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Kudos for Luxe

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Where oh where should I begin? I have Admired Luxe from afar, always seeing their characters and wishing I could have stories like that. The BAM she comes into my life with the most wonderful stories I could ever imagine. She is so kind and patient with me when I have lull periods. I am thankful to have her as my friend, best friend even. Love you Luxe, lets continue to make stories <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Moql

  • Not much that I can say without going through a thesaurus to find the perfect to describe this woman. At first I was shy and afraid to even talk to her. Now even if I go silent force bit we pick things up as if it was only yesterday. Our stories and plots are one of the many things I adore about Luxe. But the friendship is neverending like her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - SennM

  • I have only written with Luxe a handful of times but I want to write with her all the time. She is wonderfully inventive and each of her characters and fun and unique in their own ways. Outside of RP she is sweet and caring, constantly considerate of others and willing to go the extra mile for everyone. I hope I get to write with her a lot more, I love her characters and her kind heart! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Caitlin

  • Luxe is an absolute darling. I've only just begun getting to know her, but she displayed her kindness and warmth in our very first interaction by reaching out to offer emotional support in a difficult moment. The world could do with more of that kind of selfless compassion. In addition, she's just a joy to talk to. Absolutely A+ human. Kind and understanding Helpful - Hooke

  • I haven't know Sarah very long, but the time I have Ive enjoyed every second. Ive always admired her girls from afar, finding both their rprs and designs delightful and creative. This lady has taste! Not only that but she's a ball of fun to talk to. I look foreword to getting to know her better over the next year. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Goblin

  • I love this girl. She has always been in my corner and never once judged me when my muse has been lacking but our ships are lifelong and never dull for a moment. You will never be disappointed if you ever get the chance to rp with any of her characters! Creative ideas Long-term partner - TakodaVega

  • Luxe is a diamond in the rough. I have known her for years but yet I have never been disappointed in our roleplays. She is kind, generous and a has a good heart. I hadn't seen the good heart bit till recently but I'm so glad I discovered it. She's got amazing control when it comes to tense situations and knows how to defuse the bomb in your head at times. She's amazingly supportive and patient. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Michonne

  • Sarah is someone I'm so happy to have in my life. No matter the time or distance, she always welcomes me back, and I'm so grateful for it. She's warm, witty, and one helluva writer. Her characters are all, without exception, absolute babes. Please give her a chance and roleplay with her. You won't be disappointed! - Auberon

  • Oh where would I be without my precious little Luna. She's watched me go through it all. Truck through the mud, and never told me that I'm horrible. She's never caused any drama, and she's an talented role-player. Anybody who says differently is lying. I've been at her side long enough to know by now. You will be incredibly sore for missing a chance of tea and England story with this Brit. Much love! - Michonne

  • Sarah's got so much going for her, she really is the whole package. It's rare to find someone who gives a shit beyond what is convenient and advantageous for them, but the friendship we've tested over the years is proof that true growth comes by virtue of humility. Neither of us ever does anything the easy way (much like our character pairs) and it's taken more than a few tries to get it right, but Sarah has an approach as both a friend and a writer that leaves no doubt that she cares. - emroidz

  • I've finally had the opportunity to RP with Sarah and I'm kicking myself for not engaging her sooner! Her writing is compelling and charming, and her posts are always so easy to respond to because she is extremely considerate of the other player and their character. She is also a total sweetheart to boot! - Elle

  • I don't think I could possibly fathom the words to say just how kind Sarah can be. A genuine person who really cares for others and takes as much time as she can to even get to know people. Going as far as to deliver gifts and love almost immediately. Truly a lovely soul and I am privileged to have met her. It's wonderful to see how much she does for people, even if it's just some kind words. - Outlands

  • This girl has been throw a lot, and still manages to come out strong. Though we may have had our differences I can honestly say I have always adored her thought process and creations. She's down to earth and will help someone in a pinch if she can. If you have a chance to talk or even better rp with her don't miss out. It will be worth it in the end. - Nekomanics

  • Sarah is a steadfast, wonderful friend. She's been there at my lowest of lows, keeping me company in the hospital and out. Her writing? Phenomenal, addictive, and intense. Her character designs are lush, stunning, and I love everything I've seen from her. Though we don't RP like we used to, I treasure every conversation we have. Love you bb! - Auberon

  • What a delight this girl is! I absolutely adore our RP's, our OOC shenanigans, and how insanely kind she is. I'm so glad I've gotten to both get to know her some and call her friend, as well as throw my characters at her like white on rice. <3 - Zorkia

  • I mean what is friendship if they don't understand something as simple as cba? Sarah is one of a kind, from her wacky and bold choices in lipstick to the hilarity that comes from our random messages. What started as a group RP blossomed into a type of friendship that while not requiring everyday conversation we both know where we stand. A source of love and support, a bubbly chick with a wicked sense of humor and not to mention one creative mind. Sarah, you're an absolute gem <3 - BobbinK

  • Oh, Sarah. More than just my pal and writing partner, Sarah is one of my most reliant friends. She offers a transparent and honest friendship, always here to support me during my tough times with a crisp high-five. Expect an array of dramatic, passionate, charming and hilarious characters from this gorgeous mind. - 13ee

  • If there is one thing I adore about this woman is the ability to give a spectrum of character personalities in a thoughtful and decisive manner. Though to be fair I had actually admired several of her characters from afar for dynamic stories, so when the opportunity came I took a chance and it has blossomed into an amazing friendship and I look forward to any opportunity to roleplay with her. <3 You always have someone in your court darlin~ - TakodaVega

  • Where do one begin, to tell the story about how a Platy can be?

    Seriously, Sarah is a brilliant human being that deserves all the best. Everything she does is awesome and she is awesome. She takes my saltiness with stride and she is so effin creative I get jealous. Just look at her characters, each of them is a treat to rp with! - Green

  • Sarah might be a meme, but she's my favorite meme. She's really been there for me when life has thrown me curveballs, having helped me through a very difficult hospitalization by providing companionship and understanding. Her roleplay, whether serious or hilarious, is out of this world, and if you can manage to get in on a plot, you should count yourself lucky! - Auberon