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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Bocca (played anonymously)
    He's a unique character- how many skunks have you seen lately? He's played ridiculously well, and somehow his player makes skunks sexy! - Eve

  • He makes a very dashing Commander Shepard. Just sayin'. - thoreau

  • Great rp partner, love roleplaying with her characters. - LittleLuckyRed1

  • Thank you, that you always listen to me; *smooches hard* Youre my sweetling <3 - Jane

  • I bloody love this woman, despite playing quite an intimidating (though equally loveable) character (Siena) she's utterly lovely and I don't know what I'd do without her! She's just an altogether good person <3 - Eve

  • I haven't had the pleasure of RPing with her (yet?), but she has been very kind in the chat thread and she's a very sweet person. Seeing her in chat puts a smile on my face! - CelestinaGrey

  • While playing a bastard of a hound, you stay quite charming OOC and that is magnificent! Definitely someone everyone should roleplay with! c: - IzzieBiz

  • Bocca (played anonymously)
    Two words. Baddass. Character. <3 - Marishka

  • One of my favorite folks to role play with and talk to. If for nothing else the fact I can threaten him with fluffybum nicknames! But seriously, inventive character that's never really old and fun to see what happening next to a amazingly sweet guy to just go crazy at and then have him pop ya one and set you straight. <3 Good friend and awesome role player. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • I don't know Claine that well, but she just radiates a kind of awesome that makes me want to befriend her! :D She's sweet and warm to everyone she meets. - Sanne

  • This chick right here is beyond amazing. Yoshino never disappoints in a roleplay, even when she fights while drunk! Haha, good times. :] Out of all the people I roleplay with I'd tag her in the "I'd like to roleplay with more" category. c: Totally awesome. - IzzieBiz

  • Karishi (played by DL909)
    This character here, my favorite person to to with :D she is not only the owner of Reginald but i see her as a good friend of mine and I believe she deserves kudos for being a fun person in general - Warwick

  • Always making a situation interesting ;) - LittleLuckyRed1

  • Made me feel so super good about stuff I'd be doing anyway. Clearly knows how to brighten a day! - Kim

  • Trystyn (played by Ostracized)
    It's been AGES. I don't know what made Jam wander up to your leather-jacket wearing, stoic-face sporting tiger, but, I'm -so- glad she did. Tryst has made her laugh, cry and throw things, but she loves him and cherishes her politely indifferent manservant/ken-doll. GOOD LUCK GETTING RID OF ME. Three years and counting? Whooshit. x3 - Shawn

  • Dionysis (played by Deadlyhabitual)
    Brilliantly-written, well thought out character commanded by an eloquent player. - Bedlam_Babe

  • With an eye-catching individual style that comes across both visually through art and through roleplays, Hooke never ceases to impress and leave one yearning to find out more about what other character's might be lurking waiting to be shown to the world. - Yuka

  • Look at her arts and her charas! ^^ you'll love her as much as I do! <3 - DL909

  • Freya Vika Morris (played anonymously)
    Such an awesome character, not to mention she's a very friendly person out of it too! - Bix

  • This man is diamonds! <3 You know, the kind that is awesome and sparkly and makes your grilfriend fawn over it. He's fun, funny, and just nice to hang out with. - Earendill