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The Dragoness (played anonymously)

"You seem a noble man. Perhaps the nickname Silver would suit you? You remind me of someone I once knew by that title."
Legendary Slinger (played anonymously)

"Draki? I think that sounds good."
Carys (played by pixl.Bee)

"Pan Flute. Yeah."
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

"Ooh, Rys would be pretty," Maisi suggests, tacking on, "There's a Polish version of the name 'Rys' that originates from a word meaning 'lynx', which could also be a cute nickname--oh, but, I digress."
"MD Daisy."
Benoit Lemay (played by Falyn)

Cool M.C.
The Werelion (played anonymously)

"Benny, hmrr."
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

Alaine Barrows (played anonymously)

"How 'bout Lottie? Maybe Charlo?"
Is Allie okay?
Xyren (played by TyroDragon45)

'Sup, "bird man"?
"Fancy hat"
James Moriarty (played by Atheist)

"Space Cowboy!" Jim exclaims excitedly. "I hope you enjoyed the theme I picked out for you. It screams 'crisis among the stars,' don't you think?"
Mei Wilson (played by Rumiko)

“Hm? Oh, uh, Jamie? I guess?” Mei said, a little unsure. She shrugged and kept on sketching her dress design.
"Coco. You know, like Coco Chanel. You seem to be a designer if I'm assuming correctly?" he said confidently.
Aki (played by pixl.Bee)

"How about Cipher?"
With a name like that, it would be hard to give you one, but may I call you "Smart Person"? I know it sounds rude, but it's a compliment! And to the person who will be below me, please don't call me any variation of lily.
Clover (played anonymously)

"What about Thia? Or perhaps just L?"
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

"I'll be the first to admit that I am positively horrible with names," Sherlock confesses unashamedly. "Though I suppose nicknames are a bit easier in the long run."

He considers for a moment, taking note of Clover's small stature and the tell-tale signs unveiled to him through his inspection. "Ah, we'll go with 'Pup,' I think. Seems suitable, don't you agree?"
Kit (played by RussianRxulette)

Kit clapped a bit and smiled. "S-Sherrie!"

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