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control devil. (played by Sohrryu)

Makima gives the man a soft smile, genuine and warm despite the inhumanly wide eyes that accompanied it. "Kind... you see the good in things, even things as monstrous and awful as demons and devils. That's good, you should be able to comprehend those things." The woman scratches her chin and puffs out a cheek, deep in thought. "And your armor seems techy, like something right out of a comic book. Public Safety could use someone like you..."
Arch (played anonymously)

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Eric Molder (played by SillySpider)

Eric raises a brow of uneasiness. "Uh ... for some reason I get a strong vibe that you're a bit scary or that anyone that wrongs you is gonna have a really bad day. Maybe it's just me being paranoid though."
control devil. (played by Sohrryu)

Arch wrote:
"An insanely manipulative woman but yet again I'd let her manipulate me-"

"Also you have a superiority complex-"
(( Okay so OOC but this isn't a first impression, this is your character knowing things they shouldn't ))
Arch (played anonymously)

control devil. wrote:
Arch wrote:
"An insanely manipulative woman but yet again I'd let her manipulate me-"

"Also you have a superiority complex-"
(( Okay so OOC but this isn't a first impression, this is your character knowing things they shouldn't ))

[Heck sorry I guess Imms just bonk it then-]
"Continue working in the medical field. You are sure to do great things"
Lilith (played by Rigormortiful)

“You seem intelligent but reserved.”
Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse)

He scratched his chin nervously and he patted her shoulder. He thinks she's nice.
" You remind me of a monster hunter or someone with a giant library."
"Ya know, those debates on whether or not thievery can be excused are always a great thing to share a drink or smoke over," Randle chuckled, wandering out from the abyss of cyberspace entirely smoke-less for once. Somehow, being faced with a living variant of one of his beloved ethical subjects made him itch less for his nicotine. "I've heard a tale or two about a quick-handed vigilante sharing their spoils with those in need, which puts you in a bit of an interesting spot, kid. 'Course, can't really blame ya for wanting to have a piece from what you work hard for acquiring, but I really wonder, at what point do ya consider yourself rich enough that you deserve to be stolen from?" There wasn't any hint of an accusatory tone in Randle's voice- quite the contrary, he was genuinely interested in what this young'un had to say for herself. Being skilled at what she did, and a good guy deep down, he sure hoped that she did share what she stole with other poor folk.
"You are honorable"
Torchie (played by SillySpider)

"You sound very strong and brave. Though I can't see you, I think youd be someone willing to do the right them when the time comes",
having exhausted his energy he falls back asleep.
"I sense great compassion in you"
Flux (played by GingerHades)

"Ssssss... Sssstrong one..."

The writhing cluster of tentacles wormed upwards towards the Guru's chest, attempting to listen to his blood. The quality of one's blood was telling to Flux. Even if it couldn't determine what this warrior was, or what skills he possessed, it could sense great power flowing within. A great power... capable of resisting blood corruption?

Flux was uneasy now. No, it must have been mistaken. Nothing could resist blood corruption! Nothing! It just wasn't possible.
...or was it?

If what it had sensed was true, then it would be best for it to stay on good terms with this being. After all, why make enemies with something that could pose a major threat to its operation?

"Rrrrrr.... Flux... Keep eye... onnnn yooouuuu."
Death (played by SillySpider)

"Honestly ain't to sure what I'm lookin at", he scratches his boney head just under his black brim hat.
"Maybe some kin of demonic plant life from the fires of hell", Death shrugs.
Gael Mutt (played by Kloomsy)

Gael stared at the very tall man. Wait, it wasn’t a normal human man. He noted the bones and height the guy has. Gael didn’t bother to remember or even try by know his name. He could smell the intestines behind the bones and plating. His mouth watered.

“Your personality reminds me of most skeletons in hell,” he mumbled.
"Oww, uhh.. you're kinda.. sad-lookin' and stuff," Zero mumbled once he'd moved close enough to look Gael Mutt in the eyes. There was an air about him that gave Z similar vibes to the Therion back at the Lab. The war-toys left back in their cases- those that hadn't made it out. "Buuuuut, also kinda cool-looking? I dunno what it is, but a lot of cool people are also sad a lot, and that's not.. really fair, I guess? Usually they're real good at hiding it though, it, like, took me ages to realize what made Rando upset and whatnot.." Being unable to die sounded like a good thing at first, but the more Zero thought about it, the more gloomy it made him. As with this guy, though, he had no idea what could be bugging him. He looked fine and healthy, had really sick clothing, and didn't seem to have the same kind of brands and shackles and property brands on him like the Therion he reminded him of. So.. what got him so furrow-browed? "You're wearing your feelings on your pants, though! Or.. sleeve, thing. That's good, let it all out!" He gave Gael an awkward thumbs-up, not entirely sure how he could cheer up a stranger that looked equal parts 'scowling teen that could kill him' and 'dark guy that chills at a library'. "Maybe, uhh.. you could borrow my of zib-puppy photo's? It's little fat puppies in cute outfits and stuff, Artie and I found it in the trash of someone's house we'd broken into! Here, maybe this will make you feel better and stuff!" And by means beyond his understanding, the cheap little book manifested in Zero's hands as he shoved it underneath Gael Mutt's nose. What sorta dude that had 'mutt' in his name wouldn't love some alien puppy pics, eh? Even if they were a bit.. uncanny and ugly and hairless..
Lee Conte (played by etherally)

"..You seem pretty outgoing and friendly.. I guess." The brunette mumbled, not keeping eye contact as he had a hard time doing so with other people.
Michelle raised her eyebrows at the boy. He looked like he was barely a grown adult, standing quietly in the back of the room. A smile tugged on her lips. A compliment wouldn’t hurt, would it?

“Hello. Though this may be rude and out of the blue, you seem as if you can see the world. As it truly is,” she paused. “You look very observant. You reminded me of myself when I was younger.”
"Well, Im honestly not sure what tah think. You seem quiet, maybe a bit reluctant. But I'm sure it's hiding a wonderful person on the other side! Maybe if I make yah
some of my hearty warm travelers soup it'ah perk a smile on your face!"

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