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“You are the most redundant demon-being-thing ever. All you ever speak of is your dead wife. Get over it already. We all know. You mention her every single day. It’s really quite exhausting.” The Countess then picked up an adult magazine and tossed it his way. “Give this a try.”

((Yes, this is my actual first impression. Although we have never interacted, this is all I see from this character.))
"You're ugly outside and inside. Stay away from me and Piano" he turned away from her cradling his gray kitten to his chest. That was probably the meanest thing he will ever say to anyone due to him being such a cinnamon roll.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Ciel sniffled, not aware he was sniffling.

"I've never seen someone like you before. Such a strange hairstyle. It looks like you've went through a wind storm.." He stared..then paused. Suddenly he sneezed, "Baaachoo!- W-Wah! A cat!" He jumped back, "I'm al-allergic to- to ca-- Bachoo!" Ciel covered his mouth, "-cats!" He finished his last bit of sentence before covering his reddened nose, his eyes watering.
Red Hood (played anonymously)

He pulled his helmet off after getting sneezed on "Thanks, Boogers McGee.....anyway, that's a nice jacket"
Kazehiki (played anonymously)

Kazehiki shakily held up tissues to both Ciel and Red Hood.

He also spoke up to Red Hood, " look neat." He sniffled, his nose running as if he had a cold.
Tsukiko (played by Claine)


Oh, I don't think you'd like me? I think I will keep my distance.
Marija Kazlauskyte (played anonymously)

Mari looks Tsukiko over with a smile, sipping on a cream soda before commenting "Trendy, smart and kind? I'd like to think we could have been good friends in our youth...had my path through life not been changed."
Sapphire (played by SillySpider)

"You look like someone I would come across at one of the star porta, maybe a bounty hunter."
Cécile (played by Claine)

Wow you're amazing! You look so at ease and confident, even in combat!
Fane Chen (played by Samiakki)

"My, aren't your features stunning."

The fox-faced Viera held his hands behind his back, just under where his enormous brown rucksack was present. It carried a manner of different knickknacks - most notably, pans and a pair of boots hang from it.

"You give me the vibe of a famous actress or idol, just more quiet than your appearance. You even look like you could be on the cover of a newspaper! Granted, I don't think the bright hair and eyes would be quite portrayed easily on the parchment. . . but it's the thought that counts, no?"
"People say that I have great bedside manner, but you would make me look like Dr. House by comparison"

His son, who was next to him looked up at Cecile and said "she's pretty, dad!"

Dr. Swordson chuckled "I know, little bear"
"A doctor, huh?" Wilson said eyeing the man warily. "If either name or surname begins with a 'w' we'll finally have some real healthcare in the Constant! But..."

The small-framed man deflated suddenly. His features darkened and Wilson quickly cut his gaze to his now wringing semi-gloved hands. "Ah, but I couldn't wish that on anyone. You clearly are a nice fellow and you have a child. I imagine you're compassionate and know your work as I do mine. We're very similar you and I."

The malnourished survivor brought himself up to his full height and presented an index finger to the heavens above in a display of passion. "I am a man of science! You are a man of medicine. Together we represent the power of knowledge and experimentation! Well, in your case, practice. I can't imagine you'd be the type to experiment on your patients, eh heh heh..."
Brandon Roberts (played anonymously)

"You're kinda short.. Don't get me wrong! That's not a bad thing but yeah.. Also the whole scientist thing is really cool! You seem super productive." The boy said, smiling a bit at the other as he held a puppy in his arms.
Dean Patrick (played anonymously)

"You're too young for me to feel comfortable being honest. Might scar your sensitive psyche." The alpha eyed the youth with the puppy and shook his head as he walked away from the kiddy corner.
Lady (played anonymously)

Lady looked the man up and down, seeming to eye the tattoos. "What are those strange markings? Do they mean something of some kind?"
"You must be from a clan of some sort... Perhaps a cult?" Lady raised a brow. "Either way, I'm not sure I like the air you give off." She rested her hand on her sword, glaring..
Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse)

The prince would glare at her and he shook his head. He would turn his back to her as if her attitude offended and annoyed him. The young prince would use sign language to say "you are quite rude......"
"Another void, eh? Heh, wouldn't be the first time," Randle sighed, staring at what once had been a character ripe for the observing. Instead, he was left with a vague but lingering impression into cyberspace.. something about a mute prince not liking a woman's attitude. "Hm, can't exactly say it to your face anymore, kid, but ya not one of those 'Goddess forbid a woman has an opinion' sort of folks, are ya? It's always disappointing to see young fellas like that roaming around still." New Arcadia in particular was behind on its gender freedom, something which his friends Sprite and Artie had found out the hard way. To a small-brained man, women with opinions, attitudes and emotions beyond those they deemed pleasant, were often threatening and insulting. Randle didn't know what it was like to be that close-minded, but he sure knew he felt the same way about men like that. "Well, it has been too long since anyone wandered around here, so I doubt I can get a clear peek at what got ya knickers in a twist, but just.. don't, alright? Ladies are just as entitled to dislikin' things as us fellas are." What was the point, speaking to a black hole? Then again, he had to fill the void with something. Maybe sooner or later, this place would be bustling with new faces again.
Gregory (played by twistedvictorian)

Gregory noticed him and then jumped back.
He suddenly attempted to hide in a nearby box.

It was clear he thought Randle was an animatronic.
"You like my cooking more than I enjoy cooking, but Freddy's pizza is and, admittedly, will always be better than mine"
"..Bit of a cynical air about you, yeah?" The silver knight muses as he regards the elf; if he could even actually be surmised as such - his experience with such beings was quite limited, surprisingly. "Nice to see a fellow swordsman though. Don't find many others quite like you, or me."

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