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Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

Sherlock bore a pinched expression, his brow furrowed in what could possibly be construed as only vaguely confused, or perhaps annoyed. It was often hard to tell with him. His pale, scrutinous gaze traveled first to Stephanie's twitching ears. The deduction was a matter of obviousness before the detective's eyes fell on the short, bristled tail that moved behind her with a natural fluidity. They were real. She was some sort of hybrid, perhaps?

He noted her vibrant albeit excessively kitschy attire, canvasing her entirety to a reasonable, sound conclusion in his mind. With steepled fingers pressed firmly to his lips, Sherlock Holmes derived a vast sundry of quirks and tics through her posture, hobbies by the compression wrinkles about her thumbs and forefingers, choice of apparel, and other bits of glaring information he could glean from the surface.

"By the looks of it, you oftentimes pay mind to your feet," he began seemingly at random. He gestured at himself, making a reference to the neck area. "You watch them when you walk, perhaps to block out the world around you. You fancy yourself quite the gamer, and you quite look forward to a grand audience."

"Perhaps the most glaring aspect of who you are is that you want to be accepted. You try exceptionally hard at this. There is compensation in your efforts, and your hesitation to allow yourself the freedom to be bold stands in your way. You hope the outer exterior does the work for you. Reserved, hesitant, uncertain -- good demeanor."

"You come off superficial, but there is a depth you conceal from others. If they don't expect it, you don't have any obligation to provide it."

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Ollie (played by GingerHades)

"Hey, you're that Sherlock Holmes guy, aren't you? I coulda sworn I've read a novel about you back in the 1940's! You're one of those observant, logical thinkers... Using those skills of yours to solve murder cases-"

Ollie pauses, suddenly recalling the events of his past life as a human. But not just as any human... a murderer. "...Yeah, listen pal, I don't think you and I would get along."
Ranboo -Canon- (played anonymously)

Ranboo took a long step back, shrieking at the amount of green this guy had on him. "Y- You're certainly, um, green..." He stuttered out. "Don't hurt me-"
"Hmmm, an interesting one you are... I'll have to keep an eye on you, my friend."
Lex (played by TheLorekeeper)

"Oh hey, I've seen you around a lot. Like... A LOT. Not really a bad thing, though. You seem like... an admirable person, although I can't agree with your apparent love of fighting."
Toxic Ryuu (played by starwolf)

“Hmm maybe a nature lover or something I don’t know..”
Dean Winchester (played anonymously)

Dean squinted thoughtfully at the -- what exactly was he looking at per se? Whatever the youth was, he wasn't human and that was cause for caution, not to be confused with judgment. In his line of work, it paid to be leery.

"Okay, cat? Dog, maybe? I'm not sure which, but you're certainly something out of an anime for sure." He could never take into account his lack of tact. Unfortunately, Sam wasn't around to buffer him either.

"I'm getting 90s emo vibes. You've been wronged by someone or something and you can't figure out how to get past it. I feel you, kid. Keep on truckin' though. It'll either get easier, or something worse'll come along and you won't have to worry about whatever it is anymore."
Hades (played by GingerHades)

"Hey there buddy, so uh, you seem like a really nice guy! But... I can kinda smell something you don't. You've got that stale demon smell. I get the feeling you had an unlucky encounter with one of my kind..."

Hades backs away a bit. "Do you hold, er, grudges? S-Should I leave? Something tells me you don't like demons... I think I should leave-"
Revenant (played by Churchtuary)

A frown comes across the Revenant's face upon coming across the elusive critter. The man eyes it up and down, over and over. An impulse tells him to reach for his gun but its distant amusement that keeps Revenant at bay. He grits his teeth in disbelief, or perhaps total dumbfounding. "When you thought you'd seen it all.", he mutters as the demonic creature begins describing the smell of somebody else.

"No offense, uh, whatever you are.", Revenant scoffs, his amusement making a smile grow on the corner of his lips. "You look like an extra on a saturday morning cartoon. Did they feed you already? I swear I got a packaging of cat food on me. Hold still, I'll get you some."

Regardless of it offending Hades or not, Revenant hurriedly walks away. He wasn't going to get any cat food. Cat food is a expensive luxury in space.
Emmett Draven (played by starwolf)

“Someone who is mourning the loss of someone important and want to get revenge on the person”
Peony does not understand. This creature looks like one of those two-legged red-bloods, but their scent is... dead, for a lack of a better word of which her kind did not currently possess. Was it edible? Should she scavenge? More importantly yet, was it clever? Peony does not eat the clever...
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

"I have a strong need to pet this creature"
Magpie (played by Lyndis)

"Oh." Magpie's eyes glittered, growing wide as saucer plates as they beheld this strange and most... captivating creature that they'd beheld in a good, long while. Scale-like skin shimmered under the sunlight and cast brilliant shadows as the stranger moved. Magpie's fingers twitched unconsciously, long nails tapping together in appreciation.

"How... brilliant."
Eltiraum (played by Rot)

"Woah.." His eyes lit up with curiosity as he moved closer to Magpie, slowly circling the being a couple times while admiring it. "I think you're highly intelligent... possibly a little sarcastic.. but a true wonder to behold."
"Miserably tragic, to the point you'd have no choice but to laugh at and feel bad for a bit. Not too long, just a bit."
Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)

"I'm not sure if it's the real you I'm seeing or just some elaborate illusion in a weird dream I'm having."
Starling (played by TheLorekeeper)

"You seem nice enough, I guess, but I don't have any strong opinions one way or another. Just carry on with your life; I'd rather not dwell on it."
Erin Demond (played anonymously)

"You're small enough to be a child. So I'm not too sure if I'm the person you should be around." Erin sighed, knowing all too well that his line of work wasn't for young individuals. "Run along before you get hurt." He had no clue the individual could easily kill him at any moment.
"Good grief, one of you people again?" It certainly didn't take a genius to recognize the sour, disappointed disdain in Randle's voice when he cast a glance upon this rather dapperly dressed man-thing. Although they were the same height and had the same powerful built, he couldn't help but look down at what he considered to be the definition of filth in the flesh.. "Always striving to be at the top of their dirty little game, dressing the part of a darn king, while leaving as much as errands up to their dim-witted hencemen as possible." He lifted his cigarillo from his lips and blew a heavy cloud of smoke into the mobster's face, his hellish silver gaze fierce and unblinking. "World'd be a whole lot brighter a place without scumbags like you smearing your selfish desires all over it. Bunch of spoiled brats with the minds of capitalists and Tommy Guns. I'd almost pity ya if I hadn't known how eager you folks are to screw people over.." Organized or not, crime against innocents were the ultimate sin to Randle. Thus, even if the variants of gangsters he was most familiar with were usually a bit bigger and fuzzier than the human before him, he saw no reason to treat this particular 'Boss' with a milder attitude. "Despicable."
"Woah, another trench coat guy!" Sophie exclaimed, blissfully unfazed by just how alien the husk's appearance was. "Do you know Mr. Harrison? 'Cause he likes to wear trench coats, too."

A pause. "Dunno, I just assumed all old guys knew each other. Detective connections and all that, right?

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