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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Sebastian (played by Loki)
    Sebastian is one of my favorite characters. He's half of a whole when it comes to interacting with Dex, and yet he's clearly his own person. Sterling is not sure what to make of him--that he's crazy, focused, or perhaps just adamant about destroying all threats. But Seb isn't one to run from a fight; not if he can take it down first--be it vamps, weres or ghosts. He's definitely one of the most promising hunters Sterling has met in a long time. - PenGryphon2007

  • Evence (played by StillDoll)
    It takes guts for a werewolf to go after a Hunter. Even one that's especially trigger-happy. But to knock him out and kidnap him? Oh man! I can't wait to see what this character does next! - PenGryphon2007

  • Starvanic (played by Kyra45)
    I love Starvy. For all that he's a god of starvation, this poor little god has a heart of pure gold, and his nose always buried in a book. Kudos, kyra! For keeping this little ant around. :) - PenGryphon2007

  • Silvers is flippin' adorable! At least, even Sterling can't shoot this cuteness. Well, maybe there's a darkside to this creature? We'll find out, I'm sure. And by we, I mean Sterling. XD - PenGryphon2007

  • Sen (played by PersnicketyGobo)
    Sen is such a sweetheart with a really unique ability! Though it can go haywire and get her into trouble sometimes. Every time I've gotten to play with her has been a treat! :) - Loki

  • Wazny (played by PersnicketyGobo)
    I love Wazny so much! She's a really wise wolf and often has a way of pointing out what should be obvious! She's a great friend and companion! :) - Loki

  • Jarvis (played by PersnicketyGobo)
    Oh Jarvis. He's so much fun, and he takes the constant teasing about Mr. Fuzzums very well! He's a pretty laid back guy, everyone should rp with him! - Loki

  • Kaelyn (played by PersnicketyGobo)
    Kaelyn is a lot of fun to play with, and she's really into hip hop! How awesome is that!? - Loki

  • I love Cori so much! She's a rancher with a heart of gold and she is so much fun to play with! Just be sure to stay off her bad side! - Loki

  • Ajani (played anonymously)
    Oh Ajani, you evil wolf you! Even though you wanna kill us all I still love you anyway <3 Ajani is a lot of fun to roleplay with and is really helpful in a fight, if you can convince him to be on your side. A very cunning and tricksy character! :D - Loki

  • TornBySanity gave me hearts for when I was leaving even though she didn't know me. It was sweet and cute and I can't wait to rp with her when we get a chance to talk again. <3! - Krissy

  • Cassandra (played by Kyra45)
    It's a lioness that controls sand but she gets along well with anyone who aims to help her! A sand lioness--a super rare breed that is incredibly friendly if reserved at first. I love her for her unique personality and original concept. Definitely well-worth throwing a character at--you can only imagine the possibilities for a lion who can control sand. I imagine she'd be perfect for the beach as well. Plus her player is very friendly. :) - PenGryphon2007

  • Arien is loads of fun to play with, and he's the perfect amount of happy-go-lucky to balance against grumpy 'ol TMIG XD Keep some Tabasco handy and prepare for a fun time if you decide to RP with Arien! - Witness

  • I keep running into funny, original and interesting new characters, only to find they belong to Copper! She's an awesome, friendly, caring lady who deserves a bazillion million trillion gazillion hugs. GIVE THEM TO HER! - Sanne

  • Cranky Doortrap (played by Kyra45)
    CD is the first AI car that Chris has had the pleasure of meeting outside of Clutch. And he's learned that what's inside a car is far more important than the exterior. So he's trying to fix her up. If only she could stay in one piece and stop rusting! But her spy-like tendencies are fun, as are her hidden weapons. Surprises are at every turn, and your character may struggle (in a good way!) to keep up with her ever changing forms from car to human. :D - PenGryphon2007

  • Just when Chris thought he could handle CD, 54 shows up with a chunk of CD's missing core and a bad personality. But Chris believes every car deserves a chance, and he loves how 54 keeps him on his toes. Although he could do without the constant worry of whether 54 will blow up the garage. Or run him over. In fact, the safest place to be with 54 is inside the vehicle with her. 54 is amazing and she's even wormed her way into Aaron's heart--probably because she loves to race as much as he does. - PenGryphon2007

  • A young mechanic that has a rather cool way of dealing with cars, even talking ones that have eyes. Just be sure he doesn't happen to catch sight of anything he dislikes. - Kyra45

  • Clutch (played by PenGryphon2007)
    Clutch is an interesting AI car that isn't afraid to take the driver on a ride of their own! Just don't tell him if he has some dents. - Kyra45

  • Kyra deserves kudos just for having awesome profile colors! That, and I love how she's not afraid to let the world know just what kind of characters she likes: CARS! It almost makes me want to make my own talking car. :3 - Sanne

  • Sola (played anonymously)
    What a gorgeous character with a lot of well thought out detail. PLeasure to read! - TheLily