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You're welcome.

Kinda a catchy song tho, not gunna lie.
In honor of spooky season:

Found a new song that I like alot randomly

So cold
To live without a soul
But I'll do my best to make things right
Without a heart or home
No-one else can see its fight or flight
Because they're trying to hide me
I feel like I'm blinding
Or was I never in their sight?
Nobody is rewinding the time here
I'm left alone trying
The freakin' nostalgia!

Also, this one was seriously legit...

Started playing Celeste again on stream.

I'll just leave some of its OST from early levels here:

I can't stop watching this...

Man, I need to get me some more MDB songs for my library. I only have 5 of them. >.>

All from the Songs of Darkness, Words of Light album.

But I can't link the album from youtube, because the album art is pretty explicit.
I never played SSB Melee... because I never had a Gamecube (Had a PS2 instead and was too poor for multiple same-gen consoles)... but I just came across this tune from another video using it as backing music, and I can't get enough.

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