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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Lance is the friendliest person ever :D He's always open for any kind of Rp and he posts almost as fast as the Celly Post Monster :P - f0x1nth3b0x

  • Though she may be quiet at first, but get to know Kyra and you'll love her! She's an exellent roleplayer and a fun person to talk to! Kyra's worth your time folks! ^^ she's a great friend and worthy rp partner. - DL909

  • The foxy one is a good friend and a very well versed RPer and due to RPs I've had with her, she has given me inspiration for a part of my book series I had been drawing a blank on. I mean what better plot twist then for a character to meet a person then meet a younger version of that same person later due to their ability to traverse through the space/time fabrics at will? - Hurricane_Lance

  • I have yet to do a one on one RP with her far as i can rememberbut from what I've seen in the group RPs me and her have both participated in, she is indeed a skilled RPer with a creative mind to match. - Hurricane_Lance

  • Selene (played by Selene)
    Awesome character, Awesome Art, Awesome RPer, Awesome site. :D - Meli

  • A wonderful (as well as insanely talented) person! Endless, endless kudos to the creative flair and engaging works of Hooke via text or visuals~ - Toriko

  • Kim
    Quite possibly the most hilarious site admin I've ever come across. She's also a hard worker to the best roleplay site I have found to date. c: - bblueprintlovee

  • Kim
    Kim has done alot of hard work to make sure that everyone on this site has an awesome time and that it runs smoothly for everyone. She is willing to do what is needed, and I hope she gets that amazing thanks she deserves :D - Iokua

  • It's not too often one crosses paths with a Sith as kind as this guy is. He's helpful cool and from what I've seen, an extremely calm and chill guy. And he does his moderator duties with the skill awesome moderator. - Hurricane_Lance

  • I may not have roleplayed with him much but from what I have done with him I have to say that his ability to keep a good story going is as rich as his taste for blood. - Amadeu5_M0zar1

  • Kim
    What's not to love about her? Not only did she create this awesome site, but without her this site would fall apart. Not to mention she is kind and funny.

    Thanks Kim for sticking around for so long and still having an awesome mood! - Amadeu5_M0zar1

  • To me, Darth is as important a member of the RPR as Kim is. He is super kind and helpful, and not only a most brilliant and excellent moderator, but also a great entertainer and film maker! And he killed Jar Jar. - Pyrroglaux

  • I wanted to thank you for kudos and thought it to be appropriate to send one your way in return. The reason would be for your outstanding and relentlessness at trying new things with others. It isn't always easy. And that my dear friend is why you deserve this kudos from I. - Sherlock

  • Kim
    Kim, I want to thank you for your inspiration that you've given me to do kind things to acquaintances and absolute strangers. Kindness is the ultimate gift because it will open doors for not only yourself, but to others when it would seem all else would fail. Keep up the wonderful work that you do. It is and will always be greatly appreciated. - Sherlock

  • Really funny, really friendly, and has brilliant (and responsibly played) characters. That's a whole lot of awesome in one person. - Kim

  • With a collection of spectacularly detailed characters ranging from the entertaining to the haunting, it is a delight to witness her roleplay. On top of that, she's as charming and friendly as they come :) - Yuka

  • Though I can't say I've RPed much with her, the bit i have done, which is currently in progress with another about to start, has been fun and and interesting so far. I'm enjoying it and can already tell it's only going to get better from where it's at right now. - Hurricane_Lance

  • A good friend of mine for several years now, we've got some RP history together for lack of better words. And over the years I've seen her RPing skills evolve into the level they are now making them potential ideas for inclusion in a book series I'm currently writing. She is quite arguably the best RP partner I've ever had and at the rate she's going, she'll most likely be my favorite person to RP with. People like her will keep me RPing until the day I take my last breath. - Hurricane_Lance

  • A good guy to RP with. His characters, as cliche' as RPing vampires may be, redefine the scope of using them by simply modifying rules for another game to make them fit in non-dice based RPs to keep the RP unique. He's also quite fun to come up with quite evil, and painful to enemies ideas with. He reminds me of me in some ways and boy is that scary. - Hurricane_Lance

  • Kim
    Well it's time i try out this kudos thing and what better candidate than the main (wo)man of RPR. She's a great person to know being kind, and helpful. She is prompt to demolish bugs the members of the RPR community may find in their soup or being bed hogs. With all the stuff she does for the community it makes me wonder what it'd be like to RP with her or how she even finds the time to RP with the community and I know she does as I've seen her characters names pop up in RPs. Thank you Kim. - Hurricane_Lance