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In an intense flurry of activity, every active mod graded every application. We got about 45 applications this time around.

When the names on those applications were revealed to us, these were the folks who scored the highest:

KeKe (used to go by Kelseylou until today!)

For most of you, there will be some familiar faces on this list -- all of these people have been long-time members who have been active and helpful in the community for many years. Without even knowing who they were, their applications demonstrated deep thoughtfulness, attention to detail, experience, and care with bias. Their answers showed clearly how much they have absorbed (and helped to foster!) the culture that the RPR tries to promote.

Given the expansion of membership and the related increase in site activity, the mod team decided that rather than bringing in one or two new mods, we would stretch ourselves and grow fast so that we can keep up with the community's growing needs. We were so pleased when they all accepted an offer to join the mod team, allowing us to double our team size!

That said, we're still cautious of expanding too quickly -- the last thing we want is to throw new mods into the thick of it without proper training and support. Therefore, these folks will be becoming active in smaller pairs, so there's not too much "crowding" in any one portion of the training.

These days, new mods spend about five weeks in training (and that goes for returning mods, too!) so that they are up to date on all our rules and their nuances, as well as the philosophy of the mod team and how we work together to decide on cases that exist in those "grey areas" outside of absolutely clear-cut rules.

I am thrilled to welcome such a talented group of people to our team, and I hope you will join me in supporting them as they find their sea legs :)

Thank you to everyone who applied. Our application process is a challenging one, requiring people to confront a range of clear-as-mud scenarios and try to navigate their way through before the benefit of a mod handbook and formal training. It was clear how much time and thought went in to your applications, and I am just absolutely chuffed that so many of you were willing to volunteer your time for our community. <3

Community Feedback

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  • Crystaldragon126

    July 15th 2019


    Congrats! :D
  • Dragonfire

    July 15th 2019


    Thanks for the warm welcome and congratulations, everyone! I'm really glad to have the opportunity to work with all these fine folks and help keep RPR absolutely epic. :D
  • Sweet_Little_Sock

    July 15th 2019


    That is awesome!
  • Auberon

    July 15th 2019


    Congrats to my fellow modlings, and thank you all for your very kind words! I'll do my best! o7
  • Darth_Angelus

    July 15th 2019


    Welcome to the team, new mods and welcome back Sanne :)
  • Sanne

    July 15th 2019


    Welcome to all the new team members, and thank you for having me back! :D This is extremely exciting, and I'm stoked to get through training.
  • GarnaalProductions

    July 15th 2019


    A new crew, yaay! Congratz, you guys~
  • wilts

    July 15th 2019


    Congrats all 🙏
  • Tusitala2017

    July 15th 2019


  • sland

    July 15th 2019


    Great to see Sanne back in action after a ~4-year hiatus! Oh, and everyone else. ;)
  • Theanimelover564

    July 15th 2019


    Well done.
  • MadRatBird

    July 15th 2019


    So many welcomes ;o;

    Thank you, you're all so sweet!
  • Libertine

    July 14th 2019


    Having such a supportive community is mad inspiring. Thank you all <3
  • Somnom

    July 14th 2019


    All hail the new mods! Congrats and thanks for all your hard work!
  • Ben

    July 14th 2019


    Welcome new moddos! And thank you everyone for being supportive of the new team :) <3 <3 <3

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