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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Noman (played by HaymakerW)

Character: Noman
Tagline/Brief: The Undead Lector, warping your sense of right and wrong since beginning of age of sword
Can be maimed: Sure why not? Less limbs is more?
Can be killed: Can't be killed.. But can be rekilled!
Likely to kill/maim: If situation calls for it, prefers to break spirits however
Preferred genre/setting: Ye Olde Fantasy Medieval. Though been hatching Noman concepts for Steampunk and Sci-Fi

I consider Noman as "The Dragon" of story arches or in some cases... the unlikely hero. His state of debatable existance allows him to peer through the usual notions of reality, alignments and bring about very different point of view. That and he is what could be called "Necrotic Lighthouse"

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Zelphyr Topic Starter

Fixed a mistake made in my last edit. ^^; Sorry.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

Did a second cleanup pass. Removed one of the "Dirty Deeds" listing due to the relevant character having been deleted. I also updated all the character links; if yours no longer works, please let me know!
Zelphyr Topic Starter

Li'l boost~
Zelphyr Topic Starter

Character: Koutetsu On'I
Tagline/Brief: "Yare yare, ye just had to go and be the hero hmm? well then, shall we dance?"
Can be maimed: Yes, he's already blinded in one eye (Non permanant)
Can be killed: If you have the balls to do so (Non permanant)
Likely to kill/maim: Unblikely to outright kill unless pushed to it, would rather prove a point by beating someone into a coma
Preferred genre/setting: Mainly medieval, but can fit into the average super hero plot easily.
This is great~!

I'll be seeking a villain soon.
Brief: Anise is a chaotic neutral warrior who travels various worlds seeking strength and fighting her own flaws.
Desired villain: Anyone willing to push her physical, mental and emotion boundaries. She’s tough, so can you break her?
Allow maiming: Yes, though I prefer emotional and mental maiming.
Allow death: No
Can villain win: Yes.
Setting & Description: She travels to various worlds so any setting is fine. She has a supernatural/mythical bestial form and will fight back violently. Don’t expect her to be a damsel in distress, only the strongest will be able to break through to the woman beneath the warrior.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

With the last update, all previous "Dirty Deeds" listings have been removed. (The one just posted is new, and thus is there.) Postings are still very much welcome though, even if it's a repeat of a posting you had before!
Anastasia Tremaine (played by ashley_grace)

Character: Anastasia Tremaine
Tagline/Brief: "Evil isn't born - it's made"
Can be maimed: If you can extinguish her powers...which may be harder than you think.
Can be killed: "Hmm...I'm likely to kill you first"
Likely to kill/maim: "Likely. Don't expect me to go down without a fight"
Preferred genre/setting: fantasy, medieval
Copper_Dragon Moderator

*cracks knuckles* You get 2-for-1, baby. Wilhelm & Johann are lookin' to be a dastardly duo in a Modern AU.

Tagline/Brief: These Two Bad Guys meets Immortal Boredom
Can be maimed: Yup.
Can be killed: Yes. Sorta. I allow it OoCly, Wilhelm's harder to permanently kill than Johann on a narrative point.
Likely to kill/maim: Oh yes. They're hitmen/hired heavies.
Preferred genre/setting: Modern Fantasy/Gothic Horror.
Character:Adrian Diamondheart
Tagline/Brief: "Anything is my prey, so long as I choose it to be. Or the price is right."
Can be maimed: You can try. He most likely just use ice to put it in place and to move the limb until his vampic healing fully heals. But it wont fully heal for a while.
Can be killed: I'm fine with it as long as I get to put up a good fight.
Likely to kill/maim: Adrian will hunt anything supernatural, especially werewolves, but not humans, and wont go out of his way to kill other vampires unless they are in rivalry with him. The only way he will kill a human is on accident or if they are a threat to him.
Preferred genre/setting: modern fantasy or Gothic age
Panther Corps (played by Zelphyr) Topic Starter

Bringing this up again with a simultaneous announcement that I'm gathering some connections for this profile. (Yes, I made it a profile, not a group.) If you have a character who you think might fit well into one of the connection slots, feel free to send me a message. Playing things out isn't likely at this point, but we can still discuss how things might fit. :)

The profile isn't entirely complete yet, but it's getting there. If you have questions, you're welcome to ask.

Zelphyr Topic Starter

Been awhile since I gave this a bump!
Zelphyr Topic Starter

Oh. Over a year since I bumped this. I probably have some updates to make, too.

As an FYI, the VRU group has been internally inactive for awhile now, but it's always open for use, and our member list remains a solid directory of villains and people interested in playing with villains!
Zelphyr Topic Starter

I should probably look into cleaning up the lists... but this is still a reference people are welcome to use, and the group still exists as a nice little directory.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

One of the members of our group appears to be organizing a prison break. Will any others be escaping with them?
Zelphyr Topic Starter

It might help if I share a link, huh?
Zelphyr Topic Starter

Alright. Since it's been so long since I updated this, I went ahead and cleared it out. While I collect postings again, you are welcome to look through the pages to see if anyone still has an offer open.

If I removed your character/request, you are absolutely welcome to submit them again.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

*shoves back up*

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