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I'm snatching up Jhalue Ninn-- Drow are cool!

Stealing one of Dekko's ...

I think I'll go with Blaise. She looks like fun!
Rivka! She has a welcoming smile.
I just want to say this was a hard choice! I really love how expressive and lively all your character's art is, and they're so well constructed and instersting as a whole.

But I'm going to have to go for Zafnir because peaceful characters riddled with guilt are just *chef's kiss*. I love them.
There's a lot of cool characters here, but Boomer... he just looks so dang confident rockin' those socks and sandals! I'm stealing him!
I think Jacques and Issac would enjoy meeting up at rendezvous!
Maybe it's the hair, or the swimming part, but I'll run off with Derrick. lol
Briseis seems like a fascinating character so I'd have to steal her
Ciira. Ancient darkness? Fallen Gods? Sounds like my cup of tea. Get 'em on my spooky wagon.
Oooooo! I think I would like to steal.... Gosh, this is hard because you have so many great characters.

Janusz Koltyk with Uriel being a very, very, very close second.
MissPixie has so many awesome characters. I'll go with the one that first caught my eye when I looked this time...

Koko Bloodmoon, Interesting character, plus I like her face credit!
Leillah. An elven beauty, tender, charismatic by nature and has a kestrel as a companion. I am a man who likes his birds. LOL
Hm. Barane speaks to me. :D
Holy crap, so many characters! I gotta say, the one that appeals to me is Melina Durant. Absolutely fascinating!
Weeeeeell, I'm going to steal Beyeme....thank you! ^_^
Gonna have to fly away with Lian, she's just too sweet not to!
There is one I really like but I won’t name her. Instead I’ll steal Morgan away as I could use a psychic to read my palm.
I think I'll steal Reginold! (mostly because I've been watching Vikings recently. :) )

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