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More about RPR 2.0

Over the last few weeks, I've been deep in a code hole, running experiments to see how well the RPR might take to being converted into a more modern codebase and framework.

The results were even better than I had hoped. So many features happily evolved to fit into the new system. So many showed glimmered of new super powers they could take on. I'm generating pages of notes and ideas and diagrams.

So many doors opened. So many possibilites revealed themselves.

Because of this conversion, a lot of features I had previously turned down or not had a prayer of finding the time to create are going to come back on the table - for example, having a "dark" theme for the site for those whose eyes are sensitive to light, allowing for bigger image uploads, the ability to keep characters in "draft" mode until you're ready to unveil their profiles, even more ultra-deep character/group theme customization, finer control of column layouts and more.

A lot of interfaces will be re-architected to better accommodate all the various features that the RPR has evolved over the years, which I hope will make it easier to understand and take advantage of the wide array of options the RPR already includes but maybe doesn't do a good job of explaining.

Of course, some things will come out on the other end looking and feeling basically exactly as they do right now -- if I try to change everything at once for the relaunch, we'll never make it there! ;)

All in all, I'm super, super excited and happy.

So, on the subject of that relaunch: We're still looking at at least 6 months of work to make this happen, and quite possibly in the range of 8-10 months. Obviously, faster is better! How fast I can get this done will depend very much on how much time I can devote to focusing on it, rather than having to build other things for clients in order to put food in my belly.

To support the rapid re-development of the site, in the coming weeks, I'll be organizing a sort of RPR "bake sale" to raise funds. More on that soon. :)

As an unintended result of my brain filling up with this obsession, I'm way behind on your PMs and bug reports. Many apologies on that front! I'll do my level best to catch up over this week.

Here are some answers that I can offer right now to some questions I've gotten about this process:

Are we going to have to start over? Will we keep our characters?

You won't lose your account or characters. You'll keep any benefits you purchase. Your RPs won't be deleted. It's just the code that will be starting from scratch - not you.

The purpose of this rebuild is to make the site function better into the future, modernize it, and make more features possible. Every effort will be put into preserving your data.

Will there be any downtime?

When RPR 2.0 is ready to go, I'm currently anticipating about 12-24 hours of downtime as everything is migrated onto the new system. This is months away, and you'll get plenty of warning.

Will we get any updates in the meantime?

Shortly, we will be replacing the current push notifications system with a new one intended to fix some of the issues with push notifications only working for a few weeks before needing to be re-enabled, and possibly make it available to Apple users. This will be the last major update to this version of the site.

After that, we will enter a complete "development freeze," which means that no new features will be built for this version, and only mission-critical bugs will be fixed here. All development energy will go toward making the new version of the site ready for us as quickly as possible. This is unfortunate, but I strongly believe it will make the site better and stronger for years and years to come.

You'll start to get responses from me that say things like, "I've fixed this bug in RPR 2.0" or "Good idea, I've added that to/put that on the list for RPR 2.0"

What about the Meet Cute and Epic Week?

We will still be running the Meet Cute, Epic Week, and other regularly scheduled events as normal! The social side of things will keep on kicking here. :)

Epic Week site-wide prizes may look different this year, as frozen development will mean we won't be able to release new templates and features as your rewards. I'm sure I'll tantalize you with screenshots of what's coming, though ;) And we'll find other methods of giving suitably epic rewards. :D

Do we HAVE to call it RPR 2.0?

No, absolutely not. Taking suggestions for a better name in the comments! ;)

Community Feedback

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  • SexySultryAngelBabe

    January 26th 2019


    I'm getting hungry already.
  • 8_Stars_8

    January 26th 2019


    I am sooooo excited. ;) Kim, just remember that all bodily needs of yours come first. AKA, make sure to get that food in your belly! XD

    No, but seriously, this is amazing! :) Thanks to the community, Kim, and everyone else who has made this possible! :D
  • Volka

    January 26th 2019


  • Sanne

    January 26th 2019


    I am beyond excited to see this happen omg.
  • Kytsora

    January 26th 2019


    Sounds good to me! All I need is a good alert to tell me when the downtime is scheduled. It'll be awesome to see the new changes!
  • HoundDog

    January 26th 2019


    I'm absolutely stoked for this!
  • Kim

    January 26th 2019


    Cheesecake, noted! ;)

    To clarify, the RPR's name is not changing officially. This is just what I'm nicknaming the project/differentiating the two versions in discussion. :)
  • Thylonicus

    January 26th 2019


    Really Psyched Relaunch! :D

    Seriously, though, it's awesome news, and I can't wait to see what you're going to come out with. I doubt any of us will mind if it takes ten months, twelve, or more. What matters is getting it to where you're comfortable with it and not driving yourself crazy in the process. :D
  • Voldarian_Empire

    January 26th 2019


    Your devotion to this community is absolutely appreciated Kim. You have all our support and I for one look forward to this "bake sale" of yours (psst....I like cheesecake)

    P.S. I personally like to just call it RPR, maybe that's lame but in the long run I dont like the idea of the site having a name change. This could in the meantime be called something simple like "Project Renewal" simple and to the point, then when it's done we can celebrate and continue with RPR with a new fresh look but the same name....just my 2 cents :)

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