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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

(We also have a group where adult themes are allowed. It's not particularly active presently, but you are welcome to make use of it.)

As you carry on with your happy little lives, you will find yourself with new friends, new loves, perhaps even new families. You will locate the items you need, recover missing persons, uncover hidden truths, and ultimately defeat the evil which plagues you.

But, really now, what fun is it if the evil can't bite back? What glory is there in certain victory?

And what about those whose glory is evil?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Villains-R-Us.

How it Works

We collect those who want to be the bad guy instead of the hero. Our people don't mind blowing up those who get in their way. We might go on about what we deserve, the injustices we have faced, or generally how epicly awesome we are - but at the end of the day, we accept that nobody likes us. We will torment you, try you, make fun of your sissy boots, and fight you to the death.

If you're looking for a villain, or if you're a villain looking for a target, take a look through the lists right after this. If someone or something catches your eye, go ahead and get in touch directly. You can also use the forms at the bottom to get yourself listed.

Villains: Please confirm maim/kill/loss preferences with all players in a given RP.

Villain-seekers: Please make sure everyone in your RP agrees on maiming/killing/losing.

Maim/kill/loss preferences are used to denote willingness to face those things rather if it's simply possible. Some people don't want their character to be killed off, and some don't like the idea of their character being maimed. Because this is a villains thing, many may also want the villain to lose regardless, with the heroes only having to figure out how rather than actually overcoming a real effort to defeat them.

Vile Villains
For Hire
  • Gregor Moretti, aka "Blacksnake" - A coldhearted killer and skilled actor who specializes in taking down supernatural beings, despite being a mere human.
    More info
    Can be maimed: Yes, conditionally
    Can be killed: Yes, conditionally
    Likely to kill/maim: Yes; clean-kill oriented
    Preferred genre/setting: Supernatural, science fantasy mashup

  • Jackson - A golden boy with a pitch black heart, it's best to avoid catching his interest. While looking at his cheerful smile, you might miss his hand sinking into your gut.
    More info
    Can be maimed: Yes, conditionally
    Can be killed: Yes, conditionally
    Likely to kill/maim: Yes, brutally - but not a positive
    Preferred genre/setting: Supernatural, fantasy (any period)

  • Panther Corp - A bright future-building company with a very dark side.
    More info
    Can be maimed: Individuals, absolutely. Whole company, yes but unlikely.
    Can be killed: Individuals, absolutely. Whole company, yes but unlikely.
    Likely to kill/maim: Capture > Clean kill > Messy jobs
    Preferred genre/setting: Science fantasy
    Additional: Rather than an individual, this is a whole company who sends out teams and individuals.

  • Taryn Nix - A childish creature borne of shadows and magic whose entertainment comes at the expense of others.
    More info
    Can be maimed: Only temporarily
    Can be killed: Yes, conditional
    Likely to kill/maim: Very low; more likely to cause varying types and levels of discomfort
    Preferred genre/setting: Some form of fantasy, supernatural
    Additional Taryn is typically more a nuisance than a real threat, but she has been known to lead her victims to life-altering decisions and even drive them to suicide.

Dirty Deeds
Jobs Posted
  • Posted by [url=]x[/url] - Quick bit.
    More info
    Desired villain:
    Allow maiming:
    Allow death:
    Can villain win:
    Setting & Description:

Become a Villain

Fill out the following form and post it here. Please let me know if your character becomes unavailable!

Tagline/Brief: (One or two sentences)
Can be maimed: (Are you okay with it?)
Can be killed: (Are you okay with it?)
Likely to kill/maim:
Preferred genre/setting: (you can also specify if you want adults only, but I encourage confirming)

Request a Villain

Fill out the following form and post it here. Please let me know if you no longer need a villain!

Brief: (just a quick overview, if it's adults only, and a link if available)
Desired villain: (a dark lord, a stalking merc, a school bully...?)
Allow maiming: (Are you okay with it?)
Allow death: (Are you okay with it?)
Can villain win: (Are you okay with it?)
Setting & Description: (no more than a paragraph, please)
Loki (played anonymously)

Character: Loki
Tagline: "Lies and secrets, they are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind."
Can be maimed: Certainly, if you enjoy being maimed back.
Can be killed: Unlikely, but you can try.
Likely to kill/maim: Everyone, if given reason enough to.
Preferred genre/setting: Marvel Universe, but will do crossovers, and interact with well made original characters.

Loki is a character that will slowly seep poison into your heart and soul, and rot you from the inside out. His methods are not always instant gratification-- they're a slow and painful process through which he'll make your character doubt his very existence and seed deep roots of paranoia. Come. Would you like to play with the mother of lies and deceit?
I like how you referred to Loki as the mother of lies and deceit.
Character: Yandi Vex
Tagline: " Tell me would you kill to prove you right"
Can be maimed: Yes, but you might be ripped to sherds with her two daggers
Can be killed: yes, if you can get past the blood thirsty girls blades
Likely to kill/maim: YES, tick her off enough and she will
Preferred genre/setting: Star wars. But Anything with in reason.

(( I'll add her full bio here but I'll take it off if you don't need it ))
NAME: Yandi Vex
AGE: 16
GENDER: female
EYES: Red once where blue
HAIR: Black
SKIN: almost almost white as snow

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
She has an extremely short temper and is easily angered. Once he is in a rage its hard to calm her down, This can sometimes get her hurt. she can fight, but only when she's angry

BIOGRAPHY: Yandi's mother was a Jedi which explanes how she ended up with the ability to use the force.. Not long after she was born her father became very into drugs but somehow kept it hidden from her mother. Yandi never had the kind heart her mother did, she was very rebellious and always finding trouble some how. Most of the time her mother was never home and she was left with her father who was most of the time drunk and he would beet her. As she got older her heart grew colder and colder. her mother vanished one day and never came back and it was obvious she was dead.When she was 14 she had about a bate of her father mess and killed him in his sleep one night and left home. a year after she left home she came to realize that she was able to use the force. But she did not care, by now she was always in trouble with the law, and wanted dead by a few people. One day while sitting in a tavern some drunks really ticked her off enough to where she snapped and killed everyone in the tavern (that was not able to escape) by setting the place on fire. She now hides in the shadows, waiting and watching the world in disgust.

She did Murder her Father. she also killed about half a dozen people after managing to set fire to a Tavern

I'm linking to character profile pages, so including bios is unnecessary. :)
ok she can be found in other female chars btw
Castiel (played by DontBeTrippin)

<---click my profile

Name: Castiel
Tag line: "don't run, I'll find you anyway ha ha"
What can be done to him: killed or loses but will not be maimed
What is he?: a hunter/alpha werewolf pack leader
Genre/ preferred setting: Dark fictional setting, action and horror genres preferred
Will he Maim or kill?: that depends on where my RP buddy would like to take he RP

Castiel is more evil and deceitful than he looks, his hat and appearal are strange and different but when it comes to being a hunter for prey, his preditorial Insticts have never failed him. He will find the hunt or he will kill it's family for the hunt, to find him.
Castiel has been added, but his info is a bit incomplete.
Castiel (played by DontBeTrippin)

Edited xD sorry an at school xD
Anya Valeriya (played by Freyya)

Character: Anya Valeriya
Tagline/Brief: "Kill or be killed. That's life. And I don't plan on being killed anytime soon..." or "Tick tick tic, echoed the miner's pick... unleashing the captive from the depths below.
Can be maimed: Only for that RP, never permanent
Can be killed: Only for that RP, never permanent
Likely to kill/maim: Highly likely, she enjoys hurting and killing living beings
What/who is she: A spiritmaster, a seducer, a trickster, a murderer. You'll need more than one person to pose a threat.
Preferred genre/setting: preferably Modern or near future, but exceptions can be discussed.

Recommended: Mature RP's. That way she can be used to her full extent. However non-mature is possible
Loki (played anonymously)

@Novalyyn Its just part of his character. Glad you approve! And splendid idea making this little list. I hope to see it grow.
Brinly Gray (played anonymously)

Brief: A wannabe vigilante with a whole lot of luck and no idea just how serious what she's doing can be.
Desired villain: Anything that fits in a modern setting. Murderers, drug lords, whatever makes sense.
Allow maiming: Yes!
Allow death: No thank you. Unless it absolutely has to happen. I'm ok with near death though!
Can villain win: Yes!
Setting & Description: Modern day cityscape, preferably smaller in terms of size. Can do futuristic if it isn't too SciFi-ish. Since she likes to fish for criminals that city should probably be very crime heavy.

This is such a great idea!
Gunellie (played anonymously)

Brief: A woman trapped in the mafia, taking up the title of hitwoman.
Desired villain: Anything works. Supernatural creatures included, so long as they are played well. :)
Allow maiming: Yes
Allow death: Yes
Can villain win: Yes
Setting & Description: 1930's to modern day works just fine. New Orleans preferred, but other smaller cities will work just as well.
Woo! Gaining speed, and we've got a couple seekers up now!

Loki wrote:
@Novalyyn Its just part of his character. Glad you approve! And splendid idea making this little list. I hope to see it grow.
Well, I don't know much about the Marvel Loki, but I know the original one both fathered and mothered quite a few creatures. So, it amused me. ^^

Brinly Gray wrote:
This is such a great idea!

Thanks, both of you. :)
Anya Valeriya (played by Freyya)

Anya Valeriya wrote:
Recommended: Mature RP's. That way she can be used to her full extent. However non-mature is possible

added this little nugget of info, forgot about that part :)
Is this a group or... just a thread where all the villians congregate?
My first thought was a group, actually... but nah, this is basically just a job board kinda thing.

Lotta people end up with characters that are, by nature, the "bad guys." They don't help others, are generally selfish, and typically just work toward evil in some manner. It's often tricky to find placement for villainous characters because, typically, most people don't want a real threat to their character, or someone who will generally only work against their character. For example, most of the times I've tried using Gregor in the past, he has been entirely rejected; and here on RPR, I already scared someone away from playing with Taryn by simply being honest about the sort of character she is.

And, in my experience, RPs usually up with an NPC for a villain.

This is to help villainous characters find placement in RPs where people are open to the idea of having a dedicated villain who isn't just an ultimately harmless NPC.
This is one awesome idea! I'd love to partake in it. If I need a villain for a new RP idea, I'll know exactly where to look!

Character: Galgahar Of Cormack
Tagline: "You are inferior to me! Nothing more but a speck of dust in the coming of my new world!"
Can be maimed: Yes, do this at your own risk, though. He tends to get angry when he's maimed.
Can be killed: Absolutely. No one lives forever!
Likely to kill/maim: More likely to maim a character rather than kill him/her. Unless they've proven themselves to be a bigger threat than expected. Any death or maiming must be done with the consent of the player, though.
Preferred genre/setting: Medieval fantasy, Steampunk and anything D&D related work perfectly for this character.
Additional: Galgahar is a villain with no morals and with his eye on the prize. If there's any situation where in the end a great amount of power is promised, you can be sure Galgahar will be looking for it. It can make for some very chaotic and destructive situations, as he's never alone. A villain never does the dirty work after all!

This character is best suited for more mature settings as his true insane nature can be played with when there's little to no restrictions. Of course he fits in the non-mature setting as well, depending whether you're looking for a psychotic force to deal with or a more toned down menace.
The Shadow (played anonymously)

Character: The Shadow
Tagline: Chances are, you already know him.
Can be maimed: No.
Can be killed: Eh... It depends on your definition of "killed." Short answer: No.
Likely to kill/maim: No. Not personally, anyway.
Preferred genre/setting: Any, although sci-fi settings are a bit of a stretch. He does tend to be more of a fantastic character than a hard scifi guy.
Additional: Shadow is a special breed. He's kind of an... An anti-spirit, if you will. He likes to meddle, he likes to deceive, and he thinks that all mortals are beneath him. He doesn't ever directly attack his enemies. (He has other minions to do that.) Instead, he'll torment your mind. Paranoid intrusive thoughts, subtle noises in the dark, glowing eyes in your peripheral vision...

His powers over the mind are far greater than this, of course. But he loves messing with people and he is very patient. He does all this for his own fun, but if someone has the wits to summon him, he can be a very powerful ally.

Shadow is easily played in any setting, although mature RPs where descriptions of nightmares can be explicit without worry are particularly satisfying.
Mimi LaRouche (played anonymously)

Tagline/Brief: A for-hire psychopath with a love for all things that go 'BOOM'
Can be maimed: Sure
Can be killed: Yes, but not without some conversation.
Likely to kill/maim: Pretty much the only thing you can count on her to do.
Setting: Modern, Modern/sci-fi
Most likely reserved for Mature RP.

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