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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Cross (played by Bloodwolf1994)
    Cross is quite interesting, both in setup of his profile and the character itself. A typical case of 'hard shell, soft core' with a bit of a twist. ;) - Sanne

  • Ratri Kasai (played anonymously)
    Ratri has a wonderfully detailed profile with an extensive history written. Anyone looking for a demon to roleplay with should consider him! - Sanne

  • Xiu Hua (played by BronyPi)
    Xiu Hua gets kudos just for the awesome fact she has a Xenomorph familiar! I've never seen that before, and think it's a very unique concept with oodles of potential. - Sanne

  • Kichirin (played by ferabird)
    Kichirin has a gorgeous design and by what I read on her profile, also a gorgeous personality. She seems calm and gentle and all together lovely. :) - Sanne

  • "A man who loves cats is always my friend." Or maybe a good man. Or both! I don't remember who said that, but this is definitely true for Longinus. :) He's a fun guy to talk too OOCly and his writing is pretty darn good. So go roleplay with him! - Sanne

  • Katparker always has nice things to say and interesting ideas for roleplay. :) - Sanne

  • Despite having to put up with the difficulty of using a mobile device, fallensiner is a roleplaying machine. :) I haven't roleplayed with her myself, but I admire her dedication. - Sanne

  • Veritas Artis (played by Longinus)
    I've had the pleasure of exchanging roleplay posts with Veritas and I have to admit, I'm impressed by the way he roleplays his character. :) His writing is pleasant and he manages to convey his character's attitude very well. We haven't roleplayed for long, but the handful of posts we've got tell me plenty! - Sanne

  • Great guy, and fun to RP with. I always look forward to his replies. - Strangedisease

  • Celestina's a great RP partner. She is quick to reply, and her characters are fun, original, and quirky. Can't wait for future RP adventures with her. - Strangedisease

  • TornBySanity is buckets of fun. Literally buckets. RP with her, it is a good idea. - Strangedisease

  • Vename (played by clouise)
    This character gets Kudos purely based on her seeking section. You should take a look if you like detailed rp's. She knows what she's looking for and it looks like she would be a great person to play with. - TheLily

  • Victor Pryde (played anonymously)
    A character with a creepy history. If you like characters with darker pasts, take a good, long look. - TheLily

  • Voluptas (played by skittleyes)
    Someone who knows that imagry can be more than just visual I can definitely imagine this character being beside me! Even if you don't look at the profile to play with them, read it to see the amazing writing. - TheLily

  • Waltraude (played by letztearierin)
    I love how the stats aren't just conventional ones like health, strength and the like. Way to use it creatively! - TheLily

  • Witness (played by Phrostphyre)
    I don't know what inspired Witness the character, but Phrost really put a bunch of cool detail in this. SPACE America sounds fabulous. - TheLily

  • Wren Avari (played by AnneBonny)
    Quite an interesting character here. A hard worker that I would like to see excel in the things she does. I'd root for her. - TheLily

  • Yevdokiya (played anonymously)
    This profile is jawdropping. Well detailed and the art is pretty awesome! - TheLily

  • Zaylin (played by Kaida)
    The abilities on this character are awesome and creative :) - TheLily

  • Zuraye (played by Tasha)
    There is something wonderful about a scarred character. This one is beautiful and has a great profile. - TheLily