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Welcome to the Waiting Rooms!!
The waiting room is a place where characters not in roleplays or wish to hang out and meet others can in a sort of multidimensional breaking pocket called the Waiting Rooms. All kinds of character one day fall asleep and wake up here without a reason.

What does it look like here?
The main room is a simple white room with chairs and a check in desk, but there is never anyone there. There are bathrooms here, and they are incrediblely huge and fit for even the most unusual of things, including a shower room. There seems to be no other way out and all the color doors lead to a different types of room.

🔵Blue Door, leads to the pool room, where there is a large pool with some diving boards and a hot tub off in the corner.
There is a bin of floaty toys and water guns.

🔴Red Door, leads to the Dining room, where circled tables are set with red table cloths. The tables have plates and clean silverware. In the center is a large food table, where it's an open buffet of different kinds of food from all over, even alien foods.
There is one strange person wearing a mask here but they only help by cooking and cutting food to set out, they don't speak or even once.

🟢Green door, is the garden room. It is huge here, like an enclosed green house, there are tree and even separate biomes for each plant and various animals here, the temperature changes with each biomes but at the edge of every section is a massive wall that completes the dome. The only door in and out is the green door.

🟠Orange Door, leads to the bed rooms, which is a hall of doors leading individual rooms fit for every character that enters. The hall can be endless with more doors forming, but at the end is always the orange door again which leads back to the main room.

The Vanishing Anomaly,
Characters randomly come and go, vanish one day and appear the next, it is not unusual, but occasionally a new door could appear leading to another room type. So welcome to the Waiting Rooms.

Rules: Keep it public worthy, keep IC in IC, and OOC in OOC. This is a public meeting hub for all characters, if you wish to take things further or sort out a plot of your own from here please take your characters to a PM roleplay.

The point of this rp is to meet other's characters openly in an eviroment not hindered by srtict laws of physics till maybe you the user can get them a solid roleplay elsewhere, so don't worry about vanishing one day, it's all part of the anomaly.

If this does well I might make a group out of it or keep this constantly updated to provide new rooms or experiences.
G.H.O.S.T (played by SillySpider) Topic Starter

The Large white fox groaned, he woke up, pushing off the floor of the waiting room.
Eyes blurred at first. Ghost looked around quickly!! His tail flicked and hairs stood on end! "Where am I"! The white fox hopped up suddenly.
Kazehiki (played anonymously)

Kazehiki slowly woke up, he had been having troubles sleeping, but instead of waking up somewhere familiar, he woke up here.

He seemed very, very confused.
G.H.O.S.T (played by SillySpider) Topic Starter

Ghost reached his paws up and rubbed at his eyes. Seeing someone else where, his ears flicked a bit. "Hey, you?" The fox glanced around one last time, "did you just wake up too?" He took a few steps, spotting what looked some check in desks. The fox leaned in over the glass but saw nothing. "Huh ... there's no one even here".
They rubbed their white chin, then looked back at the new comer. The fox rubbed the back of their furry white head. Actually, he didn't even remember that person there before ... he could have sworn he was alone moments ago.
Kazehiki (played anonymously)

Kazehiki rubbed his eyes and looked at Ghost, startled to see that the Fox could speak.
He sniffled, as he had a runny nose as usual, and then quietly waved at the white fox.
G.H.O.S.T (played by SillySpider) Topic Starter

The fox ears perked up. "Great", he looked around some more. "Helllloo!" He called out in his gruff tone. Then he smirked, having an idea. The fox got on all fours and walked to the child. Pressing his black nose to their clothing taking in their sent. He then tried to smell the air, seeing if he could find where they had came from. But, the large white fox couldn't find trail anywhere!
Standing up, he cursed, throwing up his arms.
"Hmm", looking back at the child.
His eyes darted from the to the various colored doors. He walked over to the blue one and looked inside. Seeing a pool and some items of use but ... still no one.

He then tried the orange door but saw only a long hall with more doors. Closing it slowly, the fox looked to the child.
"So uh ... do you have a name?" Tail flicking.
Kazehiki (played anonymously)

Kazehiki was very, very confused at this point. The fox had walked on his hind legs like a human, yet wasn't human.
He sniffled and replied a bit frightened. He also had a soft, raspy voice. It sounded like he was sick with a cold. "Kazehiki..."
G.H.O.S.T (played by SillySpider) Topic Starter

"Kazehiki" he repeated. Red eyes darting to the side for the moment. Ghost didn't mind children, but he wondered where this kids parents were. Honesty wondering were he was still.

The fox moved closer to the child. Crouching down on his hind legs. "Well Kazehiki, have you seen anyone here, maybe your parents? Or, maybe a friend?" Ghost tried to find out of the kid new anything maybe he didn't.
Ears flicking, he glanced over seeing a tissue box on the counter.

The fox stood and walked over, grabbing the box he looked around again. Swearing ito himself it wasn't there before, was it?
Either way the fox returned to Kazehiki, plucking a tissue from the box and holding it out to the child. "Here".
SillySpider Topic Starter

Alright I'm off to rest! 💤
Kazehiki (played anonymously)

Kazehiki shook his head to the 'have you seen anyone here' question.
When the fox held out the tissue to him, he gently grabbed it and blew his nose. "...Thank you..."

This boy was so quiet...
Kazehiki (played anonymously)

(( Goodnight! :D ))
Tipsy and Bale (played by Reithesniper)

Both Tipsy and Bale suddenly appear, Bale is still out cold but Tipsy begins to stir, muttering something in latin...before realizing they were no longer at home
SillySpider Topic Starter

(( morning!! I'm up, at work though))
SillySpider Topic Starter

((also welcome new person!!))
SillySpider Topic Starter

Oof I keep accidently putting the post in OOC
G.H.O.S.T (played by SillySpider) Topic Starter

Ghost nodded, glad the child was starting to talk more. He set the tissue box down beside them so if they needed more they could take more.

Suddenly his ears twitched, he heard something. Standing! Ghost turned around. Just behind some chairs he saw more people. "Huh, oh hey! How did you get here?"
The large fox sniffed around the air, but still. He was left clueless.

Looking down to the child, "did you see anyone behind me bring them?" His large white tail flicking, ears pressed flat against his head.
Tipsy and Bale (played by Reithesniper)

Tipsy shrugs shaking bale, attempting to wake her up, she could definitely speak english but she clearly prefers not too unlike Bale. It took about two minutes of shaking before Bale yawned "Oh Tipsy, your up early-" she'd begin as she realized this isnt her bedroom "oh my-" she'd say before looking at the wolf "I dont think I know either, and Tipsy here says she was asleep" she'd say

I'd say they have a telepathic bond but its anyone's guess really
G.H.O.S.T (played by SillySpider) Topic Starter

The white fox looked back at the two new comers. He took a wild guess from their confused looking expressions that they took didn't know anything.

He began to think maybe the Union did this. But, what was the purpose, where were his brothers and sisters.

Ghost scratched his head with his claws and looked down at the child again, thinking he couldn't leave them alone till their parents were found. So he reached down and picked them up as if they were one of his younger siblings and put the child on his shoulders.

He went over and opened the orange door again. Peaking into the long hall of doors. "Hmm, maybe a way out through here..." His Australian accent really coming through.
Tipsy and Bale (played by Reithesniper)

The two Shugoku briefly exchange a glance before getting up to look at the orange door as well "So whats with this place?" Bale asked on Tipsy's behalf
G.H.O.S.T (played by SillySpider) Topic Starter

Ghost ears flicked, he looked down to see the two before returning his gaze to the hallway.
"I know about as much as you. Seems like there ain't any doors in or out so far. And people are practically appearin in thin air".
The fox stepped inside. He tried the first door, but it was locked. Then he tried the door crossed from it. The door opened, he peaked in, it was his room back home. It looked identical, infact it smelled identical too!

"What, this is impossible" the fox stepped inside. He recognized his book collection, his clothes and his snack jar.
Looking back to the other two, "try another door". He felt so bizarre about this.

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