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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • A great roleplayer and adorable too! Look at that face - who couldn't love her!? - TheLily

  • She is so nice and welcoming. I just friended her yesterday and she was so nice and polite to me! - wolfkill11

  • My birthday buddy is the only dude on here that I can talk about beer with... It's good to know I'm not the only one in the world RPR that enjoy a cold one. :D - Jetticus

  • The most epic sith lord of all times. In all honesty though, Darth is awesome even if he weren't a sith lord. He's always there to listen to me whine, and gives sound advice. If you ever have a problem he tries to help you out. So we should really ask ourselves, is he just a jedi in a sith suit? :P <3 - Jello_Monsta

  • Taciturn
    Beinnj is a fantastic writer with rich, multi-layered characters that all capture a distinct image and feel. Further, they set a high bar for the darker side of literature, tastefully presenting and expressing concepts for which the likes of which Barker or Carpenter would find themselves possessed of an envy towards. - Ulysses

  • One of the first people I made friends with here. Foxy has always been a pleasure to talk to in the chat and it's always good to see what she gets upto. - Darth_Angelus

  • I look forward for a future chance to polay with Amirrora, when my availability opens up and if she'll take me. :) She has a very diverse cast with many potential environments. I'm sure almost anyone can find something to play with her! - Minerva

  • PenGryphon is an absolutely amazing rper! I couldnt ask for a better friend on rprepository! Her characters Arien and Kai are amazing and she is always coming up with the best replies! Arien i love especially because he is an amazing character with a big personality and is always coming up with something that makes the rp's humorus at times! Arien is a downright awesome character! PenGryphon is the best rper i know! Thanks for everything PenGryphon! - StillDoll

  • A fun person who is always cheerful and makes me laugh with the funny things she says in chat. - Kyra45

  • Sanne is quite possibly one of the most well informed people I have ever met :P She's always generous and helpful in chat or else where on the site and her characters are all intriguing! - f0x1nth3b0x

  • Xeones (played by Loki)
    Xeo and Panne only just met, but gosh is Xeo fun to play with! He's cute and clueless, and I can't even begin to imagine where this takes the both of them. :D - Sanne

  • I love Foxy and her artsy fartsy stuffsy. :D She's so much fun to talk to in the chat and I look forward to see her entering more art contests in the future. - Sanne

  • The Dragon (played by Ilmarinen)
    I'm not very easily impressed with the content on character profiles, but Heimdall has blown my mind away. It's got an extensive amount of information on even the smallest details that makes it nearly come to life! Kudos more than well deserved! :D - Sanne

  • Jihan (played by CrescentNomad)
    An amazing and very sexy character, who's backstory interests me greatly! I've seen him in action on the boards and would love to roleplay with him sometime. (Did I already give him Kudos? If I did... heres more!) - Amirrora

  • The Englishman (played by Hooke)
    What an amazing monster of a man! I adore what little rp we've had together and I can only hope we have more! ~ Izekial. - Bix

  • Nero A Draconis (played by benzy)
    At first he seemed almost intimidating, but as Nai got to know the character more he's a good fit. The player, is amazing. Between flirting or fighting or just acting the Papa, amazing is all I can say and the player is uber sweet and hilarious. Always awaiting to see Nero log in. <3 - Merenrave

  • I haven't had many chances to RP with this individual. But from what I have done, and witnessed, has been mind blowing and wonderful. I love the characters and the player really is fun and talented. - CrescentNomad

  • Luulu is super creative and full of great ideas. She's friendly and sociable, and always willing to help out. She even has a character slot for TESTING out character ideas! How cool is that?! - Amirrora

  • I've only managed roleplay with Raginfrik's player a few times, but Raginfrik is very accommodating and makes an effort to makes things happen even when the computer is lagging the player out the arse. Very friendly in whispers, and easy to talk to, I give Prince of RPR Kudos!~ A strong recommendation from me for this roleplayer! - Mars

  • The Englishman (played by Hooke)
    Severely disturbing, but also endlessly fascinating. The Englishman embodies everything a true villain should have. Wit, charm, and a thirst for blood I find myself intrigued and eager to RP with this freaky fellow. - CrescentNomad