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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • This lovely gal right here? I haven't spoken to her nearly enough in the last couple of months, but I adore her and think everyone else should too. :3 She's fun to be with and talk to and always has fun new ideas for her characters. - Sanne

  • Dagger (played by Jane)
    Smoky, dark, sultry, gorgeous and invigorating. Dagger is a versatile and well developed character with spice and everything that's nice to those with a masochistic streak. :3 - Sanne

  • Drake (played by DrakeWymulf)
    Drake has a very well thought out character bio and an interesting history. Love the details and extras given within this character page. - srvixen

  • It's a Pen! It's a Gryphon! It's PenGryphon! A frequent visitor of the chat and always fun to talk to. :) I haven't had the chance to RP with her yet, but her love for Latin and diverse ideas for characters makes me look forward to that. - Sanne

  • An interesting seeming guy, with even more interesting characters. Despite the small amount currently listed, his characters are fleshed out with detail and make me wanna jump all over them. I'd love to rp with him sometime! - Amirrora

  • Awesome profile, flowchart made me laugh and you seem really nice :D - Kasie

  • teacakes clothing guide is probably the best thing i've ever seen/read. ever. the person who plays her is obviously fantastical. i want to be her lesbian muse. - neon

  • She was the first to be nice and compliment me! She also made me feel welcomed to the site! Thank you so much! - Randomized1

  • I really appreciate the way I was made to feel welcome by him! Thank you for the fun welcome! - Randomized1

  • I was looking over her vast array of characters and found myself floored! Each one is in-depth and look crazy fun. Kudos for such creativity! - CrescentNomad

  • Mikeayla Renard (played anonymously)
    Hot to trot, this woman is loaded with personality and fun. I always enjoy running into her on an IC or OOC basis. Give her a poke, she is well worth the look see. - CrescentNomad

  • Kim
    This woman has provided a wonderful site for RPers to unite and show off their characters. Always helpful, and cheerful about it too, she has successfully restored my faith in site admins. Thank you for all that you do! - CrescentNomad

  • One of the most fantastic dream weavers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, Heimdall has it all! Grand characters, a wicked cool personality, and a beautiful heart. I cannot express how much I admire this person to the fullest. - CrescentNomad

  • The Englishman (played by Hooke)
    There is a difference between gratuitous violence and compelling characterization, and The Englishman straddles in the most provocative & imaginative way. He's cunning, witty, and perfectly terrifying. Honestly, just roleplay with the fellow - you're missing out, if you don't. - Rikelle

  • Maithe (played anonymously)
    I met this character a very, VERY long time ago - and he has only become more amazing. Fleshed out doesn't begin to cover it; Maithe's actions are believable and compelling, as well as logical in a way that drives roleplay perfectly. When I see him online, my heart is all a flutter ~ anyone would be honored to be included in Maithe's extensive story! <3 - Rikelle

  • Siuloir (played anonymously)
    There are very few who don't know of Edwarde, and those that don't are missing out! Loved this character from the first time I ever saw him, and he has never lost his touch. Phenomenal all around! - CrescentNomad

  • Loki is KILLER AWESOME for starting up to Kudopocalypse again! Loki is a pretty awesome chicky and I love seeing what she has to post on the forums. Just take a look of her awesome list of characters! ...also, her profile is pretty awesome. - Dylan

  • Goat
    TRIPLE KUDOS FOR YOU. I don't even have words to express how wonderful Robin is. I'm so glad to have her in my life and that she is such a wonderful friend! - Dylan

  • Verpa (played by Rikelle)
    YOU KNOW WHAT. I have yet to have the chance to RP with Verpa! I have only ever heard wonderful things about the character. Rikelle, as a player, is an amazing person! - Dylan

  • I gave the character kudos, but now I must give the player one! I've known Clyde for a few years! He's intelligent, hilarious, and quick-witted. This man is a riot and I do consider him a close friend. - Dylan