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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Rikelle seems to be a bottomless source of stunningly well-rounded, creative characters, in addition to being a wildly skilled writer. She's gorgeous and friendly out of character, and most certainly deserves all of your attention, immediately. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Hooke

  • Belial (played by Belial)
    A very unique character, not always as mean as he looks. Definently fun to roleplay with, certainly on my character Few! - Kieva

  • Jetticus
    For making me laugh even though I haven't had sleep in 40 hours... And being awesome - Drayle88

  • Tons of epic characters, always giving a good time, it's PenGryphon! I love roleplaying with her tons, and not to mention she's great for bouncing ideas off of and keeping a roleplay going. - Amirrora

  • Mana (played by Drayle88)
    Made completely of Mana?! That's freaking AWESOME :D - Jetticus

  • Drayle always has some cool video games news and is knowledgeable beyond the expected gamer! He's awesome... now he needs chicken! - Jetticus

  • /)*(\ My best brony friend who I haven't seen in forever! Bones is awesome, there are no words to describe.<3 - Jello_Monsta

  • Kim
    Kim gets kudos for creating this site, because without this site and all the friends I have made I would probably not feel as awesome as I do right now. She's an absolute doll, and one of the best site admins I have ever met who actually talks to her members and LISTENS! Props Kim!~ <3 - Jello_Monsta

  • Loki is awesome, I love my Loki. She's fun to rp with and chat with, and has a way of involving everyone. She's the nicest person I know <3 - Jello_Monsta

  • Jetticus
    Jett is awesome! He's a laid back, chill kind of guy! RPing with him has been fun so far and I can't wait to see where our characters end up. Not only is he a great RP partner he is a great friend too! <3 - Jello_Monsta

  • Loki seems to have a character for every single genre; and that's incredible! I've not had the chance to snag 'em for a roleplay, but they seem like a whole lotta fun. - Esoterica

  • Loki.. the god of mischief.. right? NICE! Where have you been hiding my slippers all this time? I need the right one back. The characters look like they could be amusing to rp with. Keep up the good times! - Iokua

  • Amazing person, a joy to talk to and joke with!Everyone has already said what I wanted to say! I will help you with chemistry for forevers! Love ya girlie. - Tiufel

  • Doc Scalpel (played anonymously)
    A very interesting character! He sounds delightful to roleplay with, and is very fleshed out. I'd love to roleplay with him sometime! - Amirrora

  • Mophead (played anonymously)
    I remember watching Mop come onto the scene at TGT. some little quite runt that everyone seemed to appreciate picking on. A really indepth character that once you start poking at you don't want to stop, even when he's being rped in the main hall. You feel a draw to go to his rescue, offer a suggestion to screw him over. Something! Love the character. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • An incredibly sweetheart, always so friendly and willing to work things through. And why they doesn't always appreciate excessive whispers, they're willing to talk through certain ideas. Supportive theories and amazing suggestions. So why Rike might want to kick me in the butt for saying it, start brain picking if you can. Just please don't turn our Rike into a zomibe. <3 - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Verpa (played by Rikelle)
    One of the most fun characters I have found. Not only a true NC, he's also just absolutely interesting to capture in any type of roleplay. From "Do you know" to "You need to teach". Always eager and willing to be a 'victim' or a 'YOU BOW NOW" moments. It's fascinating to see what Verpa is up to next! - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Doc Scalpel (played anonymously)
    The one and only mad doctor! Not everyone can pull this off, but Doc is such a fantastic character, terrifyingly curious and at times hilarious in his lack of social skills. Just watch out for those teeth! - Esoterica

  • Anya (played by Lullaskye)
    Whilst Campy and little Anya do not exactly see eye-to-eye, I enjoy every interaction with her. She's witty, funny and a great laugh even when we're only talking. - Esoterica

  • This character profile is beautiful. You can tell that so much love and care has been put into every tiny detail. What a wonderful character - and this profile shows both her and her RPer off. - Claine