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Juliet LaRue Giovanna (played by YinYang_Creator)

“Ahah! Your the enemy stand, aren’t you!”

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Derane threw a passing glance at Juliet - or, more correctly, the high-definition optical recognition filter implanted in her eyes performed a quick scan of the person before her. Not that she expected to be surprised; humans tended to be extremely predictable. As in this case.

Outwardly, though, nothing betrayed that Derane herself was anything different than human - a human who seemed as interested in the character above her as she'd have been with a z-series talk show.

"If I was to describe you, I would say that you are the typical person who thinks to be outstandingly special and stand out from the masses, is that not so?" Her lips curved into a smile that was about as condescending as the blade of a knife, stabbing relentlessly in the back. "I've seen it so often it's almost a cliche... which, I guess, is almost impressive on its own. If you'll excuse me now, I have more important things to attend to."
A'sallit (played by hexblading)

A'sallit paced about the woman, nose twitching as he did so. Something hadn't quite sit right, something was... off about the woman. She did seem every inch a regular woman--of course, she did radiate malice with the corners of her raised lips, that part was as obvious as the sun in the morning- but something was off.

For one, she smelled like steel, and yet, didn't looked like she had any concealed weapons. Steel, and other sort of complex chemicals. A'sallit rubbed his chin in confusion, unable to make any sense of this.

"Do you take pride in being a topic of interest, woman?" He asked, eyes now meeting hers. "Or were you simply created this way?"
Jolene Ivanov (played anonymously)

She looked up at A'sallit up and down as she process her thoughts.

"You are mighty warrior who gone through pain and a great father to your daughter. You somewhat remind of my own father", Jolene said as she painted her nails a deep shade of red.
Juliet LaRue Giovanna (played by YinYang_Creator)

“My totally awesome, completely bad-ass mother!”
Yatsuyo (played by NiftySpiffy)

" a really nice person " he said softly
(Since the last character to post has been deleted, I'm gonna pick this game up right where it left off.)

"Hmm," The wolfman's nostrils flared. "Isn't your father the leader of a gang?"

Haku's amber eyes stare the young woman down. "Now, don't you worry. I'm not looking for trouble. Just know that I've got my eye on you. If I catch you stepping out of line... Hm, well. That's for me to know and you to find out, now isn't it?"

Haku left without any further statement, and without resorting to violence.
Cris tilted her head to one side, much as a curious bird - or it would be, fox?

"You are an interesting person, for sure! I see we have quite some things in common too", she stated, observing the much taller wolf man. "For once, your style and accent are reminiscent of the country whose culture, if not my own by birthright, has long claimed me by heart. And just like my kids, you are a fur folk, one of the very same whose rights I daily work to guarantee."

"But there is even more to it? We both also work against crime, if in different terms - still our purposes aren't so different. It'd be interesting to talk it out in more detail; would you accept a cup of sake perhaps, Nishimura-san?"

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