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Raided the salad drawer to spruce up a tuna mayo sandwich. Man, I should have tried spring onions with tuna mayo a long time ago. Really good combination. Especially if you're like me and love pouring lemon juice on the stuff.
Today I ate some good fried chicken and pizza rolls ^^

I had a protein shake this morning and a York Peppermint Pattie tonight after dinner(up top). God, it was delicious UuU
Today, I ate seafood and veggies for lunch. For dinner, I had veggie stir-fry and rice. Then I had a slice of guava custard pie with a layer of strawberry jam and whipped cream on top. I also had a fresh papaya as a snack. I also drank about a gallon of water and two cups of passion fruit guava juice.
Having a moment of "what should I do whilst eating this ramen?", And then deciding on watching anime.

I am such a weeb sometimes :P (not actually, but I totally used to be).
Today I ate a grape.

Today I drank 1/5 a bottle of water.

Just one of those days, y'know?🤷
Today rib eye roast baked potato salad. I had a bottle of wine.
Boxing Day morning breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and grated cheese on a toasted and buttered English muffin!
Rib eye steak with a half gallon of milk
Marie callender turkey pot pie and a couple glasses of wine.
Today I ate a slice of toasted, home-made rye bread with pesto and ham for breakfast. Later I had a slice of gateau marcel, followed by another slice of gateau marcel. Now there's a pie in the oven. Whoops.

Two fish tacos from the taco truck for lunch.

Today I drank...air

And today I ate....air

I just don’t eat often, like maybe once or twice a week so eh.
Had some Nimbin cheese.
About to have a porterhouse steak and a cherry tomato salad with it.
I have actually only ate once today and it was dinner and i had a lot of it.
Since it's so early in the morning, no I haven't. I really don't eat as often as I used to.
Well what I could eat being sick and all..I managed to get some toast down and a bit of soda to help with my cough....
A half pound of bacon🥓🥓 and I had a couple glasses of wine.

Sausage sizzle at home! Long weekend!
*is hungry as ***** I have been in pain all day because of a messed up tooth and i am soooooo hungry!!!!!!!!!
A bowl of clam chowder and a bottle of wine.

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