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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Billy Benson (played by Monica)
    I love that she has a sample post right on her page! It's a great idea! - TheLily

  • Eyeball (played by Cootie)
    What an adorable little creature! Very original too! - TheLily

  • Maverick (played by Lazarus)
    I like that this character has plots in mind already. The Icon is pretty snazzy too! - TheLily

  • The Pied Piper (played anonymously)
    Great use of the tag line! It drew me right in and the profile kept my attention. - TheLily

  • Buster (played by Warwick)
    I love that Buster is a big ol' dino. Must be hard to play! - TheLily

  • I've seen her art around and dang is it good! - TheLily

  • Sorrow (played by sorrow)
    I was curious enough to go to the link. I'm glad I did. What a well rounded character. - TheLily

  • Krieg is my husband, so I try not too heap too much praise on him, but I love the detail in this profile. Four characters rolled into the crew. Love them. - TheLily

  • Taniwha (played anonymously)
    I saw a picture of him on Turiah's profile and I can't tell you how excited I was to read his side of things! I lvoe this profile! - TheLily

  • Remy (played by Rubix)
    He's one charming Voodoo Priest cher, He's very intriguing and a little mysterious. Awesome character <33 - Nuclear_Dingoz

  • Manuel (played by SanityCatch)
    Manuel is such a fun character to play with, and he's played so well that his telepathic powers don't seem to give him too much of an advantage! Definitely rp with this guy if you can! - Loki

  • So glad I started to play with this character. He's just what I needed - someone to hate IC! - TheLily

  • Kyra is amazingly fun to rp with, Her characters are so unique and it amazes me how she comes up with the way she plays them. - Nuclear_Dingoz

  • I love digimon and I love this concept. I wish I could figure out how to play with him! - TheLily

  • Loki has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and geeking out over all the same shows we enjoy. All I can say is, carry on my wayward son! ;) - Darth_Angelus

  • Roxana (played anonymously)
    Good detail in this profile, including rules, seeking and of course a beautiful gallery! - TheLily

  • Bandit is the coolest raptor ever! She's so much fun to play with, and it's hilarious to see her with her 'nephew' Neji! - Loki

  • Drew a doodle of me with the best hat ever, for that you surely deserve kudos :) - Darth_Angelus

  • Silenia (played by Kyra45)
    From a random drawing Kyra created this character. I love hearing abou the adventures it gets in on chat! - TheLily

  • Corianne (played by Corinna)
    The lone image in the gallery stopped me for a moment. She is utterly beautiful. I love all the jewellery she wears and the look on her face. Wow, just wow! - TheLily