porkchop alongside some macaroni and cheese for lunch.

Today I drank around a full bottle and a half (about 30 fl oz. total) of water.

Today, I went to a "chinese" buffet for lunch and ate some bratwurst and mashed cauliflower for dinner.

Today, I drank a bottle of water, a can of fizzy, flavored water and a small glass of milk =]

Today I ate...rye bread. <.<

Today I drank, um...a Diet Coke.

Today I ate a toasted English Muffin with butter, cinnimon, brown sugar, and honey on it.

Today I've had three cups of black coffee.

Today I drank Coffee at 9:30a!

I also ate Mozzarella/Tomatoes and Pancakes/Eggs around 11a-12p with my gma, sister, and mama!

I also ate some pizza around 6p!

And some ice cream around 8p! :D

And yet I am still hungry. how dare you stomach.
how dare you.

Let's see..

I woke up at 10am... had some tea.

Had homemade pizza at 1:30pm.

Some apple juice and some water sometime in the afternoon plus some chocolate.

Then had rice with beef and gravy around 7:00pm and a glass of water.

I watched a movie with my dad and had a handful of cherries and some Pringles around 8:40-9:00pm

Currently almost 10pm and I'm drinking water now. :P

It's still morning over here. Today I ate a wholegrain sandwich with cottage cheese and tomato, and yoghurt with fresh fruit.

I drank a cup of joe with that. I'm currently downing my second one.

Well, guess I’ll take yesterday’s late breakfast and dinner with me, since they’re part of the 24 hours :)

But I woke up late yesterday, so I had a brunch/late breakfast consisting of a serving of Greek yoghurt with homemade orange/cranberry/cinnamon granola, a tall glass of water and a cup of mint tea.

For dinner, I had spicy Hokkaido pumpkin soup with homemade dark rye bread

For breakfast this morning, I had an over-easy egg with an additional egg white and a small bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and honey. Thinking about making me a cup of green tea or mint tea now...

It's almost 2pm and I've only had a coffee with evaporated milk and artificial sweeteners. I'm making meatballs in tomato sauce to go with noodles for dinner today, but I'm not sure if I'm having brunch! We'll see. :D

I was up late last night so i think i finished eating a cucumber at like 12:03
So ya. :)

Today I ate, a bite of SO's hotdog. (Fun fact, did you know if you use condiments to make a tie and eyeballs on your hot dog it evolves into a 'business dog'? Business dog has an executive meeting with your mouth.)

Today I drank, a bottle of ice cold water :)

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