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This is not what you expected when you walked through that door.

You expected your bedroom, your school, maybe your jail cell...whatever. The point being, you expected something familiar.

The room you have entered is warm, dimly lit by the fire of a homely hearth, and thrumming with lively chatter. People are laughing, drinking and dancing. A cheer rises in one corner of the room as a jolly red-faced man comes to the epic conclusion of a story.

As you take a seat at a clear table, you might order a drink from the cheerful Tavern Keeper who greets you with a broad grin and a clap on the back. He fetches your drink and you quietly sit and watch the people around you. Although many of them look human, perhaps like you, the Tavern houses many bizarre alien creatures, perhaps also like you. Although you might feel a twinge of fear at the thought of meeting these strange creatures (or the humans), you realize that no one here seems to mean anyone else harm. Your skin color or number of limbs does not matter in this welcoming place.

If this isn't your first visit, memories of previous visits will soon return to you. You may recognize the Tavern Keeper, and call him by his preferred short name, Keep. You may see some familiar faces to go talk to, or you may approach a newcomer, someone lost and more than a little confused, and help Keep explain the purpose of this interdimensional rest stop. You may also be that newcomer who could use a little help.

It's all up to you, my friend. Welcome to the Tavern.

Let me lay down some Tavern Ground Rules.

- Respect is the name of the game. Your characters don't have to get along but I do not want to deal with OOC fighting.

- IC fighting is allowed. This is a bar, after all. Bar fights will probably be put to a stop by the Keep if they get out out of hand, but feel free to throw a few chairs at each other if the mood strikes you.

- If you're gonna be gone for some time, please try to take a moment to roleplay your character out of the tavern and properly close whatever interactions they were involved in. If you can't, however, don't stress. I'm not going to murder you over this. I only ask you to help me keep the game clean if you can.

- Characters do not remember the Tavern outside of the Tavern. That's how they keep the Tavern secret; don't go telling your IC friends because you don't know this place exists until you walk into it.

- You can also end up in the Tavern at about any time you walk through a door. Go crazy; dart in while in the middle of a chase scene. Stroll in naked after a shower. I don't care.

- Time outside does not pass while you're the tavern, nor will you age if you, for some reason, feel like spending a long time there. Nothing can go wrong in your world while you're gone.

- Enjoy yourself and relax. Relaxing, fun situations is the whole point of this roleplay. Enjoy your stay and the colorful company you meet.

- I am not keeping a cast list in anticipation of switching characters pretty often. In addition, since there's really only one close-quarters location I don't think you guys will have much trouble keeping track of everyone's place. Hope that doesn't drive anyone insane.

You may join in any time, thank you!

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The big dragon snoozes quietly on one side of the room. His golden chest rises and falls in the slow rhythm of sleep, which is the only proof that he hasn't died, seeing that nothing from the outside world seems capable of waking him. Other Tavern-goers sit on him and place their drinks on his brow.

It's Zafnir's third or fourth time visiting the Tavern, and he is well on his way to developing a routine. He listens to other stories for awhile, but rarely talks about himself, before falling asleep on his side. After that, tipsy men might make games out of sticking their heads in his gaping maw or balancing things on his horns, but rarely does anything they do disturb his rest.

The Tavern Keep carefully monitors the games they play, making sure that no one gets hurt, especially the dragon. He stands behind the counter, washing glasses and laughing with some of the other visitors. All the while, he keeps one hazel eye on the shenangigans surrounding Zafnir's hulking form.
The athletic red-furred vixen stepped through the doorway and.... found herself in a different bar than expected. She was expecting more of a chique club, actually, but.... you know, this one actually seemed nicer and less full of people with more money than sense, even if she was worried she might be late for that meet now.

She took a moment to adjust her clothes, a loose, short top made of a metallic red fabric which just reached the bottom of her ribs, and a matching skirt that reached to mid thigh, as well as a set of shear knee socks and and elbow length gloves in a darker, less shiny red. All together, they accentuated the fiery look of her soft fur, making her catch light in an interesting way. She wasn't sure if she should be trying to turn heads here, but what happened would happen.

That settled, she walked over to the bar and took a seat at an open stool. Sox wasn't sure where she was, but she liked it so far. She just hoped they accepted digital payment somehow....
The door swings open and in comes a pretty, fox-like character. A kitsune, the Keep remembers. A new one too. She seems surprised. A startled look and a brief flash of worry crosses her face but it all fades quickly as she gathers her senses and takes a seat. He sets down his glass and greets her with a warm smile. "Evenin' miss, what can I do fer ya?" If he'd met her before, she'd have been greeted with a friendly pat or even a hug, but what with her being a newcomer and and also a lady, Keep wants to avoid upsetting her. Although she seems calm, he has had trouble aclimating new visitors in the past. People can get fearful, and a strange man touching them never helps.

"Ah, where are my manners? Call me Keep; I run this fine establishment." Because he has both eyes settled on the kitsune woman, he doesn't see that the men in the corner have returned to that stupid, reckless of game of sticking their heads in a sleeping dragon's mouth. Zafnir begins to stir and he yawns, then accidently closes his jaws over the head of an unsuspecting avian creature. The bird-man squawks with terror and struggles, beating scaly hands against Zafnir's snout. That, and a mouthful of squirming feathers, wakes the dragon.

Zafnir grunts in surprise and spits the bird out, raising his head so several mugs fall off and crash on the floor. That corner goes dead silent. The bird-man wipes spit off of his beak and Zafnir stares with surprise. "I...sorry?"

Keep sighs with frustration. " Excuse me fer a second, miss." To the men, he says, "That's it; ya all have had enough drinks fer tonight. Now I got a mess to clean up. Go home and get ya some rest!" He waves several bewildered Tavern-goers out the door. "Eh, not you, Zafnir. Not unless yer ready to go."

Zafnir yawns and rests his head between his forepaws. "Ah, thank you. I think I could use more lying here. Although after that incident, I can't say I'll fall asleep again." He chuckles.
She watches the scene unfold, quietly bringing her sword and chain nearer to the front of her mind, and her fans and spitter nearer to the top of the void vault in her pouch, just in case this place gets too rowdy. It was reminding her of the warrior's hall a little.

After everything has settled, she introduces herself, "Neyesha Sunspark, and I'm sorry for distracting you away from your work. I'm not sure what all you have, but, most importantly, unless I start trying to tempt other patrons into buying drinks for me, I'm going to need to know if I can pay you.". She pulled a small, flat device out of her leg pouch. "All my cash is in data, I'm afraid, and, well, I just wanted to make sure that would do, since I'm not picking up other devices here."
Keep gestures for her to put the card away as he fetches a dust pan and an old straw broom. "No pay for my services, miss. What would ya like?" He waits patiently for an answer while the chatter slowly picks up throughout the room. Zafnir, attracted by Sox's warm colors, half-stands (he needs to crouch to avoid scraping the ceiling with his horns) and approaches her. His shadow falls over Sox and he looks down on her with tired, but friendly eyes. He yawns again. "Hello, stranger." She'd be his second fox-person, and hopefully would prove to be friendlier than the last.
"Hello," she replies. She's well enough trained in various things to recognize that the large dragon is friendly, or at least trying to interact nicely. "Mind giving me a recomendation on what to order? You seem to be a bit of a regular." Not her smoothest ice breaker by a long shot, but this place was weird. At least there wouldn't be any awkward questions about why her account balance was so big, but also no excuse to buy the house a round. Oh well.
He lies down and brings his head closer to her. Now they're eye-level, so he looks and feels like he is a little less intimidating. "I am, somewhat, but I have never ordered alcohol here so I'm afraid I do not know what to suggest." He pauses, then whispers for seemingly no other reason but to sound mysterious, as his next words aren't meant to be secret. "I've never seen him turn down an order unless the ordering fellow has had too much ale; I suspect that he'll get you whatever you want." He curls his tail around his body, the fluffy tip covering his front feet. He's getting comfortable by her side and hopes she doesn't mind.

The Keep now crouches on the other side of the room, busy with the mess of broken glass and spilled drinks. He sees that Sox might take her time choosing an order.
"I'm not surprised, and that's part of my issue. I got the feeling as soon as I stepped in that this place was pretty heavy on the magic. I'm used to just getting whatever's on special, or whatever someone buys me or recommends. But, while I'm here..." she says, contemplatively.

"Keep!" she calls, standing up, "If you won't take payment, would you allow me to repay you by helping you with that" It wasn't always polite to offer help among her kind, it was seen as taking pity and very rude, but doing so as a way to settle an outstanding debt was standard practise. She hoped he would. She liked offering assistance where she could, and, being a Valkyrie as well, though her wings were hidden away, she had quite a bit of experience serving drinks to potentially rowdy crowds.
Verla hummed as she walked through the door but ended up in the last place she wanted to be in. The second she walked through that door, she remembered past visits. It was the Tavern. With a sigh of some pretty bad memories here, she went and sat at the bar "what's up Keep?" She asked him and helped him clean up the mess, remembering how she considered him a friend.
((Note that he's kinda in the middle of cleaning up broken glass right now. '^v^))
Neyesha wrote:
((Note that he's kinda in the middle of cleaning up broken glass right now. '^v^))

((Okay, I fixed it. Hopefully that's better))
Xenith Vermilion (played by iolhantheX)

The already half drunk elf stumbled his way into the tavern. Despite his intoxicated appearance, he was still quite observant and alert. His startling golden eyes taking in everything as he tried to straighten himself up. What a nice place... He made a mental note to come here again if it was an interesting place to be.

Suddenly his eyes landed on several incredibly intriguing individuals, and a grin grew over his rouge-ishly attractive face. This might become an exciting place... Xenith wandered calmly over to the bar and took a seat, brushing aside his long unruly silvery white hair. The pirate leaned against the counter and looked over at one of the fantastic individuals that was nearest him. A large, impressive dragon man...
The Keep looks up to see the fox (Neyesha, right?) and a familiar face he wasn't expecting to ever be treated to again. "Verla, good to see you!" Always glad to have a helping hand, he nods and fetches more sweeping tools for the girls. "I'm always happy for the help, but having guests here is a pleasure for me of its own." he explains to Sox, "I don't want ya feeling like you need to repay me for anythin'."

Zafnir, more accurately just a dragon, watches Sox and Verla, who he knows but has never really spoken to, cross the room and offer their help to Keep. What polite young ladies. He smiles. His grin is warm and friendly, albeit disturbingly toothy.

Then he feels a stare on the back of his neck, a cold shuddering feeling, and he turns his head to meet a pair of golden eyes belonging to...what is he? Oh, right. He's probably an elf. Zafnir personally doesn't like the look of him. He has unruly hair, messy clothes, and an impish grin that brings to mind the faces of thieves and marauders from home.

Despite the alarm bells going off in his head, Zafnir makes an effort to keep smiling and ask, "May I help you, sir?"
((Zafnir is a dragon right? a full size normal by dragon means dragon yes?))
Sox got to work, saying, "Old family rule: never take anything for free if you can afford to find a way to pay for it. It can sound ungrateful to some people, I guess, but mostly it's about showing gratitude. I'm happy to do what I can to let you show your full hospitality to the other guests."

She hummed while she worked, a very, very, VERY old song a friend had taught her, helping to sweep up glass and mop or towel up the spilled beverages. She smiles back at the happy looking old Wyrm. He seemed sweet. She would talk to him later
Pix wrote:
((Zafnir is a dragon right? a full size normal by dragon means dragon yes?))

((Yes; I'd read his bio if you're curious about him.))
Pix wrote:
((Zafnir is a dragon right? a full size normal by dragon means dragon yes?))

((he is, in fact, a full on dragon. Also, a big sweetie))
Pix blasted the door open and dashed into the middle of the room before slowing to a stop, standing there with a confused look on her face. She turned back to view the door she had just walked through, considering strongly how even the material it was made from had somehow changed. As she turned her head from side to side, facing back towards the door and away from the bar, she couldn't understand what had just happened. This certainly wasn't Navin's shuttle docking area, and as she stood there she noticed the pursuing guards simply...never followed her in. Whatever had happened she had escaped, and with her prize too.

She finished catching her breath and turned back towards the bar, looking at everything as if it were a painted portrait hanging on the wall. None of it fully existed in her mind just yet, regardless she took a couple of reluctant steps foward moving her head side to side bringing herself into reality in a way much like waking up.
Sox jumped at the noise, and had her hand in her leg pouch, wrapped around the grip of her bolt-spitter very quickly. She stared at the newcomer, golden eyes wide, pupils dilated, ready to draw it, or switch to one of her fans and draw, as soon as anything went wrong.

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