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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • I'm still convinced Becky is a cyborg from the future that was sent to the present to kill us all with niceness. Her friendliness, helpfulness and jelly-inducing creativity are an asset for any RP community.

    Incredible world-building capabilities aside, she plays a varied bunch of characters who are all unique and credible. Also I'm a sucker for her art style.

    Bats. - SeraphicStar

  • A girl who is both imaginative and pleasant to speak with. :) There's never a dull moment when chatting with her and I love watching her characters blossom from her wonderful mind! - Skye

  • This girl right here has some of the best characters I've seen and had the pleasure to gawk at. Seriously, have you LOOKED at Cayne? Can't wait to actually roleplay with her someday. 8D - Skye

  • Not Rp'd with yet, but plan to! Still, awesome person to chat with. RP with them, roar! - Tetttiva

  • Lalala~ 8D MORE KUDOS? Yes because this boy needs to be RECOGNISED. Although he's a sneak and has none of his amazing characters listed you should seriously find him on Furcadia or even message him here on RPR for roleplay. 8D ILY. - Skye

  • Just because. Great characters, well thought out. Great Rp, always pleasant. Wonderful person. Great art! i love her! - Tetttiva

  • Flynn (played anonymously)
    Austin has proved to be a highly entertaining and adaptable character! When flung into the Mass Effect world, Oaky managed to adapt Austin efficiently despite never having played the games or being familiar with the setting.

    Don't let the existing background on Austin's page frighten you off if you fear he won't work out. He will. ;) - Sanne

  • We both missed our 1 year RPing Anniversary! Maybe because we both didn't quite realize just how quickly time flew by. I honestly feel that our RPs are still so fresh and I still love giving posts. Every time I log on, I immediately check to see if Blackito has replied. I really love this guy and his characters. And the fact that he is always willing to start up a new RP to satisfy my needs! (Even if they don't always last long) - kuroi_neko

  • Soleil Noir (played anonymously)
    I LOVE this pirate character! She's got her own ship, first mate, and of course the hunger for loot. She also doesn't back down from a fight. Her character is fantastic and if you're in need of a good pirate, choose her! She's a great antagonist. <3 - PenGryphon2007

  • Marle (played anonymously)
    Marle is probably one of the few characters who can not only keep up with Arien, but can give him a run for his money! A prankster herself, Marle knows when to have fun and when to be serious. Though she's on the run from her hometown, she's always got time to enjoy the local sights! She's a well-rounded, well-thought out character--just don't expect any long-range combat--she's as bad as Arien when it comes to shooting bows. XD Fantastic character, great sense of humor, and very engaging. - PenGryphon2007

  • Dingoz is a fantastic guy to RP with and an even more amazing friend. Or is that an amazing friend and even more amazing RP-er? He's made the RP between Arien and Marle marvelously complex, and his style is nothing short of incredible. You'll never be bored with him! His flair for characters, main, supporting, or otherwise is incredible. Just RP-ing with him has helped me to grow my own style and characters! So, RP with him! No excuses! <3 - PenGryphon2007

  • Divinity St Vitalia (played anonymously)
    I've been looking for a Reaper character to play with my Death character and I found her! Div is exotic, unique and yet she's always focused on making sure she "sticks to the list"! It makes for an entertaining time when Death tries to short-circuit his routes, or go against "the list". Div is powerful, knowledgeable, and sticks to her philosophy, which makes her fun to RP with. And her ability to take cat-shape leads to more amusing ends. :) Can't wait to see how Death and Div get along! - PenGryphon2007

  • Jinx is an amazing person, friendly, fun, and engaging to chat with that I couldn't wait to RP with her. Her characters are amazingly indepth and I don't think you could pick a bad one if you tried! The detail she includes in her posts only accentuates her characters and makes for a grand time! Keep it up, Jinx! <3 - PenGryphon2007

  • Solomon is super excellent! A RL good friend, and a seasoned D&D Rper. Great sense of humor, and imaginative characters, you wont want to miss out on an RP with him! - Strangedisease

  • Udende (played anonymously)
    We only had a chance to RP the once just after Udende was created. She is a very unique breed and the character herself is just a bit sassy (in a good way!) - Dylan

  • Phoenix (played by Hippofeathers)
    This character is insanely awesome. Her personality and design are fantastic, being not only cool and interesting, but also amazingly genuine. - Ilmarinen

  • First off, you'll love Meme because of her amazeballs skills at keeping the RP flowing. She's one of the people that give me 2-3 full screen posts, and I love that! Her boys are amazing, and it didn't take me long to have Shame as a best friend for Mya. Things spiraled upwards after that, and now I can't get enough! Seriously, RP with her. You'll wonder what you're missing! I love her to bits<3! - Gem

  • Anjie has her heart in the right place. She's always kind and compassionate. I'm pretty thrilled that we roleplay, although I wish I had more time to do so than I do! - phylus

  • Gem
    Gem is just lovable. She's my best friend, my wife and she's an amazing RPer. She will keep you on edge and make you come back for more! Did I tell you I love her <3? - Shame

  • Fenrir is an old friend and a fantastic writer. What offside storylines and plots we've crafted have been great fun, and the character interaction is somehow always dynamic. - ferabird